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Thread: The Baby Duke 125

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    Default The Baby Duke 125

    Hola!! to all the riders outta there. This one's specially for the guys ,beginning to be a rider. As the KTM is being ready for the newer emmision norms by launching the Duke200 ABS at a sideline. All its glamour is stolen by the launch of the little baby. Yes!! its the Duke 125. The much awaited and anticipated 125cc from KTM.
    All the newbie's can now afford a KTM as the baby duke being priced at 1.35-1.40 lakhs on-road approx.

    Coming to the point,
    Dimension-wise this duke succeeds to give you the feel of the bigger sibling Duke200 as it does not feels small once you swing your legs over the saddle. This one too gets three paint schemes namely White, Black, Orange.
    Between your legs beats a 125cc power mill producing 14.5 horses and 12Nm of peak torque. These figures are achieved close to 9000rpms. Though I managed to redline it at 11k. The engine gives a smooth linear power delivery. One might feel less power at low end as being a smaller engine but as the engine is rev-friendly, it does not become an issue. The engine takes you effortlessly straightway till 90 kmph and can compete contenders like R15v3 till this range. Past 90, the engines shows itself being smaller as triple digit takes time. When compared to other dukes the engine is less rev-friendly and seems to have some inertia. Talking of the economy figures one can expect it to extract 45kms from a litre.
    Talking of the ride quality and handling, it gets upto the mark refinement and handling. The ride quality is overall good, no vibes felt!! But the things get a little bussy when you decide to redline the engine. The NHV levels are all in check. Handling wise, the bike continues the legacy of great ‘duke’ handling. She loves the corners and is nimble in the city as how we expect a naked sport to be!! The gear shifts are slick, precise and effortless. The suspension are on the softer side and sallow the city bumps easily. Though they can feel a bit cushy at highway cruising speeds.
    The braking duties on the baby duke are handled by a 300mm front and 230mm rear disc. The brakes are good enough for intial bite as well as the progression. They to have the feel. It comes equipped with the single-channle ABS though you can see the rear disc also with a speed sensor. The ABS at the front comes very less in roleplay as being a small bike, the braking handles it very well.
    The Exhaust note of the bike is all as Duke200. One cannot tell what’s coming from far. Also the fit and finish of the switchgears and other accessories is top-notch. The instrument console is all retro-fitted from the elder 200cc sibling.

    Summing up the content…..
    1)The bike is a benchmark in the segment for industry in our country.
    2) The bike produces a unique character when compared to other 125cc’s.
    3)It is the best buy for newbie riders who can then upgrade to the all-mighty Duke390.
    4) The performance is ‘ready to race’ and Quality and other factors are just KTM class!!


    1. The price!! Despite offering all the things that a sport machine has, it seems too pricey for a 125cc.
    2. The Indian version of bike is devoid of the International model styling

    This was all about the baby duke….
    Ride safe!! Always wear a helmet and appropriate gear while riding.

    PS: The test was conducted at Khamla Square KTM, Nagpur. These guys are really helpful.
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    Default Re: The Baby Duke 125

    Thread approved.

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