Honda CBX 1000

1047CC 105BHP 70.8NM
Honda CBX1000 (3) The thing about these big automobile companies is that their history is often filled with certain remarkable events that have impacted their course of action in some way or the other. See all used Honda Motorcycles listed on OLX for sale and you might find an interesting deal that fits your budget. Their past actions and choices are like a hint of their intent towards the two-wheeler industry. In fact, many of the motorcycles launched by the manufacturers are the result of the requirements of a particular market. The kind of vehicles people prefer and ride in their country is what they want the future products to be unless they get something even better. Honda CBX1000 (4) In 1969, one of the biggest motorcycle giants in the world, Honda, made something that went on to be known as the world’s first Superbike. It was the CB 750 and Honda made it primarily for the American market. That bike changed motorcycling forever. Honda CBX1000 (2) But as they say, progress is inevitable. While the world was still getting the hang of the performance of inline 4 engines, Honda went one up in 1978 by introducing their first 6-cylinder motorcycle, the CBX 1000. To this day, it remains Honda’s only inline 6-cylinder sportbike and it was in production for five years till 1982. Honda CBX1000 (7) The Reason It isn’t going to be a big guess work. After the unimaginably successful introduction of the CB 750, Honda found themselves somewhat in the same boat nearly 10 years down the line. Other manufacturers, from Japan, were starting to catch up to Honda and the CB 750 was no more the world’s most special sportbike in production. Honda again found itself lacking in the American market (it was possibly the most important market in those times). And this time, the company needed to do something even more radical of course.
The CBX was the answer to the “bigger and faster” requirement of the American market. Suffice to say that the CBX was the quickest and the fastest motorcycle of its time, and at full chat, it almost sounded like an F1 race car. There were no strict emission and sound norms back then, so even the stock exhausts produced a mesmerizing aural note. Honda CBX1000 - 100Motorcycles (2) The Honda CBX Also known as the CBX 1000 to distinguish from the rest of the CBX series, the CBX had a Double Overhead Cam 1047cc inline 6 engine with a total of 24 valves! It could produce 105 BHP of maximum power at 9,000 RPM and around 70.8 NM of torque at 6,500 RPM. With a top speed of up to 216 km/h, Honda had it covered in the performance department. Honda CBX1000 - 100Motorcycles (16) Honda CBX1000 - 100Motorcycles (10) Because of the engine, the CBX was a bit wide, although, it maintained its overall proportions quite well especially when a rider was on board. The engine was not any wider than the rider’s legs and so it did not really look awkward. Unusual, yes, but not awkward. Honda CBX1000 - 100Motorcycles (22) Honda CBX1000 - 100Motorcycles (14)Honda CBX1000 - 100Motorcycles (7) Honda CBX1000 - 100Motorcycles (15) Honda CBX1000 - 100Motorcycles (17)Honda CBX1000 - 100Motorcycles (4) While the inline 6 engine was unconventional, rest of the design of the motorcycle was mainstream. It had a classic styling with a standard fuel tank, wide and high handlebar, round headlamp and the flat seat. The frame was a steel tube structure with conventional telescopic forks at the front with twin disc setup. At the back, there two shockers doing the shocking absorbing duties along with a single disc brake. Honda CBX1000 - 100Motorcycles (6) The Ride Riding a motorcycle as special as the CBX is like living your most cherished dream. There would not be many CBX’s in the world right now that would be completely functional, so this opportunity that is given to us makes us feel highly privileged and fortunate. Honda CBX1000 - 100Motorcycles (8) First off, it doesn’t like any other motorcycle that you’ve heard. We often talk about distinctive exhaust notes – from V-twins, the inline 3s and the R1’s crossplane – but this particular Honda is like one in a billion. At high RPMs, the CBX sounds almost like a Formula 1 car and that is not an exaggeration. And while this looks quite passable, there is no way on earth it can be ignored while on the move purely on the basis of how it sounds. Honda CBX1000 - 100Motorcycles (9) Honda CBX1000 - 100Motorcycles (13)Honda CBX1000 - 100Motorcycles (12) Honda CBX1000 - 100Motorcycles (24)Honda CBX1000 - 100Motorcycles (3) We did not really think that it would be possible but we had more fun riding this 1978 model than many modern motorcycles of today. And not because it was weird to ride, it wasn’t, but because by the looks of it this motorcycle doesn’t really look like it’s made for speed. Yes, it has got a big engine, but then it is a classic and an old piece of machinery. But it knocked us right out of the park as soon as we thumb started it and put it in gear. Let us make this clear, there have been very few motorcycles that impressed us so much in so little time. And this is the only vintage motorcycle to do so. Honda CBX1000 - 100Motorcycles (25) Honda CBX1000 - 100Motorcycles (26) The CBX has been known to do the quarter mile run (0 to 400 metres) in 11.36 seconds with a top speed of 189.82 km/h. Unfortunately, we did not get the chance to check out its acceleration due to the road and traffic conditions at hand. Still, we did get the essence of the performance lurking inside that wide engine from the short ride we had. If this is to be made today, we can tell you with surety that it would be one of the most sought after motorcycles among the motorcycle enthusiasts. It is fast, comfortable, looks solid and substantial. What more do we really need! Honda CBX1000 - 100Motorcycles (11) Honda CBX1000 - 100Motorcycles (18) Honda CBX1000 - 100Motorcycles (23) Honda CBX1000 - 100Motorcycles (19)Honda CBX1000 - 100Motorcycles (20) Honda CBX1000 - 100Motorcycles (21) But there’s a glimmer of hope with platforms like OLX that offer a chance to own these kind of rare motorcycles. Who knows that if we try then we may find one on OLX. Honda CBX1000 - 100Motorcycles (27)Honda CBX1000 - 100Motorcycles (1) We would like to extend our thanks to Mr Joe of Joe’s Garage to let us ride this truly wonderful piece of machinery and one of the most historic motorcycles ever made by Honda.

Boss Hoss

6200CC 445BHP 603NM
Boss Hoss in India (6) How big is big enough? That is the questions indeed. Is it not? We often talk about the size of a motorcycle while talking about its practicality especially for city riding or day-to-day riding. Motorcycles big in size are usually a bit handful in traffic. They are difficult to manoeuvre and as a result, can get terribly slow to move. And big bikes normally have powerful engines capable of churning out high performance which is best enjoyed on open roads – be it curves or straight highways. Need Money to buy your dream Superbike? Sell your old motorcycle on OLX. Simply put, they are uncompromising and don’t make any excuses about their mass. So, let’s take a look at few big motorcycles that we know of – to start off let’s consider Hayabusa and the ZX-14R, they might not be too big but they are substantial enough. Then we have grand tourers like the Honda Gold Wing, Indian Chieftain or Roadmaster and other similar motorcycles that easily qualify as big. And last, but the not the least, how can we forget the Triumph Rocket 3? These motorcycles are meant for wide open roads where they can flex all their muscles. Boss Hoss in India (1) But there’s one more motorcycle which defies virtually all boundaries of bulk and makes everything listed above practically a toy. It’s made in America and it is called the Boss Hoss – the only globally approved V8 motorcycles manufacturer. A Small Dose of History Boss Hoss has been making V8 powered motorcycles since 1990, the year it came into existence. The company’s founder, Monte Warne, is a commercial aircraft pilot and holds a degree in Aviation Airframe and Power plant.
Since 1990, Boss Hoss has grown their vehicle lineup from V8 motorcycles to V8 Trikes (three-wheeled motorcycles). Boss Hoss - 100Motorcycles (28) The Bulk and the Beast Boss Hoss is a beast. If you thought that you haven’t seen a bigger engine than Rocket 3’s 2300cc 3-cylinder behemoth, the Boss Hoss’s V8 engine rewrites the concept of “big” in a motorcycle. The V8 engine is derived from Chevrolet and is 6,200cc in displacement! Yes, you’ve read that right! Boss Hoss - 100Motorcycles (21) This massive engine is transversely mounted in the motorcycle’s frame and showcases 4 cylinders on each side. At the front, there’s a pair of fat 63mm upside-down forks with double disc setup and 130mm tyre on a 16-inch wheel. At the back, there’s the mammoth 300mm wide rubber mounted on an 18-inch wheel with twin shockers and a single disc for the company. The suspension employs, what is called, air-suspension technology. The fuel tank nicely complements the bulk of the engine with its 32-litre capacity. Everything on this motorcycle is large. Boss Hoss - 100Motorcycles (36)Boss Hoss - 100Motorcycles (16) Boss Hoss - 100Motorcycles (15) Boss Hoss - 100Motorcycles (43) Boss Hoss - 100Motorcycles (18)Boss Hoss - 100Motorcycles (32) The Riding Experience Riding a Boss Hoss motorcycle is like having your wildest fantasies come true. You may find it hard to believe it’s happening when it’s actually happening! Swinging a leg over it is such a unique experience. The 6,200cc V8 engine produces an unimaginable 445 BHP of power at 5,750 RPM and an equally mind-blowing 603 NM of torque 4,750 RPM. Imagine these figures being put to use in a motorcycle and you seriously cannot imagine the kind of acceleration you’re going to get. Boss Hoss - 100Motorcycles (22) Boss Hoss - 100Motorcycles (7) Boss Hoss - 100Motorcycles (9) Boss Hoss - 100Motorcycles (11) Boss Hoss - 100Motorcycles (13) Boss Hoss - 100Motorcycles (19) Boss Hoss - 100Motorcycles (23) Boss Hoss - 100Motorcycles (24)Boss Hoss - 100Motorcycles (25) Boss Hoss - 100Motorcycles (46)We sincerely thank The Bikers Cafe, Gurgaon for allowing us to shoot inside the cafe. Special thank to Mr.Sanjay for all the cooperation. Bikers Cafe, Gurgaon:? Ground Floor, Emaar MGF Palm Spring Plaza, PSP-, 12, Golf Course Road, Suncity, Sector 54, Gurgaon, Haryana 122003 Boss Hoss - 100Motorcycles (40) We took it for 15 odd km spin in all kinds of roads – in traffic, empty straights, narrow roads, potholed roads and I came away?  mighty impressed with what they have achieved. And mind you this is as American as its gets too – V8 Chevrolet engine fixed onto a chopper. Everything is big, bling and fast here. It does not scream for attention it sucks attention like a black hole sucks light. Boss Hoss - 100Motorcycles (29) The tank itself is humungous with several dials piggybacking it. There are two gears – D, Overdrive – and a Reverse. There’s also a Neutral, of course. The gearbox is semi-automatic as you put the bike into the D mode through a foot lever, but there’s no clutch lever to pull. It does take some time to get used to, but we would say it is easier to operate overall. However, we had to keep reminding ourselves not to twist the throttle on a red light without being in Neutral lest the bike rockets forward. The sitting position was comfortable but seemed a little awkward due to the sheer width of the engine below. Boss Hoss - 100Motorcycles (27) The first few kilometres were quite scary as we were trying to test the throttle response without getting any nasty surprises. The rear tyre has a tendency of tramlining on our potholed roads and the suspension was quite stiff. Clearly, this was made for the open roads and smooth highways. Boss Hoss - 100Motorcycles (33) Boss Hoss - 100Motorcycles (34)Boss Hoss - 100Motorcycles (35) Yet, we would be lying if we said we didn’t enjoy riding it. It is like a once in a lifetime experience and for this very reason, it is the one to cherish forever. Boss Hoss - 100Motorcycles (45) Boss Hoss - 100Motorcycles (1) Boss Hoss - 100Motorcycles (2) Boss Hoss - 100Motorcycles (3) Boss Hoss - 100Motorcycles (4) Boss Hoss - 100Motorcycles (5) Boss Hoss - 100Motorcycles (42) Boss Hoss - 100Motorcycles (44)Boss Hoss - 100Motorcycles (20) Boss Hoss - 100Motorcycles (6) Boss Hoss - 100Motorcycles (8)Boss Hoss - 100Motorcycles (41) Boss Hoss - 100Motorcycles (37) Boss Hoss - 100Motorcycles (38) Boss Hoss - 100Motorcycles (26) This is a special motorcycle and shall be treated as one. Just for the sheer size of it and the beastly power it packs, we wouldn’t really recommend it like any other sportbike or a big cruiser. We aren’t even sure if you’d find it on OLX but one can always try. Boss Hoss - 100Motorcycles (30) We would like to thank Mr Hemant Sahai for giving us this opportunity and an experience of a lifetime.
Boss Hoss

Triumph Bonneville Scrambler

865CC 59BHP 68NM
1st_photo_blog Scrambler – one of the most popular forms of motorcycles today, shot up the fame ladder like a bullet after Ducati revived one of its classics by the same name couple of years back. But this time we are bringing you a Triumph Scrambler, and it’s not a regular one. In fact, in a way, it is made in Pune, in India! Falling short on Cash? Find your favorite Triumph? motorcycle listed on OLX for sale and you might find an interesting deal that fits your Budget A small lesson in history Now, Triumph has been making Scrambler since 2006 and it has proven to be an extremely capable motorcycle. Originally designed as a Bonneville with high mounted exhaust, slightly longer travel suspension and soft off-roading capabilities, the Scrambler has been a preferred choice for riders who love classic motorcycles but with more versatility. CEATPirelli_2 In essence, it is the same bike as a standard Bonneville but with the little bit of off-roading prowess thrown in. The 865cc parallel twin air-cooled engine is same is the previous generation Bonneville engine which produces around 59 BHP of power at 6,800 RPM and 68 NM of torque at 4,750 RPM, however, the difference is in the firing order. While the Bonneville has a 360-degree firing interval between its two cylinders, the Scrambler has 270 degrees of it to make the engine sound closer to a v-twin. The performance and the numbers remain same. WRANGLER_Template Made in India Scrambler! Like we said, the Scrambler we rode isn’t the usual kind. It is a normal Bonneville modified into one and it is done by Triumph Pune. You’ve read that right! Spartan pro gear template So what makes this one special? The most visible differences are the high mounted Arrow exhaust which is a part of Triumph’s official accessory. Then the whole front suspension which has been taken from the Tiger XCX model – the WP upside-down forks, spoked wheel and the twin disc brake setup. The rear wheel is also taken from the Tiger itself.
This change inherently gives the Bonneville some decent off-roading capability. There is also a pair of hand guards on each end of the handlebar that is finished in bright orange colour. The headlight is also a much-advanced unit with a pair of projector lamps and LEDs. Triumph Bonneville Scrambler - 100Motorcycles (8)We sincerely thank Triumph Motorcycles, Pune (B U BHANDARI AUTOMOTIVE P LTD) for letting us ride their motorcycle. Triumph Bonneville Scrambler - 100Motorcycles (4) Triumph Bonneville Scrambler - 100Motorcycles (5)Triumph Bonneville Scrambler - 100Motorcycles (21) Triumph Bonneville Scrambler - 100Motorcycles (10)Triumph Bonneville Scrambler - 100Motorcycles (20) Aptly named Scrambler, the motorcycle is finished off with a custom paint job with the matte grey paint and orange stripes running across the fuel tank. Triumph Bonneville Scrambler - 100Motorcycles (9) Triumph Bonneville Scrambler - 100Motorcycles (11) Triumph Bonneville Scrambler - 100Motorcycles (12) Triumph Bonneville Scrambler - 100Motorcycles (13) Triumph Bonneville Scrambler - 100Motorcycles (14) Triumph Bonneville Scrambler - 100Motorcycles (24)Triumph Bonneville Scrambler - 100Motorcycles (25)Triumph Bonneville Scrambler - 100Motorcycles (23) Triumph Bonneville Scrambler - 100Motorcycles (3)Triumph Bonneville Scrambler - 100Motorcycles (7)Triumph Bonneville Scrambler - 100Motorcycles (16)Triumph Bonneville Scrambler - 100Motorcycles (15) Triumph Bonneville Scrambler - 100Motorcycles (26) Triumph Bonneville Scrambler - 100Motorcycles (1)Triumph Bonneville Scrambler - 100Motorcycles (19) Triumph Bonneville Scrambler - 100Motorcycles (18)Triumph Bonneville Scrambler - 100Motorcycles (17)Triumph Bonneville Scrambler - 100Motorcycles (22) DCIM100MEDIADJI_0075.JPG The motorcycle looks fantastic and purposeful and is a pretty good ride as well. This is basically a custom Scrambler and not something that can be bought from a showroom. And if you’re looking for one, well, you won’t really find this particular motorcycle anywhere, but you can definitely try your luck on OLX for a factory Scrambler. Chances are, you’ll get lucky.
Triumph Bonneville

Benelli Tornado 302

302CC 36BHP 26.2NM
DSK Benelli Tornado 302 (1) Earlier this year, Benelli revealed four motorcycles at the 13th Auto Expo that they plan to launch in the near future. One of them is a full-faired sportbike, Tornado 302, and it is clearly directed at the Kawasaki Ninja 300 and Yamaha YZF-R3. Need money to buy your dream bike? Sell your old motorcycle on OLX. The Tornado 302 is based on the naked TNT 300 which means it has the same 300cc parallel twin engine. It is liquid cooled, has 4-valve per cylinder and DOHC. The power is speculated at 36 BHP at 12,000 RPM and 27 NM of torque at 9,000 RPM. While the power figure is around 3 PS lower than the TNT 300, the torque is about the same. What’s ironic is usually the full-faired versions produce equal or more amounts of power than their naked siblings. DSK Benelli Tornado 302 (03) Also, the TNT 300 scales at 196 kg ready-to-ride. This is a pretty heavy motorcycle and we believe that with all this bodywork, the Tornado 302 will likely weigh even more. That is not going to be an impressive number against the likes of Ninja 300 and R3 that weigh 172 kg and 169 kg respectively. DSK Benelli Tornado 302 (04) What’s going for it? The motorcycle looks pretty good. The design is proportionate and gives a big bike feel to the motorcycle, just like in the case of Kawasaki and Yamaha.
As far as the engine specifications are concerned, the Tornado 302 doesn’t offer anything over the Ninja and the R3, Yamaha being the most powerful of the trio. None of the three motorcycles has ABS (in India) while the Tornado has twin disc setup up front making it look sportier. Unlike the Ninja 300, the 302 does not offer the Slipper & Assist Clutch. Also, the Tornado has upside-down forks at the front compared to the conventional telescopic suspension on both the Ninja and the R3. DSK Benelli Tornado 302 (7)We sincerely thank DSK Benelli for letting us ride the Tornado 302. DSK Benelli Tornado 302 (9) DSK Benelli Tornado 302 (10) DSK Benelli Tornado 302 (15) DSK Benelli Tornado 302 (16) DSK Benelli Tornado 302 (17) DSK Benelli Tornado 302 (18) DSK Benelli Tornado 302 (19)DSK Benelli Tornado 302 (20) The ride quality is pretty good and it offers sporty yet comfortable riding stance. The acceleration from the engine is linear and there are no surprises in store. Overall, it is a well-made motorcycle put together nicely, but is that enough? DSK Benelli Tornado 302 (14) DSK Benelli Tornado 302 (12)DSK Benelli Tornado 302 (22) DSK Benelli Tornado 302 (25)DSK Benelli Tornado 302 (28) DSK Benelli Tornado 302 (21)DSK Benelli Tornado 302 (22)DSK Benelli Tornado 302 (13) Can Benelli make a difference? Let’s understand one thing – It is not easy to compete against the Japanese and especially for someone who doesn’t compete at the same level. Benelli might have its roots in Italy, but today, it is owned by a Chinese motor group Qianjiang. The Tornado 302 is heavier and makes the smallest numbers between the three. The only way Benelli can hope to disrupt the market of the two Japanese is by pricing their motorcycle aggressively. DSK Benelli Tornado 302 (27)DSK Benelli Tornado 302 (24) DSK Benelli Tornado 302 (8) DCIM100MEDIADJI_0134.JPG All said and done there is one aspect which could make people lean towards this bike – it is how it sounds. If you have heard the sound of the TNT300 naked which is sold right now in India, you will be pleasantly surprised at the sweet aural note the bike has – it almost sound like an inline four 600 at mid to high rpms. In a country where looks and anything which can be a ‘swag’? matters, this is indeed a big plus for the bike. For now, all we can do is play the waiting game!
DSK Benelli
Tornado 302

Living with the Grand Tourer: Benelli TNT 600 GT

600CC 83.9BHP 54.6NM

This is the journey of the grand tourer, Deepak Kamath, on his Grand Tourer (DSK-Benelli 600 GT). For those who don’t know Deepak, he is the guy who circumnavigated the world on his Yezdi back in the 90s. We had a small conversation with him some time ago about his world tour some time ago, which you can read here . This article starts from the point where we left that conversation – the moment he bought a Benelli 600GT.  Read on..

“I travel because I’d rather look back at my life saying “I can’t believe I did that” instead of “If only I had”: Florine Bos

Desire is the starting point of all achievements. I couldn’t get a better punch line to convince myself that the DSK Benelli TNT 600 GTS was the bike I was looking for. To add to this, the “Thank You” ride by the xBhp Team gave me the hands on touch and feel of a bike that I would eventually own. Thanks to my wife, who really understood my penchant for travels, supported me with the initial down payment by saying, “if not now, then when?”

17 June 2015, the most beautiful bike that I can think of, a definite showstopper, the DSK Benelli TNT 600 GTS was delivered. For me, it was a direct upgrade from a commuter bike to a missile! With great power comes greater responsibilities! This was the beginning of going back to hitting the road and I was extremely excited! Two decades away from travels, was definitely a LONG time!

02 - Delivery

My pictures speak for themselves, my journey of Armstrong (the inspiration comes from none other than Lance Armstrong!), a journey from a 9 km odometer reading to the current 22000 km in just a year. The eyes have seen so much, the mind has registered so many things, made loads of new friends all over the route and I cannot be grateful enough for such support from the sales and service teams of DSK Benelli.

I was keen to have my preferred registration number, the same registration number that circumnavigated the world in 47 days. “3442”. Sufiyan Syed from Vinayak Cars and Bikes helped in getting this sorted.

Armed with a Temp Registration number, my first experience was to Mysore through some longer routes of tarmac and village landscape. This was my way of silently thanking this city for bringing me into the limelight of few travellers who have circumnavigated the world, and also an opportunity of meeting people who were instrumental in making that trip happen, amongst many others. Somender Singh (the biking fraternity needs no introduction to this legend) and Ravi Kumar, who toiled selflessly in preparation of the project bike. Unfortunately, it has been two decades, and I am yet to network the earlier contacts. I am connected with 3 of my sponsors, Boman Irani, the then Director at Ideal Jawa India Ltd., Dilip Chandak, Managing Director of Vega Auto Accessories, and Rolon Chains.

First Ride to Mysore

My next ride was to Melkote, a small hillock near Mysore, famous for the temple of Lord Narayanaswamy which is built on the hillock, surrounded by a fort and is 3589 feet above sea level. The ruins have stood the test of times since the 12th century. This was my first experience of taking my bike out with my wife and this will remain a memorable ride. My preferred registration number was still due.

06 Melkote
07 Melkote

No sooner were we back from this ride, the next was Lepakshi with fellow Benellians in Bangalore. Lepakshi is culturally and archaeologically significant as it is the location of shrines dedicated to Shiva, Vishnu and Veerabhadra which were built during the Vijayanagara Kings’ period (1336–1646). The temples are the location of mural paintings of the Vijayanagar Kings and Kannada inscriptions. This is about 120 km from Bangalore and you get to experience some beautiful tarmac and trails.

80 Ride to Gandikota

Then a ride to Shettihalli. Built in the 1860s by the French missionaries, the church is a magnificent structure of Gothic Architecture. After the construction of the Hemavati Dam and Reservoir in 1960 the church was abandoned. It has since then become a famous tourist spot where people flock to see the half submerged church during monsoon.

There were few “breakfast rides” with more proud owners of the Benellis. I lost interest as these rides ended even before it began! No offence to anyone. So I did something different. Breakfast in Ooty? About 350 km from Bangalore and return home for lunch! Now, isn’t that interesting. This ride gave me immense confidence of mastering the manoeuvres of the GT through the most beautiful hairpin bends on the Kalhatti Ghats.

Then came the Independence Day celebrations and Vinayak Bikes and Cars celebrated it in style.


Then the Bangalore Benelli group did a long day ride to Kolli Hills. Kolli Hills has been the top choice for nature lovers, hiking enthusiasts, trekking clubs and meditation practitioners among hill stations in Tamil Nadu. In comparison to other hill stations in Tamil Nadu, Kolli Hills is not commercialized, is less polluted and offers unique mountain ranges. The most interesting part is the 70 hairpin bends, which is a rider’s paradise amidst hardly any traffic! My registration number had finally come in!

My daughter experienced the ride when we were invited by Pratima Hebbar from the HopOnGurls team. A bunch of lady riders headed for an overnight stay and we met up for a short introduction before returning to Bangalore.

Then came MTM 2015. Motorcycle Travellers Meet under the able guidance of Santosh Kumar, who found me apt to be a Rare Breed Speaker. This has been the most memorable stage of having shared my experience of circumnavigating the world and is currently on YouTube.

56 -CSS!

And in a tribute to the Legendary Mohammed Ali, his Golden Words will continue to inspire “He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing”

The itch to explore longer routes was definitely there and about the same time, Sarath Shenoy, who was riding the then recently launched Mahindra Mojo triggered an interest to ride to Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh. Logistically, I had to stretch it, but that is the kind of support I got from my organization where I work, with whom I have been for the last 12 years! Leave sorted, my wife and I were ready to hit the road by 6 December. Bangalore to Guwahati was in 3 days after which we slowed down to explore the most mesmerizing and awesome landscapes.

The Sela Lake
Church in Sulthan Bathery

A detour to Bhutan was encouraged by riders we met along the road, headed by Manish Gurung and coaxed by Marcian Joshi, Deep Chettri, Kishan, and Paul Gurung, all residents of Darjeeling. This was a beautiful detour and we look forward to riding with these guys again.


The next destination was tricky Tawang through the Mighty Sela Pass. I may not do enough justice mentioning anything in print about the route, the landscape during this ride and I will let my pictures take you along our journey. The Northeast has got plenty to offer and one or two, or even three trips for that matter may not be sufficient to complete the exploration.


Then came the India Bike Week (IBW) 2016 for which Rishad Bhumgara encouraged me to share the platform with him during the Big Trip Speaker sessions. Rishad, a very young rider who had the guts to take a 30 year old Jawa all the way from Mumbai to Myanmar.

I got an invite to ride to Madurai and share my experience during the 1st anniversary of the Freedom Riders Unite for road safety and both the way up to Madurai and back to Bangalore was a night ride. My daughter accompanied me on this ride and she was equally excited to hear me share my experiences.

The hairpins at Kolli are a lure if you have done it once and the uncontrollable lure made me pull along a couple of riders and head there again. Joining me this time was Shreyansh Lathe, a finalist and the first runner up during the True Wanderers 2016 contest. It was a fantastic feeling to ride with someone of that calibre.

Riders Diary is a brainchild of Raghavendra Yaraganal and his team. And when he called me for a Cliffhanger Ride I just couldn’t resist myself. The very name sounded challenging and true to its name, the ride made me sweat at less than 18 degrees centigrade! I almost experienced Tawang terrain again! I look forward to riding with this crazy bunch again!

21 Showstopper enroute Vijaywada
26 With riders from various parts of the North East
17 Ride to Kolli -1

There was another ride planned to Coonoor/ Ooty. For the thrill of it, we decided to ask the locals to advise us with some off-road. Were they off-roads? There were no roads! We rode on boulder terrain inside tea gardens and these roads strengthened my confidence in the GT.

Riding to the Grand Canyon of India, Gandikota located about 300 km from Bangalore. The fort of Gandikota acquired its name due to the gorge formed between the Erramala range of hills, also known as Gandikota Hills and the River Pennar that flows at its foot. Situated amidst beautiful landscape and wild forests, this will give you a feeling of oneness with yourself for the sheer vastness of the terrain. Gandikota was one of the greatest forts of South India in its heydays and so were the kings who ruled the region.

78 Ride to Gandikota

Riding to Chennai and Pondicherry has been the most recent ones at the time of me sharing this update with you all and I always take a quick moment to capture something really nice and feel the urge to share these pictures, possibly to encourage youngsters and old alike to hit the road to explore Incredible India!

It has been one of the most beautiful years in my life after a very long time, and I will continue to make sure that I will make most of this and travel as much as I can.


As I sign off this small encapsulation of my year long ride, I wish to share a very inspirational quote from Ayrton Senna and he could not have said it better, “If a person has no dreams, they no longer have a reason to live. Dreaming is necessary, although in the dream, reality should be glimpsed. For me, this is a principle of life”.

God Speed! Ride Hard Ride Safe.

Benelli 600GT
Benelli GT
Benelli TNT 600 GT
TNT 600 GT

Harley-Davidson Road King

1690CC 138NM
Harley Davidson Road King 01 It’s about living the American dream, and what is it? Is it just one or many? What we know for sure is rolling down on an open wide highway on your favourite set of wheels without a worry in the world is definitely one of them. See all used Harley-Davidson’s listed on OLX for sale and you might find an interesting deal that fits your budget. Harley Davidson, one of the oldest and longest running motorcycle manufacturers in the world, is quintessentially American. The Milwaukee based company has been a symbol of freedom in the United States of America from the time it became mainstream. And that is a long time back. Barring few exceptions, each Harley Davidson motorcycle has been promoted as the ultimate tool to take on a highway. Harley Davidson Road King 03 Their motorcycles, or more specifically cruisers, have been synonymous with the idea of freedom that motorcycling brings and what better place to express it than covering miles after miles on something like the Route 66. Harley Davidson Road King 04 King of the Highway Well, the Road King might make the Americans feel patriotic, but to the rest of us, it is just supposed to be a good motorcycle and do what it’s supposed to do. Harley Davidson Road King 05 King of the highway – this is what Harley likes to call the Road King. One of the motorcycles in their touring lineup, the Road King is meant to take you places in the abundance of comfort and some laziness. And by no means have we meant it in a negative sense, because here, we are inferring laziness as being carefree. It is a motorcycle where the sense of speed doesn’t matter or that it doesn’t exist. You want to ride something like this when you intend to take the ambience in your stride, when you want to notice every beautiful tree, farm field, plateau and mountains on the way to your destination. It is like taking a stroll in a park, you just want to enjoy the atmosphere and feel good about the life.
This is what this motorcycle is all about – feeling good and at ease. Numbers do not matter and if you talk to someone who loves this kind of a motorcycle, he will tell you that numbers don’t make sense. They are there just to state some facts about what the engine is capable of doing, like the 138 NM of torque which is available at just 3,500 RPM from the 1,690cc V-twin engine. It is enough to allow this 371 kg heavy metal of a motorcycle to cruiser comfortably at triple digit speeds all day long and has more than enough power in reserve to make overtakes on lardy vehicles on highways. Harley Davidson Road King 07We sincerely thank Eagle Riders for letting us ride their motorcycle.?  Harley Davidson Road King 08 Harley Davidson Road King 09 Harley Davidson Road King 10Harley Davidson Road King 18 Harley Davidson Road King 19 Harley Davidson Road King 16Harley Davidson Road King 17 Harley Davidson Road King 12 There’s the big windshield to ease high-speed riding and it is removable as well. The hard bags at the back on either side of the motorcycle can carry lots of luggage, at least for a single rider, and help keep the looks of the motorcycle clean. But the single piece rider and the pillion seat is a good place for a two-up riding, and on a motorcycle like this, it is good to have a companion every now and then. I mean, what’s the point of enjoying the scenery alone? You are not on a rocket ship where your primary purpose is to enjoy the acceleration of the motorcycle and on which you’re a bit too concerned about the weight distribution. Harley Davidson Road King 13 Harley Davidson Road King 14Harley Davidson Road King 20 Harley Davidson Road King 21 Harley Davidson Road King 22 Harley Davidson Road King 23 In India, it retails at 25 Lakhs ex-showroom Delhi, not cheap by any means. But of course, a platform like OLX is always there where one can find an expensive motorcycle like the Road King within their budget. So give it a try. Harley Davidson Road King 24 Harley Davidson Road King 25 Harley Davidson Road King 26 Harley Davidson Road King 27 Harley Davidson Road King 28 Harley Davidson Road King 29 At the end of it, we would say that this one really doesn’t belong in the city and it should be bought when you actually intend to ride to far off places. Just make sure that the route is filled with good tarmac!
Harley Davidson
Harley Davidson Road King

Ducati 959 Panigale Track Ride

955CC 157BHP 107.4NM

How wonderful a feeling it is to remember your roots and pay homage to it with your flagship product. That is exactly what Ducati did with the Panigale when they named their superbikes lineup after the Borgo Panigale region in which the Ducati HQ is located. The first in the series was the 1199 which replaced the 1198. The 848 was replaced by the 899 which we rode in China in 2014.

Ducati 959 Panigale Review

However now it was time to ride the 959 which will replace the 899 Panigale, but this time in Thailand. So the journey starts with bumping into Ravi Avalur, CEO Ducati India at Bangkok Airport


David James, the man behind a lot of great stuff that happens with Ducati APAC, I personally owe him a lot!

Ducati 959 Panigale Review

Signing the indemnity bond, in case I crashed and ruined the nice paint job. Actually no, they just wanted me to be safe.

The 959 ride was clubbed with DRE (Ducati Riding Experience) which is a great way to get on a Ducati and learn riding skills from some of the best out there. My trainer was Manuel Poggiali, the man who beat Jorge Lorenzo to take the top spot on the podium as the world champion in 2001 (125CC, now Moto3 on a Gilera) and 2002 (250CC, now Moto2 on an Aprilia)! And he is from a country called San Marino which is in Italy. Other instructors included people like Alessandro Valia who is the lead tester at Ducati.

Ducati 959 Panigale Review
Ducati 959 Panigale Review

We were then transferred to a the city of Buriram with a connecting flight and then another bus (phew). Buriram literally means city of happiness. Damn well it was going to be, considering the machines that we were about to ride. I was actually asked by a couple of locals if I was going to Buriram for football. It was then that I did a quick search to find that it is the home of Buriram United Football Club which competes at the Thai national level. The city is also known for the i Mobile stadium. However for us petrolheads the area of interest was the Buriram United International Circuit (BRIC) also known as Chang International Circuit, the construction of which started in March 2013 and it was opened in October 2014.

The track is the first FIA Grade I certified circuit and also the first FIM Grade A circuit in Thailand. It also hosted a Japanese Super GT round in 2014. Other racetracks are being planned, such as a motocross circuit.

On March 22 2015, the first ever Thailand round of the World Superbike Championship was held at the circuit. Both of the Superbike races were won by UK rider Jonathan Rea and the World Supersport race was won by Thai rider Rathapark Wilairot, much to the delight of the Thai spectators.

Buriram Track Layout

I should not be stating the obvious. The bike is gorgeous, as all Ducatis are, with the exception of a rare few (most notably the DS1000). Have a look below! The only request I have from my end to Ducati is to have more visual demarcations between the smaller and larger capacity Panigale.


Buriram is a great wide flowing world class track. The 959 Panigale in Sport mode had just the right amount of settings to allow me to get used to the bike and the track. The last two sessions were ridden in Race mode where the rear ABS was disengaged completely and the traction control was intruding less to the extent of letting the bike slip and slide on hard acceleration in the corners. Of course if it was someone like Alessandro Valia he would have made it look classy unlike me which was more to do with correcting the lines.

Ducati 959 Panigale Review
Ducati 959 Panigale Review
Ducati 959 Panigale Review
Ducati 959 Panigale Review

I am not a fast rider on the track and I take a bit of time to change mode from touring to track mentally. However, I won’t exactly say I am slow either. I gathered that the Panigale can be a very fast bike, much beyond my capabilities. The electronics have improved vastly over the years on the Ducatis, they are almost on a level where you cannot even sometimes tell that they are working in the background. Compensating a hard throttle during a corner could be a good example which could possibly prevent a low side. Talking about corners, one major difference between the ‘entry level’ Panigale 959 and the 1299 as far as safety electronics go is the Cornering ABS, but by no means are the electronics in the Panigale 959 to be taken as ‘inferior’.

Ducati 959 Panigale Review
Ducati 959 Panigale Review

The quickshift has to be one of the best features in a bike this and it worked flawlessly. In the hands (or foot) of a seasoned rider it can actually help shave off a precious second or so compared to a non QS equipped motorcycle.

Ducati 959 Panigale Review
Ducati 959 Panigale Review

Check out the lineup below of the DRE Instructors. The collective experience and talent is mindblowing! You can probably identify the odd one out.


Getting a certificate for completion the DRE felt sort of nice.


Now a little more about the bike. Due to ever tightening emission norms, Ducati had to stop selling the Panigale 899. They had two realistic options to continue, reduce the power on the existing bike to meet emission norms, or spend tons of money, time and resources to produce the same power while meeting emissions norms. With the numbers that the 899 pushes, it wasn’t very feasible to walk down the latter and the Italian manufacturer couldn’t possibly reduce power on their motorcycle! That would be unthinkable! So Ducati chose to increase the engine capacity to ensure power increased, and still meet Euro4 norms.

This would be almost unthinkable on a 600cc supersport motorcycle, considering that it would make it ineligible for competitions like World SuperSport. A problem which Honda is facing with the CBR 600RR and Euro4 norms. That bike from Honda will possibly be phased out soon, unfortunately. Ducati could save the baby Panigale because the 899 was in any case a stretch at calling it a supersport. Now the bike is just 45cc shy of being in litre class territory, but to be honest it doesn’t belong in either, it has made a niche for itself.


Ducati increased the stroke of the 899 to get the 959. The bore remains constant at 100mm, while the stroke has been increased from 57.2mm to 60.8mm, the same stroke length as used in the big brother Panigale 1299. This increase in stroke necessitated a new crankshaft and connecting rods. The piston crown also gets a different design, while the compression ratio remains the same as the 899 at 12.5:1.

Possibly the biggest visual and emission norm change has come in the form of the dual barrel exhaust. This rather visually obtrusive exhaust was essential to get the bike ready for Euro4. That is why the American and Australian versions of the 959 will continue using the underbody exhaust that looks gorgeous on the 899. The exhaust diameter has also been increased by 5mm to 60mm. And at the other end of the fuelling, the throttle bodies get dual injectors. The showerhead type injectors has a primary injector which is assisted by the secondary injector post 6500RPM.

The new Panigale 959 also now comes equipped with a slipper clutch and a softer clutch lever. The slipper helps tremendously while riding aggressively and was a boon while downshifting on the race track where we rode the bike. You can really hammer through the gears without worrying about a lockup.

Thanks to the increased displacement, power is bumped by 9Hp to 157Hp as compared to the 899. Torque also sees a substantial jump to 107.4Nm from the 99Nm on the 899. And this increase in torque is the one thing that is the most prominent while riding. The bike is so much easier to ride, hold steady through the corners and in general more rider friendly. We are sure this increased torque will also make it a better machine for the streets.


The Ducati Panigale 959 gets the entire gamut of electronics from the 899. The electrowizardry on this bike are Ride-by-Wire, Ducati Traction Control, Engine Braking Control, Ducati Quickshift and ABS by Bosch. Thought the electronics are the same the parameters have been tweaked for the larger capacity 959. You get three ride modes to choose from, Race, Sport and Rain. Race being full blown power delivered super aggressively, while Sport is fun to ride in without scaring the bejabbers out of the rider, while Rain is a bit soft with a power reduction of around 35%! The Traction Control is 8-step adjustable and ABS gets 3 options. One of the downsides is that the bike needs to be stopped to change the settings and cannot be done on the move.  The quickshifter assists the already smooth 6-speed gearbox, which results in flawless shifting through the rev range.

The Brembo M4.32 Callipers and 320mm discs get the job done of stopping the bike without any problems, but a bit more bite would be helpful, especially when riding on track. A fully adjustable Showa 43mm Big Piston forks and fully adjustable Sachs at the rear work well, with the rear feeling a trifle soft for the track in its default setting.

On aerodynamics the front fairing is taller and wider as compared to the 899, which is a boon for larger sized riders. Though it is very difficult to notice visually except if you have both bikes in front of you. The chassis which allowed the 899 to be such a sweet handling motorcycle is employed on the 959 as well. Though the swingarm pivot is 4mm lower which increases the wheelbase by 5mm. This was done to accommodate the exhaust, and will also aid in corner exit according to the company. Probably help with straight line stability as well, even if just a fraction. The downside of the exhaust is that it makes the bike 7kg heavier, with the 959 weighing in at 200kg wet. Though the increase in weight would not make considerable difference in real world riding conditions. The bike also sports a rear sprocket with one tooth less as compared to the 899.


The 959 is much cheaper than its elder sibling the 1299 and comes with a few tricks less up its sleeve. Including engine casings which are aluminium instead of magnesium in the 1299. Weight saving measures such as this helps the 1299 be a whopping 9.5 kg lighter than its younger brother! Though now the two bikes do share the stroke length, there is one other takeaway from the 1299. The super slippery pegs from the 899 have been replaced with the machined pegs from the 1299, which are a boon when riding on the track.  The 1299 might be a different kettle of fish as compared to the 959, but for the price difference, you just can’t complain!

Ducati has priced the Panigale 959 at 13.97 Lakh INR (Ex-showroom) Delhi for the red, with the white not available currently in the country. At that price point it stacks up nicely with the Triumph Daytona 675R which is priced at 12.14 Lakh INR (Ex-showroom) Delhi.


And a few add ons for the Ducati 959 Panigale


Black Magic!


Ducati 959 Panigale Review : Tech Specs and Comparo

Ducati 959 stand alone
Ducati 959 Panigale Vs Suzuki GSX R750
Ducati 959 Panigale Vs Yamaha YZF-R6
Ducati 959 Panigale Vs 899 Panigale
Ducati 959 Panigale Vs 1299 Panigale
Ducati 959 Panigale Vs Daytona 675
Ducati 959 Panigale Vs Honda CBR600RR

So what will be next from the Ducati stable? Will they further increase the capacity for the next upgrade and get it into the litre class. The next logical nomenclature upgrade would be 999! I wouldn’t mind seeing a new interpretation of the classic 999 as the Panigale 999. I think the classic 999 was the best looking Ducati of all time. And what is the road ahead for 1299, only time will tell. Whatever it will be we are sure they will all be beautiful and a hoot to ride.


959 Panigale
Ducati 959 Panigale
Ducati Panigale
Ducati Panigale 959
Panigale 959

BMW K 1600 GTL

1649CC 158.2BHP 175NM
BMW K 1600 GTL (5) The thing about big automobile manufacturers is that they don’t believe in doing something just to be a “me too”. No matter what the segment is, they make sure that they make their presence felt and that their vehicles speak for themselves. Certain products are just so good right from the start that no matter whether they have entered a market late or are early, they make the timing of their arrival appear spot on. Need money to buy your Dream bike? Sell your old motorcycle on OLX. Case in point, the K1600 GTL from BMW Motorrad. Launched in 2010 to compete against the Honda Gold Wing (which has been selling with an 1832cc flat-six engine since 2001), the K1600 GTL came like a breath of fresh air instead of looking like a late comer. It comes powered by an inline 6 cylinder 1649cc DOHC liquid cooled 24-valve engine which is developed new from the ground up. It produces 160.4 PS of power at 7,750 RPM and 175 NM of torque at 5,250 RPM. It is quite a powerhouse. In comparison, the Gold Wing churns out around only 118 BHP and 167 NM of torque. BMW K 1600 GTL (6) But more power may not always be a big deal. BMW introduced the K1600 ten years later and so more power is the least that is expected. The only inline 6-cylinder production motorcycle in the world has few more things up its sleeve that makes it look like it is from the future. This big 6-cylinder engine is only 2.6 inches wider than K1300’s inline 4 engine making it the most compact inline 6 engine in the world to have ever been produced. BMW K 1600 GTL (4) It is also the first motorcycle in the world that features Adaptive Headlight technology. What this means is even though the headlight assembly is fixed with the fairing, it turns left if the bike is turning left and hence lights up the entire corner. Not just that, when the bike is at lean, the headlight beam remains flat so that the lighting on the road ahead remains consistent. Optionally, there’s electronically adjustable suspension which adapts to the changing road conditions on the go. BMW K 1600 GTL (2) The German motorcycle manufacturer has also done a pretty good job in keeping the overall weight of the motorcycle relatively low at 348 kg. The Honda, on the other hand, breaches 400 kg mark at 421 kg ready-to-ride.
A Fantastic Blend of Luxury and Sportiness K1600 GTL is basically the sportiest luxury tourer. While the Gold Wing has impressed everyone with its dynamic handling characteristics over so many years, this BMW pushes the boundaries even further. 1 Take a look at the K1600 GTL from the sides, and the design looks like a great mix of a luxury cruiser and a high-speed sport-tourer. There’s a sense of sophistication in the styling which enhances the thoroughly modern appeal of the motorcycle. 2We sincerely thank Mr. Siddique Bajaria for taking out? his time and letting us ride his motorcycle. 3 4 5 6 7 8 8-1 8-2 9 10 11 12 13 13-1 14 14-1 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 22-1It is supremely comfortable, as it should be, for all day riding and is sporty enough to be enjoyable at curves. There’s a unique positive feeling when a motorcycle of this scale enables the rider to go around a corner relatively enthusiastically. The frame is made up of cast aluminium, the front suspension is BMW’s famous Duolover and the rear is Paralever. All this together ensure that the handling remains closer to a sportbike and nothing remotely like a cruiser. 23 24 25 25-1 26 29 Milestone at XBhp We have had two wonderful opportunities to ride this biggest BMW motorcycle. Once in 2011 when we took it to New York from Los Angeles covering well over 6000 kilometres in 14 days, and another one in 2014 when we rode it to the INTERMOT show from Munich to Cologne in Germany. That has been one of the most scenic journeys that we have undertaken so far. You can see those rides here: BMW_K1600_GTL-14 LA 2 NY : 6000 kms in 12 Days!?  KF6A5044

Ride to INTERMOT 2014 on a BMW K1600 GTL EXCLUSIVE! BMW motorcycles are some of the most expensive in our country as of now and the K1600 GTL is at the far end of “expensive”. Although, people can try their luck on OLX and see if they can get it a bit cheap. However, motorcycles like these are purposeful and definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. But they sure are some of the best ways to travel the country and the world.
BMW Motorrad
K 1600 GTL
Sports Tourer

Honda Goldwing

1832CC 116.7BHP 167NM
Honda Gold Wing - 40th Anniversary Edition (1) “Buy a luxury vehicle” – most of the times, the conversation around this would immediately lead to a discussion on an expensive car offering abundant comfort with various other features to pamper you with mechanical sophistication. And to get something of that sort, you need money, probably lots of it if you wish to be treated with 5-star comfort by a vehicle. Need money to buy yor Dream bike? Sell your old motorcycle on OLX. However, if you have that sort of money, but you’re much more into motorcycles than cars, you do have few options that would make even luxury car owners go green with envy. You could get yourself a Harley Davidson CVO or Indian Roadmaster, both excellent motorcycles and offer royal comfort, yet, against one particular rival, they both fall a bit short in probably almost every aspect other than looks. Honda Gold Wing - 40th Anniversary Edition (2) Consider a Honda Gold Wing and things might appear more advanced by that much. Honda Gold Wing - 40th Anniversary Edition (34) Gold Wing, Honda’s luxury tourer with a flat engine which is in production since 1974. The Gold Wing started its journey as GL 1000 with standard styling and a flat or boxer 4 engine displacing 999cc. It was Honda’s first liquid-cooled engine in a production motorcycle and for the next 13 years, it went on to become GL 1200 and finally in 1987, Honda came out with the GL 1500 which had a 6-cylinder flat-six engine and could produce 100 BHP and 150 NM of torque. This model was in production till 2000. Honda Gold Wing - 40th Anniversary Edition (33) In 2001, the flat-six engine was upgraded to 1832cc which remains the most powerful engine in Gold Wing till date. It produces 118.3 PS of maximum power at 5,500 RPM and 167 NM of torque at 4,000 RPM. It has a Single Overhead Cam design and is liquid-cooled. As of today, the motorcycle’s wet weight is 421 kg.
Technicalities Aside Facts and figures aside, Gold Wing’s specialness lies in its ultra smooth engine which generates a seamless flow of power and the unique Jet turbine like soundtrack. The exhaust note from that boxer-six engine is unlike anything else, although, it is generally quite. DCIM100MEDIADJI_0050.JPG The Gold Wing is the only production motorcycle in the world to come with an electronic reverse gear! That’s right, it is easier to reverse the Wing than other equally bulky motorcycles. Also, it comes with an optional airbag which would prevent the rider from banging into the windshield in case of a collision. Honda Gold Wing - 40th Anniversary Edition (6) Honda Gold Wing - 40th Anniversary Edition (9) Honda Gold Wing - 40th Anniversary Edition (18) Honda Gold Wing - 40th Anniversary Edition (8)Honda Gold Wing - 40th Anniversary Edition (11)Honda Gold Wing - 40th Anniversary Edition (31) Honda is not known to make bad-handling motorcycles, and for this reason, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the Gold Wing, quite literally, handles like a dream for its size. Of course, it comes as a surprise at first, but then as you start realizing that the motorcycle is held together by an aluminium frame and a single shocker at the back, it all starts to come together nicely. In its category, after the BMW K1600 GT, the Gold Wing is the next best handling motorcycle. And the performance from its boxer-six engine outperforms every V-twin luxury tourer in this class of motorcycles. Honda Gold Wing - 40th Anniversary Edition (15) Honda Gold Wing - 40th Anniversary Edition (19) Honda Gold Wing - 40th Anniversary Edition (20) Honda Gold Wing - 40th Anniversary Edition (21) Honda Gold Wing - 40th Anniversary Edition (22) Honda Gold Wing - 40th Anniversary Edition (24) Honda Gold Wing - 40th Anniversary Edition (26) Honda Gold Wing - 40th Anniversary Edition (27) Honda Gold Wing - 40th Anniversary Edition (28)Honda Gold Wing - 40th Anniversary Edition (29)Honda Gold Wing - 40th Anniversary Edition (30) It indulges you in comfort like very few motorcycles can do. The seat is literally like a sofa, the pillion seat is even more so. The windshield is adjustable at six heights and then there’s heated handlebar grips and the seats. There’s also a mechanism to keep the legs warm in winters. There’s music system and an air-conditioner as well. Yes, you have these in other similar motorcycles, but what you do not get is the kind of overall package that the Gold Wing is. It is in its own way very unique. Honda Gold Wing - 40th Anniversary Edition (14) Honda Gold Wing - 40th Anniversary Edition (12)Honda Gold Wing - 40th Anniversary Edition (23)Honda Gold Wing - 40th Anniversary Edition (13)Honda Gold Wing - 40th Anniversary Edition (10) In India, the big Honda retails over 31 Lakhs on-road Delhi, no means affordable to many people out there. And no matter how good a handler it is, the Wing is still quite a handful in our traffic. Yet, if you still want it and feel it is out of your budget, perhaps a search on OLX can help you in getting it within your budget. Honda Gold Wing - 40th Anniversary Edition (5) That aside, we would love to travel the world on it. The world.
40th Anniversary
Gold WIng
Honda Motorcycles

Ariel VB 600

598CC 15.5BHP
1st_photo_blog The idea of riding a vintage motorcycle is to feel connected to one’s past or simply to take a peek into the past. Do all old, outdated and classic motorcycles make a person feel this way? No one can really say. However, there are some (or few) motorcycles that would literally take you back in time, so much so, that by the time you are back, you might have left some part of your heart there. Find your dream vintage motorcycle only on OLX. Meet the Ariel VB 600 from 1933. Classic girder front suspension, rigid frame and spring seat – vintage, yes, but we have seen these features a bit too often already in many other old bikes. So, what really is special about this particular motorcycle from Ariel? Take a look at the gear lever and you may not find it where it usually is. This motorcycle has got a hand-shifter on the right side of the fuel tank and using it is an experience in itself. It is not just different, it is a totally new way of making a motorcycle work. CEATPirelli_2 There are few other things as well that really sets it apart. It has got an “inspection lamp” which lights when there’s something wrong with the bike’s electronics. It is operated by the battery directly and so it will work even when the motorcycle is not on. And for such an old bike, it also had a clock as an accessory! Few other things like the oil pressure meter can be considered usual stuff. WRANGLER_Template The engine is a single cylinder 4-stroke 598cc unit having a single side valve. It could produce up to 15.5 BHP of maximum power at 4,400 RPM. Too low and slow for today’s standards, but enough for the 1930s. Spartan pro gear template Ariel’s Background and its Present Ariel was established way back in 1870 in Bournbrook, Birmingham, however, they made their first motorcycle in 1902. Before making motorcycles, the company made bicycles. In 1932, Ariel became Ariel Motors. In 1951, Ariel was sold to BSA.
Ariel has made many interesting motorcycles back then one of which is an interesting four-cylinder engine in which the engines were configured in a square – two front and two back – and it was called the four-square engine! IMG_8324-EditWe sincerely thank Mr. Desh Deepak for taking out his time and letting us ride his motorcycle.?  Arial VB 600 (37) Arial VB 600 (35)Arial VB 600 (18) Arial VB 600 (20) Arial VB 600 (7) Arial VB 600 (8) Arial VB 600 (10) Arial VB 600 (11) Arial VB 600 (12)Arial VB 600 (9) Arial VB 600 (13) Arial VB 600 (14) Arial VB 600 (15) Arial VB 600 (17)Arial VB 600 (21)Arial VB 600 (6) The company is said to be defunct in 1970 until it was resurrected as Ariel Motor Company in 1991 and based out of Somerset, England. As of today, it makes light-weight and high-performance cars and a motorcycle named Ace which is powered by a Honda VFR1200 V4 engine. Arial VB 600 (22) Arial VB 600 (26) Arial VB 600 (29) Arial VB 600 (30)Arial VB 600 (23)Arial VB 600 (19) Arial VB 600 (36)Arial VB 600 (27)Arial VB 600 (33) Arial VB 600 (28)Arial VB 600 (31) Arial VB 600 (25)Arial VB 600 (34)Arial VB 600 (16)Arial VB 600 (38) This is truly a unique vintage motorcycle and something which should be kept for as long as it is possible. It is a perfect example of what is a rare motorcycle. Fortunately, with platforms like OLX, there is a possibility to find these kinds of motorcycles. This one that we rode is quite flawlessly maintained and we are compelled to hand it to Mr Desh Deepak for doing such a remarkable job. He’s an enthusiast and we thank him for his time and letting us ride this truly special motorcycle from Ariel.
VB 600