About Pintz Gajjar: I am who I am and I wouldn't change it for anything in the world. Hello. I'm Pintueli Gajjar - friends call me Pintz. Ever since I rammed my dad's Bajaj Scooter into the wall one day, while still in school, I have been hooked to the '2' wheels! While in college, I took off on friends scooters, bikes and if nothing at all, bicycles. Later, in 1988, after my divorce and 2 kids in stow, my good friend Behram lent me his Kawasaki GTO 110cc and I was zipping around in Bombay, when very few girls took to the roads. After that I had a Bajaj Boxer 110cc for a few years and now am looking for a newer model to feed my passion. For me, at a personal level, Biking is freedom, to break away from my own taboos as to what I can achieve as a woman, to go beyond my physical and psychological limits, to be self-disciplined, to maintain a balance with my priorities and dreams, to set goals that I can achieve, and eventually, to be a role model for many who, like me, are struggling to break free from the norm and take life to what it means - living it 'Queen size'. Biking is a serious affair, like life ... no short-cuts. Today, at 53, I enjoy Biking for the sheer joy it brings.

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Do I think I have contributed to the motorcycling community, however a
small way it may be?

We are all searchers ... the silent music makers ... the followers of dreams. Being an educationist, a naturalist, an environmentalist and an artist, I have a moral responsibility towards the community. No matter who or where you are, it becomes impertinent to do your bit when you realize that there are millions out there who need a shoulder, a hand or a hug to realize their own potential and being. As an educationist and an environmentalist, I conduct workshops for children on Nature Education and Environmental Awareness. I am passionate about wildlife and the environment. This January 2011, I received an invitation to join a Biking expedition from the SkyHigh Adventure Club, based in Rajkot. I asked them to include a mission for the ride which they readily accepted. We did the Gujarat Coastal Marine Awareness Biking Expedition, covering 49 villages/towns, 9 ports, 11 temples, 7 historical places and the Gir forest - a total of 2350 kms - from Lakhpat in the North to Umergaon, the Southern tip of Gujarat. We conducted lectures in Schools all along the coastal towns and villages and distributed pamphlets highlighting the various issues - land erosion, decreasing mangroves, use of pesticides, plastic nuisance and flooding due to sinking swamps along the coast. We were welcomed in each town and village and our work was recognized as a motivation for the youth to do their '10 cents' bit. I was also the lucky one to be selected for the Honda CB Twister 110cc Test Ride for the expedition. Basically, this expedition was to highlight the fact that you can have fun while you do your duty - a combination of passion and mission!

How can I contribute more in the future to the motorcycling community?
Dreams end when Life does. I wish to give a message here to the motorcycling community: I am living my dream today - as a biker who makes a difference. We all have dreams of doing this and that, but what is of utmost importance is what am I doing? I am sure many women have this question tugging their brains and have no idea how to go about it. As a woman, a gifted woman, I want to encourage women to take up biking as a means for awareness on various issues as well as for the adventure it offers. I want women to celebrate their womanhood. I say: Just be who you are, for all your worth, be a role model, be an inspiration, be a cheerleader and ... go forth and enjoy the ride!

My Touring Experience
Total Kms. Clocked

9300 kms

Best Ride
Gujarat Coastal Marine Awareness Expedition - 2011 We covered 49 villages/towns, 9 ports, 11 temples, 7 historical places and the Gir forest - from Lakhpat in the North to Umergaon, the Southern tip of Gujarat .. a total of 2350 kms This was an epic ride. For me, it was educative. I was the only lady biker (there were two other girls on an Activa Scooter) among 45 hunks. It taught me to be a good fellow-rider, maintain discipline on the highway, take care of one another on and off the roads and test my own physical strength and stamina. The ride itself was exhilarating with dream roads in Kutch, rough patches as we crossed the Gir forest, pristine green-lush fields and the flocks of migratory birds all along the coast. It was the best and will always cherish it.

One dream ride that I want to do
Leh-Ladakh and an All-India Tour with an All-Ladies Team!

Places I have ridden
Karnataka, Goa, Maharashtra and Gujarat

Best touring Bike according to me
Honda CB Twister is a good bike for the plains and highways as it has a good pick up, a mammoth fuel tank and is feather light! I would, some day, like to own a RE!

Tips to budding tourers
Life is an adventure and the best way to explore it is on a bike. Pick up yr backpack, fill up that tank and just take off, riding the winds. Always carry the essentials - riding papers, toolkit and first aid. Always communicate with your loved ones while on the tour. Life is a breeze - ride it.

My Other Experience
Mechanic/ Service Etc.

Can manage basic repairs