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Thread: changing chain sprocket in Royal Enfield CL350

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    Default changing chain sprocket in Royal Enfield CL350


    My bully has completed 20,000 kms and the chain has been extended to the maximum. Did not want to remove the chain link and continue using which could be dangerous.

    Name:  IMG_20161217_084816259.jpg
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    Now it is time to start another DIY. So brought all the spares required and the DIY begins.

    Tools required.

    1. Spanners/sockets 8,10,12,13, 14,19,23 & 25mm
    2. Tubular box spanner 46 mm
    3. Nose plyer
    4. Nylon hammer

    Spares required

    1. Chain sprocket set Rs. 1750
    2. Liquid gun oil Rs. 825
    3. Damper Rubber Bush Rs. 60 set of 4 nos (If required)
    4. NBC Bearing 6005LH or 6005Z Rs.165 (If required)
    5. Dust seal Rs. 20 (If required)
    6. Right side packing Rs. 90
    7. Breather tube - Rs. 75 (If required)


    1. First drain all the engine oil. - refer Changing Engine oil filter, Engine oil and Air filter in RE Cl350
    2. Remove the right rear foot rest using a 17 mm spanner

    Name:  IMG_20161218_130557090.jpg
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Size:  110.3 KB

    3. Remove the 2 nuts in the front of the silencer using 10 mm sockets.

    Name:  IMG_20161218_125315004_HDR.jpg
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Size:  109.0 KB

    4. Remove the bolt of the exhaust using 12 mm socket and remove the full silencer.

    Name:  IMG_20161218_124954521.jpg
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Size:  106.5 KB

    5. Remove the right foot rest by using a 17mm socket.

    Name:  IMG_20161218_090410730.jpg
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Size:  111.0 KB

    6. Remove the kicker by using a 14mm and 12mm socket/spanner.

    Name:  IMG_20161218_085254070.jpg
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Size:  112.1 KB

    7. Remove the nut in the rear brake using a 13 mm socket/spanner. Remove the spring attached to the rear danger light switch and then remove the brake lever by using a 10mm socket.

    Name:  IMG_20161218_084538499.jpg
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    8. Remove the cover of the resonator by removing the 10mm bolt and gentle pulling the top side and the bottom side they will be press fitted. (note: Not required but my hands are big so not able to access the sockets from the alternator.)

    Name:  IMG_20161218_083231170.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_20161218_083118148.jpg
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    9. Now remove the Rubber retainer holding the resonator.

    Name:  IMG_20161218_082702309.jpg
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Size:  105.5 KB

    10. Loosen the 2 screws of the rubber bellow and remove the resonator.

    Name:  IMG_20161218_082815251.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_20161218_082931406.jpg
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    11. Remove the resonator holding clamp using 10mm socket.

    Name:  IMG_20161218_081725888.jpg
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Size:  108.7 KB

    12. Now disconnect the 2 sockets which are from the alternator.

    Name:  IMG_20161218_081334691.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_20161218_081410555.jpg
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    13. Remove the breather tube. Replace if found cracked or damaged.

    Name:  IMG_20161218_081030788.jpg
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Size:  111.6 KB

    Name:  IMG_20161218_081051702.jpg
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Size:  105.7 KB

    14. Remove the nut from the rear axle using a 23mm socket/spanner and remove the axle by gentle tapping it with a nylon hammer.
    15. Remove the rear wheel.

    Name:  IMG_20161218_115548896.jpg
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Size:  112.7 KB

    16. Remove the rubber dampers. Replace if cracked or damaged

    Name:  IMG_20161218_115451026.jpg
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Size:  107.3 KB

    17. Remove the chain lock using a nose plyer and remove the master link. Remove the chain.

    Name:  IMG_20161218_113050942.jpg
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Size:  102.1 KB

    18. Remove the rear sprocket assembly holding nut by using a 17mm spanner.
    19. Remove the rear sprocket assembly Nut by using a 25mm spanner.

    Name:  IMG_20161217_084817246.jpg
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Size:  103.9 KB

    18. Remove the rear sprocket assembly.

    Name:  IMG_20161218_105722895.jpg
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    19. Remove the 11 bolts using a 8mm socket from the right side casing

    Name:  IMG_20161217_165830890.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_20161217_165852668.jpg
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    20. Gentle pull the ride side casing and remove it.

    Name:  IMG_20161217_161205075_HDR.jpg
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Size:  116.9 KB

    21. Using a flat screw driver and nylon hammer open nut locker of the front sprocket. Sorry don't have the opening photo. Use a cutting plyer to close the locker after replacing with the new sprocket.

    Name:  IMG_20161217_155656202.jpg
Views: 142
Size:  112.9 KB

    22. Put the bike in first gear so that the sprocket does not rotate. Now by using a 46 mm tubular box spanner remove the nut

    Name:  IMG_20161217_155358270.jpg
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Size:  111.3 KB

    23. Now remove the front sprocket from the shaft.

    Name:  IMG_20161217_155032123.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_20161217_155142264.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_20161217_155249978.jpg
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Size:  108.1 KB

    24. Clean using diesel/kerosene. Warning Care should be taken that dust and other debris do not fall into the casing.

    25. Install the ball bearing and the dust cover in the new rear sprocket.

    Name:  IMG_20161218_094157668.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_20161218_094205042.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_20161218_103803896.jpg
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    26. Assemble everything back the sequence we removed them.
    27. Fill the new oil through the filling hole.
    28. Check if the chain slackness is between 20.00 to 30.00mm.
    29. Check if all the bolts and nut are tightened properly and then take a test ride.

    Disclaimer: Please take necessary precautions while working and I am not responsible if anything goes wrong.
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    Default Re: changing chain sprocket in Royal Enfield CL350

    DIY Approved

    Thanks for the DIY
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