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Thread: need help in buying new bicycle

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    Default Re: need help in buying new bicycle

    Quote Originally Posted by avhad sitaram View Post
    If i were you ..i will save some more and go for a descent hybrid in the range of 18 to 20k .
    Imo Hybrid or even roadbike can take your weight easily but for that you need to select one good quality frame and wheels.
    Mtb looks more like a macho but when comes to daily commuting nothing can beat hybrid. Do your own research on net , if you are going for a cheap heavy model you will need to upgrade sooner.
    I've borrowed munich 21s for a week from my cousin. Past two days I've been getting used to riding in my neighborhood , just want to gain some confidence back with cycling before hitting the main roads. I'm planning to hit my daily route to office this Friday on cycle.
    Having rode cycles with wider tyres in my childhood these 700x35c looks very narrow. Can I install anything wider than 35c on stock rims of hybrids once the preinstalled tyres are worn out?

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    Default Re: need help in buying new bicycle

    No need to install wider tyres imo, btw you can install upto 700x45 easily on any hybrid

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