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Thread: Upgrading apache 150 engine to rtr 180

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    Default Upgrading apache 150 engine to rtr 180

    Friends, I own a 2006 apache 150 now I would like to install rtr 180's cylinder kit, I also want to upgrade the Tci unit to rtr 180, do I have to change the whole wiring kit? Please provide me necessary informations


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    Default Re: Upgrading apache 150 engine to rtr 180

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    Default Re: Upgrading apache 150 engine to rtr 180

    Cylinder kit can be done I guess as I have seen many fiero's running on Apache 180's kit. About the tci unit or whatever, I have no idea. You might wanna check with some experienced mechanics. If you are in Bangalore I could guide you to some trusted mechanic.
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    Default Re: Upgrading apache 150 engine to rtr 180

    Hi Godsonkm. I myself did Apache 150 - 180 conversion for my 2006 Apache too. The RTR 180 kit is straight fit on the 150 and since the stroke length is same, don't need to change the bottom end - crankshaft etc. However, the intake and exhaust port size is larger for 180 and while you could get porting done to match the port size, for better performance I bought a new 180 head assembly itself. Also, 180 has a larger dia exhaust system, using 150's exhaust will rob the high power and engine struggles beyond 7k rpm. The TCI unit is also plug and play, no wiring changes required. However, new 180 TCI do not have the TPS connecter anymore but I am using it without any issues. List of changes I have done:
    1. RTR 180 bore + piston kit
    2. 180 head assembly
    3. 180 carb - BS29 (red cap)
    4. 180 TCI - Green colour
    5. 180 exhaust system
    6. 180 foot peg assembly (to fit exhaust as mounting point is different)
    7. 180 engine top mounts
    8. 180 chain sprocket set
    9. 160 swingarm (optional - to improve high speed stability)
    10. 180 cam chain tensioner
    11. 180 oil pump assembly
    12. 180 intake manifold flange (larger diameter)

    No electrical modification done except TCI unit, the bike pulls like crazy and does 130+ speeds on Speedo now.
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    Default Re: Upgrading apache 150 engine to rtr 180

    Can you please let know the approximate cost.. I am planning for the same. Also any recommandation for a Good mechanic. I had spoken to Rajesh from Zen TVS almost a decade back. But then I moved to 4 wheele. Now it time to ressuract the Apache :-)
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