Motorcycling is the last genuine form of everyday adventure left to the urban man. Riding astride a motorcycle is reminiscent of riding horses in days gone by. The thrill of accelerating, of weaving and banking on a twisty mountain road is addictive. Once bitten by the motorcycling bug, you're never shy of it. When static, the bike's engine throbs with latent power underneath. On the roll and moving fast, the rider and his motorcycle are a roar, a flash, more so a windswept blur riding a wild banshee howl from the engine, pulling their own little hurricane of wind and noise behind. The motorcycle sets you free. It grants you the opportunity to overcome the limitations imposed by fear and fatigue. From a mere human who can just walk on two legs, the rider can live at being faster than the swiftest cheetah! Such is the romance of motorcycling.

This initiative is about helping you live with and through this freedom. Speed can be lethal in untrained hands. This is an effort by xBhp members Sandeep Goswami and Sundeep Gajjar, with support from CEAT, about training those hands and the mind that controls them, to live in a world where dying can come easy. It will show you the way to become one with your motorcycle, to elevate the skill of riding into an art.

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The Art of Safe Riding | CEAT & xBhp