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Thread: The story so far.. My Honda CBR 250R

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    Default Re: The story so far.. My Honda CBR 250R


    However, due to some personal engagements I then had to head back to Guwahati again along with my family. When i came back i had a news awaiting for me something which no passionate rider wants to ever hear. My mother had again decided to loan my bike to a family member without my knowledge and... uhhh let me just say the pics below will tell the whole story of the pain i had to go through:

    * Side upper fairing cowl cracked,
    * Clutch lever bent,
    * LHS mirror plastic scratched and loosened from the holding bracket,
    * LHS fairing badly scratched and the stickers damaged.

    The family member had parked the bike on a soft soil which after sometime led to the side stand digging into it and the end-result was bike on the floor: a rookie mistake! I was in such a position that i couldn't say anything to that family member nor to my mother, so this time i had to pull the intervention card that no more free rides without my prior knowledge and any such future incidents will not be tolerated politely again. Dis-hearted, i brought the bike back home only to find that my father accidentally reversed his car and managed to now topple my bike on the right hand side!

    * RHS fairing badly scratched, stickers damaged
    * RHS mirror plastic scratched

    My father clearly was aware of my OCMD especially with my CBR 250R so he literally came forward and offered to bear any and every expenses that may be needed to take care of the damages. I don't know whether i should be happy or sad given that my bike had taken two falls both LHS & RHS without the owner actually being involved in any of the incidents. However, the beauty of owning a Honda CBR 250R is the fairings are quite cheap to procure by any standards so i guess this was going to be a small makeover for my beloved motorcycle.

    Pic 11, 12 , 13 & 14: The horror of battle scars courtesy everybody except the actual owner!

    Anyways, my priority was now to get the drive chain and sprockets replaced, so i landed up at my mechanic's place and we then started with the dis-assembly of the rear tire and the swing-arm to remove the old chain (OEM drive chain is closed loop so in-order to replace it, one has to completely remove the rear swing arm assembly). While we were at it, my mechanic quickly pointed out that the holding screws of the pulsar ring for the ABS sensor were found to be loose. I was quite astonished by this as never in the last 17,000 kms any mechanic has fiddled with these screws. I am not sure why this happened but regardless we quickly fixed this issue by removing them first and then putting a liberal dose of "Loctite 248 Threadlocker" on the respective screws and tightening them back in place. I would request my fellow ABS - CBR owners to kindly do check and confirm if they too may have observed this same anomaly pertaining to the ABS pulsar ring holding screws in their respective bikes.

    Pic 15 & 16: ABS Pulsar ring holding screws found to be loose and quickly put back in using Threadlocker solution.

    We then moved on with the process of removing the old chain & sprockets from my CBR. As the pics below will clearly show, the front sprocket had started to curl which was an indication that it had reached the end cycle of its usable life. I believe it has already been discussed on xbhp but just for the sake of noobs: the OEM drive chain and sprockets are made by Rolon (as shown from the excerpt of Rolon catalogue below). If one wishes to procure the same from outside without shelling out Rs. 2000 - 2200/- it should be easily available with any Rolon dealer for as cheap as Rs. 1,400 - 1,500/-. I hope this will also enable an owner to have choices outside the service centre incase they come up with the usual excuse of drive chain & sprockets not in stock.

    Pic 17, 18 & 19: Rolon catalogue clearly indicating the model no. of the drive chain & sprocket kit available from their dealers. Note the state of F & R sprockets and the drive chain after 17,000 kms.

    NOTE TO SITE ADMIN & MODS: i am unable to post any text along with pics as i keep on getting errors from xbhp server. Would request the technical team to kindly look into the matter and see if this can be resolved. Thanks.
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