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Thread: Counter Steering

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    Default Re: Counter Steering

    Quote Originally Posted by stefanm View Post
    Not actually a technique, it's the only way you can turn a two wheeled vehicle above a certain speed, you have no other option, once understood you can corner and avoid hazards easier.
    Then I guess I was counter steering without realizing that I was really doing it.
    But now that I am conscious of what I am doing, I can take tighter turns and still keep my speed and my bike in control, which was not easy a week ago when I used to lean the bike.
    And yes it is much easier to avoid a rough patch of road with counter steering. Thanks for the advice brother.
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    Default Re: Counter Steering

    Guys I would like to add on counter steering almost everything is discussed no offence with anyone here
    1 Try on a open road at speeds around 50-60 Kmph
    2. while riding lift your left hand off the bike and then push the right handle bar away and in downwards direction little bit , you will see that the bike is leaned towards right and going right.
    3. Again from starting at speed 50-60Kmph lift your right hand and push the left handle bar away and downwards little bit and you will see that the bike leaned towards left and going left ..
    Correct me if this is not right .
    Now for mastering this and learning more watch this video
    This is twist of wrist by keith code very useful
    +1 for the example of cone explained in rotation .
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    Default Re: Counter Steering

    Just went through the posts and videos yesterday night.
    Did a trial test in a safe area and o boy.. its just works superb..
    Did a 150km hill ride(descending).
    I cant believe myself, curves were handled almost avg of 70-80( except haipins and sharp u turns).
    In highway firstime did 100+ turns with confidence..
    Hope this will not make me more lazy..(not much forcefully leaning required)

    Thank you guess..

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