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Thread: Royal Enfield Continental GT Review

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    Default Re: Royal Enfield Continental GT Review

    Recently the auto news on TV mentioned poor sales of RE Continental GT in India despite being touted as the best bike of the year .
    I feel that this bike should not be judged on sales record .
    There may be few reasons why poor sales such as - the bike is priced at 2.20lacs on road , single seat version is offered intially, the horsepower is 29bhp only ,
    few small welding joints are visible on the bike chassis, vibrations are heavy beyond 110km speed, rear view mirrors are not included as standard part of sales,
    poor marketing strategy in India, many people do not think this bike is sold by RE ( they think you modified RE) .

    I feel RE Continental GT is an awesome bike which has history attached to it . RE has managed to reproduce this bike from the 60's , have to compliment them .
    Everything is built from ground up for this RE bike. Vibration issue is present on all RE bikes because the big single cylinder engine. RE engineers did not want to tamper reducing vibrations to get a genuine feel of the bike.
    The single seat can be replaced by a double seat from RE or from your local RE sales shops.
    Rear view mirrors can be purchased when you buy the bike , no big deal. The rear view mirrors look good on it.
    The 29bhp power is sufficient for riding in city and on highways, basically this bike is now made for good leisure riding and not for race tracks.
    The price point of 2.20 lacs on road in India is a good deal as the bike is manufactured in India. Overseas the bike is priced at 6000 US DOLLARS . Indian bikers are getting a good deal . There are many bike in India which compete at that price point in India and abroad but none of them will feel and ride of the RE Continental GT becos it is a blast from the past.

    The RE dealers need to be educated more about this bike for them to sell it .
    Maybe RE company can give them annual bonuses if they achieve the yearly target sales.

    Indian consumers like to spend mostly on smaller engines as they are cheaper 1 lac and below bikes and generate lots of sales.
    Consumers in India have less money to spare when it comes to bikes costing above 2 lacs.
    Genuinely interested bikes who can afford these bikes will buy them .
    People will go to showrooms of Motoguzzi , Triumph, Harley Davidson , Ducati, MV AGUSTA, INDIAN chief, United motorcycles, etc . , they will find these bikes expensive to buy for middle class people , those craving for such bikes then head to RE showrooms and pick their choice and even modify to get the look they want at a fraction of the cost .
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