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Thread: Help! Need advice on buying...

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    Default Help! Need advice on buying...

    Hello. I recently developed interest in bicycling and read a lot about it. I also went through forums for the information. Xbhp is the best source of the information for a beginner like me.

    About me -

    I am 6"2' age - 28yrs and weigh 108kg. (Yes, obese!) The goal of my cycling is better fitness and loosing weight.I dont have any experience (last cycle ride was 10yrs ago) but I am fit for my weight. My plan is to start small daily rides and probably go for longer rides on weekends. I have some questions regarding buying a new bike.

    1) When I spoke with some people they said if you are overweight, avoid cycling. As it exerts pressure / not good for knees. Is it true? I can see many overweight people here!

    2) Currently I dont have any problem but can it cause any spine problems?

    3) When I visited a local shop, they said I would need a cycle with double rim (No idea, what it is) and steel body, Is it necessary?

    4) Hybrid or MTB? - A shop guy said, I should go for MTB only. Can Hybrids take that much weight?

    5) Montra Madrock, Rockrider 340 were the two I found good. Can you recommend any around 15-20k range? Is it worth going for Rockrider 520 by spending 25k?

    6) Can you suggest any good bike shop in Pune? (I know decathlon)

    Thank you in advance!

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    Default Re: Help! Need advice on buying...

    1. False. Cycling will cause much less stress on your knees as compared to running! Only if you are clocking serious miles and with very bad posture will you face any knee trouble.

    2. Not unless you fall off badly Though on a serious note, proper bike fit is necessary to keep repetitive motion injuries at bay.

    3. Double walled rims are stronger. Spokes are the first things to break when ridden by someone on the heavier side. Steel is not necessary.

    4. Yes, Hybrids can take the weight. A decent hybrid should be no problem at all.

    5. The more you spend the better you get.

    6. I have heard good things about Giant Starkenn store in Pune. You may want to check it out.
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    Default Re: Help! Need advice on buying...

    Thanks a lot monk for replying. I was expecting the reply from you only after going through forums :-)

    Let me tell you, after starting fasting, I am down to 105 kg now in a week.

    Ok. I checked Giant starkenn website after your recommendation. But I found that their prices are very high for a beginner. (At least on website). I have heard about firefox, cannondale, schnell, montra, btwin etc. Didnt know about giant.

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