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Thread: Short Introduction - Top 20 finalist - Biker of the Year 2011

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    Default Short Introduction - Top 20 finalist - Biker of the Year 2011

    Here are the Top 20 finalist of Biker of the year

    1) About Rohit Giri - "I'm Rohit Giri,been on the professional racing circuit from the 2007,hv been multiple time national champion(Road Racing) Indian Bikes & Supersport Expert Category,Malaysian Super Series Champion(Supersport Category),Moto-GP Support Race At Sepang(Malaysia)(Supersport Category),Participated in The FIM Asian Grand Prix(Supersport Category),and much more to go and need to do achieve more... :-)"

    More about Rohit -

    2) About Avinash - "I have loved motorcycles since i was 10 years old. At the age of 20 i got my first bike and have been riding since. I have riden close to 85,000 Kms in 8 countries around the world. My dream was to ride the Pan American Highway through South America, i had been planning it for 10 years, and finally did it in 2010, 15,000 kms, 6 countries, one adventure and one dream achieved."

    More about Avinash -

    3) About Mervyn - "A guy who quit his job to be on the move. loaded his 1980 350 Royal enfield with a tent, sleeping bag a few pair of clothes and an attitude open to adapt and evolve on the road. No plans, no destination and no timeline. earn your food and fuel from the road and keep moving further and beyond and experience all that comes you way existentially. Now would that call me a Biker."

    More about Mervyn -

    4) About Alok Balsekar - Hardcore motorcycle collector. Unique and rare bikes are my interest. And I buy bikes only from the first lot ... ie their original year of manufacture. Also like touring and log rides on my RD350.

    More about Alok -

    5) About Asheesh - Bike have always been fascinating for me, and eventually I love Riding them to the fullest, and to test the vehicles to their extreme limits. I as a biker, helped a lot of poeple in their emergencies, and mishaps.

    More about Asheesh -

    6) About Shamim Akhtar - Probably , I was born with the wheels. I dont ride to reach places, rather I just ride in for riding, and destination came and go from every horizon emerges another one Life is nothing but a LONG journey to be relished on two wheels.

    More about Shamim Akhtar -

    7) About Rakesh Sridhar - "Actually I am more than just a biker! A biker, an engineer, a racer and an auto journalist all at the same time! When it comes to biking, I am more of an Adventure biker. Likes to conquer the unconquered roads and to leave an indelible impression wherever I go! I love riding my Yezdi Roadking through the crowded streets of Chennai. I like pushing the bikes to their limits."

    More about Rakesh Sridhar -

    8) About Aashish Kumar - "The first ever trip on a 2 wheel was with my Dad on his chetak when i was quite young. Flowing through western ghats gave me something that would last with me for ever. Since then I have only aspired to travel on my motorcycle and explore places. I did a small ride across the country in 2008 covering 14,000 odd Kms and that has certainly set an inspiration for me to head out on journey that will lead me to find the essence of Infinity."

    More about Aashish Kumar -

    9) About Pintz Gajjar - I am who I am and I wouldn't change it for anything in the world. Hello. I'm Pintueli Gajjar - friends call me Pintz. Ever since I rammed my dad's Bajaj Scooter into the wall one day, while still in school, I have been hooked to the '2' wheels! While in college, I took off on friends scooters, bikes and if nothing at all, bicycles. Later, in 1988, after my divorce and 2 kids in stow, my good friend Behram lent me his Kawasaki GTO 110cc and I was zipping around in Bombay, when very few girls took to the roads. After that I had a Bajaj Boxer 110cc for a few years and now am looking for a newer model to feed my passion. For me, at a personal level, Biking is freedom, to break away from my own taboos as to what I can achieve as a woman, to go beyond my physical and psychological limits, to be self-disciplined, to maintain a balance with my priorities and dreams, to set goals that I can achieve, and eventually, to be a role model for many who, like me, are struggling to break free from the norm and take life to what it means - living it 'Queen size'. Biking is a serious affair, like life ... no short-cuts. Today, at 53, I enjoy Biking for the sheer joy it brings.

    More about Pintz Gajjar -

    10) About Saurabh Singh - "I got my first taste of motorcycling at a very early stage during the times when Motogp was still 500cc class. I was able to own a motorcycling during my first job and this where I really unleashed what lay beneath me. Working in the foothills of Uttarakhand, my job was in Rishikesh, helped in every way to nourish my passion. I have moved places, left jobs, left country and then came back...but the passion for motorcycling has never wavered...only the stead has changed from the growls of a 150 to the thump of a 350. But its still only 2 wheels that move my soul."

    More about Saurabh Singh -

    11) About Franklin Selstad - "Started riding in the year 1980, although under-aged to ride a two wheeler, Passion for biking made me break the Law! Got my License in 1982. My first two wheeler is a Vijay Pushpak scooter, later used 3 bajaj Chetaks, and in 1987 I brought a Yamaha RX-100, then in 2005 I got a CBZ (classic ES), now Im riding a P-220-DTS-Fi and 1987 Yamaha RD-350, and planning to go for a GT 650 very soon."

    More about Franklin Selstad -

    12) About Firdaus - "I have been riding a bike (mini motocross bikes) since the age of 4 and have been completely hooked. Being a Girl, my bike is my 2nd best friend after my boyfriend. Being astride my bike gives me a sense of freedom, that I don't experience any other times besides when i am racing on the race track! My passion for automobiles is so deeply rooted that i have translated this passion into my profession of being a formed auto journalist and currently as a PR for Mercedes-Benz. I am insanely in love with the bikes and have had the fortune to ride almost all the bikes and superbikes in the country. I don't look at biking as a temporary passion but something that will go with me in my grave and hopefull I shall be able to pass it on to my future generations i.e if the world survives till then."

    More about Firdaus -

    13) About Urvashi - "Hi, This is Urvashi Patole. I am a Bikerni and proud to be one. I started my journey around 6 years ago and it has been adventure of a lifetime. More than smooth tarmacs I am crazy about off-roading. Nothing like a rocky road, some fresh air, a splash of mud and beautiful scenery to get you going. I believe a true Biker is someone who loves with all their heart, is generous, is always willing to go another kilometre, believes in honor , loves food like crazy, has integrity, is always willing to help, a biker always stands his/her ground but doesn't mind making way for a speeding idiot on the road;we know it's not worth the effort because someone is waiting for us at home, a biker backs other riders when need be, motorcycles are everything to them, accepts anyone up on two wheels as their own, rides in rain or in sunshine. My passionate love for motorcycles shall endure forever and I am proud to be lady motorcyclist."

    More about Urvashi -

    14) About Devjeet - "I have beaten Indian Railways Train Aravali Express in a race from Bandra Station in Mumbai to Jaipur Railway station in April 2008. Nobody in the world has ever done it. I am also the youngest Indian to get the BUN BURNER title from the Iron Butt Association of USA."

    More about Devjeet -

    15) About Ajit Harisinghani - "When I'm on my Enfield, I feel complete! The bike feels like an extension of my body. The thumping engine vibrations seem to charge every cell with joyous energy which has the fragrance of freedom in it. I've been riding for over 40 years and I think that's been responsible for my unnaturally good health!"

    More about Ajit Harisinghani -

    16) About Ashok Naidu - "When i was young my father said to me you are watching my Bikes and i think you want to ride them. He said there is time you may ride, but later, now get back to with you Books. Pateintly waited for my dreams to happen. Observed very keenly for a pretty long time each morning how Dad used to kick the lever a couple of times to give the Engine a momentum, which i gathered as Pumpimg. I am refering to Cz-Jawa 1952 250cc Maroon & Black gfited by a German in 1952 at I.N.S.Shivaji ( Naval Establishment) Lonavla. Watching Dad over a period of a few months, i felt i knew every thing about the starting & taking off. Gradually i used to start the Cz-Jawa each morning for Dad and loved to see him take off. The Jawa beat is so wonderfull to hear with a little smoke coming out from the silencer, i loved the petrol smell in it. One fine day feeling a bit shaky but nevertheless dared to ask my Dad a short ride and he did not hesitate, you know i happy i was, i only wished my friends were arround to watch me ride the Cz-Jawa, basically wanted my friends arround just to show off. Sometimes i used to even take the bike to my school i.e Kendriyalya Vidyalaya I.N.S.Shivaji Lonavla. Still learning to ride with extra speed and learnent a lesson, never to take sharp turns where there is sand. I skidded with amount of bruses & hert, got punished and my biking was off the road for quite a while. When i turned into a big boy, my promise was to restore the bike to its original and go far away places. The bike was restored in 1999 by Mr. Chandrakanth Thorat (Chandu) based in Quarter gate Pune. Since 1999 i have not opened the Engine and is going still strong. In 2005 with the Yezdi & Jawa bikers club from Mumbai, we rode from Ambala to Leh. covering a distance of about 4000 kms+. Not many riders encouraged me to ride this bike to Leh, but this iron butt was stubern as hard rock. She rode very well up to Leh Town. And the most interesting climax of my 1st long ride to Leh on my Cz-Jawa 250cc 1952 was felt on my way to "The Khardung La Pass measuring 18,380ft High. My bike refused to climb steep high mountains of K-TOP. She wld start well but not move forward. I needed enough time to think why the bike is not climbing. I being a mountaineer i told my biker friends to proceed ahead and to wait for me because my was un able to climb to high steep mountain to 'K'TOP. After the bikers left, i tried calling my friend mechnic but there was no range at that height. I was all alone for over an hour and not a sole i could see.Finally decided to get back to Leh Town to get my machine fixed.Started the bike and took a 'U'Turn, there was no starting problem with the bike, i rolled down the mountain and she kept going very well, i stopped immediately and wondered when she can roll down very easily why cant she climb upwards. I then tried my luck by loosening the Air Screw of carburattor to allow more air to pass into carb,and made an attempt to ride up the mountain to wards 'K'TOP. Beleive me i felt so happy and prayed she does not stop, and it so happened. From hear on the bike climbed higher and higher and faced no problem.After reaching 'K'TOP the Army jawans and visitors welcomed me and were amazed to the 1952 Cz-Jawa Plunger Suspension at this height. From 'K'TOP i started at 1.30pm solo for Numbra Valley which measures a distance of 110-kms. This beautuful streatch all along to Numbra Valley i rode solo crossing some colourfull mountains and secnic beauty. Finally reached Nymbra Valley and shocked my biker friends who were not expecting me to join up. Riding the PLUNGER SUSPENSION BIKE CZ-JAWA 1952 MAKE is no JOKE. I do not think and have not heared any one riding a Plunger Suspension Bike to this height in India or Abroad I rode to all the passes with out fear of break down. While on my way right from Manli onwards i made friends with most people arround. All were happy to see my bike because the had never seen any thing like this before. At PANG breathing was difficult for most my riders but i was safe. We were advised not to consume alcohole but the chill wind forced me to have my qota. I returned back to Leh and carried on to Kargil-Drass-Zozilla-Pass-Srinagar-Sonmarg-Patni-Top in Jammu and back to Pune. This was my 1st longest ride on my CZ-Jawa 1952 250cc. I wish to name this ride "The Ultimate Incrediable Climax Ride" of the decade. The Rewards i acheived, featured in "The Limca Book of Records" in 2007. Tata Motors awarded me a sum of Rs 10,000/- in 2010. Featured in various magazines like xBHP Dec issus 2010,Bike India in 2005,Hundustan Times Huderabad, Indian Express, Times of India etc. In 1978 i was 20 years and dared to make an attempt on my Royal En Field make 1962 in a Motor Cross race organised by PARA in Pune. I had no guts to inform MOM about Motor Cross Race. The Bike was looking half naked with out the Mud-guards,Hd-Lamp,T-Lamp & crash guards.My Mom was confused and angry and she decided not to allow me, she held on to the Bike and was standing in front to stop me, gradually she came at the rear wheel and held the U clamp fixed to the seat. Praying she takes off her hand for a second or so and i wld be gone. Luckly some guests arrived for a chat and she happened to take off her off her hands and i just did not look back and took off straight to the Motor Cross Venue in Hadapsar. At the race fared very well.In the 1st 5 lap round i was leading up to 4th lap but skidded over a hump and my race was over for the day.I enjoyed the race very much but cld not continue racing on a/c finance. I also done the Himalayan Odyssey in 2006 with the Royal En Field Co and never failed. How i encouraged my self to racing. One fine day a BABA GURU visited my house and was reading my Moms hand explaining her future nad she forced me to show my hand but was not interested. However i showed up my hand and the BABA said you are going to a very good racer take part in it. I was happy with the comments but i had no money to do up a race bike. I rode on my Royal En Field bike into the mountains of Leh,Sikkim-Bhutan-Shillong-Cherrapunji- Arunachal Pradesh. This all happened in 2009 & 2010. The special features of the vintage Royal En Field bike is, the Engine is Excellent when you get it done from the right person. I was always lucky and never faced any problems while riding. I love my Bullet because i can speak to her. Cheers."

    More about Ashok Naidu -

    17) About Satadal "Biker Next Door", that's how I have always thought of myself as a biker. The other day a colleague of mine quizzed me, "Payeng, apart from motorcycles what is your other passion?" I thought for a little while then I replied "None..!!" Birth of the Biker in me: I have been thinking, living and even dreaming about motorcycles for close to 13 years now. It all started in late 1988 when I saw the photo of the CBZ on a magazine cover. On that fateful day, "A Biker Was Born" The Biker in me is my Alter Ego: Whenever I don my riding jacket, gloves and helmet and get astride my motorcycle; I transform into a better person.. It not about being faster than the next biker on the road, nor is it about owing/being seen on the glitziest/desirable set on two wheels. It is also not about "I am a better biker than you". Riding a motorcycle to me is about being at peace with who I am.. "A Biker Next Door"

    More about Satadal Payeng -

    18) About Chithra - "Being on the bike is the only time I feel alive. I have been infected with the love of speed, this makes me take the longest route possible to reach home everyday."

    More about Chithra -

    19) About JDan - "Hey Friends, I am Jean Daniel from Shillong, Meghalaya. I am a responsible yet fun loving biker, loves Biking and everything else that comes in relation with Bikes, be it long/short tours, learning basic stunts, minor bike repairs, organizing biking events etc. I started biking since 2005 and since then I have never regretted entering into this lifestyle through which I guess I have made a lot of new friends (young and old), rode to new places within my state and beyond with my buddies, to be known by a new name JDan and overall stepped into and learnt many new things which perhaps I would not have done so if I hadnt taken up this lifestyle. Just what the xBhp community had inspired and taught me - I believe in contributing back to society in whatever possible ways within my capacity yet not forgetting or neglecting all the fun and thrills associated with Biking."

    More about JDan -

    20) About Andrew James - "Been a biker as long as I can remember... All Thanks and Credit goes to MY DAD who got me started out on two wheels at a very early age. My early rides on a motorcycle were spent riding around south Bombay on the tank of his bullet and in a couple of years moved onto the back seat. In 1978 he moved on to a Yezdi 250 and that is the bike I learnt to ride on from 1983 onwards. Dad went on to sell that Yezdi for a Vijay Super in 1985 as we moved to New Bombay... Like all bikers I also started out on cycles early and was lucky to have dad buy me a BSA 'racer cycle' (bent handles, thin tires etc) when I got to 7th. I was so proud to be one of the fastest on my side of town :-) I was in college and by 1986 I had saved Rs 2000 and managed to buy myself a 1966 Lambretta... spent a couple of hundreds of getting it in fine running condition and was soon popular in college and friend circle. I was very fond of racing and 'Poona' was THE place in the early 90's for dirt events. Our group - used to ride out to Pune to watch the races. (2 lamby's, 1 vijay super, 1 chetak and 1 priya were our group) The Lamby ran exceptionally well and I used to tinker with it myself, I even hand painted the stock blue to a 'two tone' off white/brown combo... cool eh? Moved onto a 76' Bullet in 1990 and loved every moment of it. Did a lot of travel along the coastal belt of Maharashtra. After marriage too I was fortunate that my wife also loves to road travel and soon we were riding long distances on the bullet. Sadly, 2 punctures on my rear wheel on different occasions (on my way to and from work each) made me decide to sell her and go in for a Chetak. I decided because I had the Royal Enfield and when she had a rear flat, the entire rear wheel assembly along with the chain, sprockets and everything else had to be disassembled - which was a real pain and it nearly cost me my job in Thane. I used to ride 30 kms one way to work and returned late at nite so ... :-( In 1996 I picked up my first brand new machine a new Chetak, sold it and moved to a Bajaj Saffire in 2002 (so wify could ride too) By this time I was settled in my job and began to realize my dreams of racing. I took part in my first Gulf Monsoon Scooter Rally in 2003 and placed 3rd in my class behind 2 Activa's on my saffire. 2004 saw me come 2nd again on the saffire but remained behind the faster Activas. Got myself an activa too still came 2nd in 05. By this time I also had a Suzuki Shogun which I used for dirt racing and an RX100 for street use. I even repurchased the Yezdi which dad had sold. My stable was full and Folks in my neighbourhood used to look at me with weird :-D but then knew that I was just crazy about 2 wheels. in 2007, my craziness and passion for two wheels took me to the US where I enrolled at MMI (Motorcycle Mechanics Institute) to learn all about motorcycling mechanics and fuel my passion. I graduated as "Top Tech" from the Hontech Program and was "Red Level" certified by American Honda Motorcycles Ltd - the highest certification that they offer. I rode a Honda 919 in the US for 2 years and it is one awesome all round machine. Rode it on the Firebird International Speedway on track days and it was a fun machine. Good to ride in the twisties too Came back to India in 2009 and have been free lancing. Since I had to sell all my bikes (except my Yezdi, which is with with my bro now), I picked up a 96 chetak again for the scooter rally and came 2nd again in 2010 (darn when will I get better) Worked in Malaysia too for some time and got to ride a lot of fast machines there. The MV Agusta remains the most scariest, fastest, wildest machine I ever rode till date. The Honda Goldwing GL1800 remains my most comfortable ride. Been part of the Mahindra Great Indian Ride - East Zone rider. A month and a half long east India tour on their newly launched Stallio covering 9 states and 6750+ kms from Sikkim to Nagpur. My most recent ride has been a solo ride from Allahabad to Bombay from the 7th to the 9th of June 2011 on my Bajaj Discover 100. A distance of 1604 kms in 33 riding hours, Special mention to my daughter (14) who was my pillion from Bombay to Allahabad loved it and would like to go again. My wife is upset coz she also wants to go too.. guess I'll have to get a sidecar fixed .... For my tours, I need a faster bike now and the P220 will do just fine ;-)"

    More about Andrew James -
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    Congrats to all of you and may the best biker win!

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    Good to see ladies in this list! My best wishes with everyone..
    " I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not" - Kurt Cobain

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