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  1. Abhi shek's Avatar
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    Hats Off to you, Good Sir!

    I don't feel I'm qualified to do/say anything other than gaping at you with a new found respect.
    I tip my hat to thee, because for me, motorcycling is a liberating, rejuvenating and a bonding tryst of man with nature and his machine.
    But now I know few people for whom motorcycling means enormously more than just that.

    Good on yer @sunilg,
    Take a bow!
  2. sunilg's Avatar
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    Thanks far_ryder
  3. far_ryder's Avatar
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    Very Inspiring indeed, Sunilg
    Blessed are those who find their Passion and Good friends .. especially during the rides.
  4. sunilg's Avatar
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    Wish you good health and more miles!

  5. Hoodibaba's Avatar
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    I agree with You, Sunil.

    Although I had not gone through the same turmoil as You but ever since I started touring Himalayas and other parts of India on my Bike, I am a different man altogether from within. BTW: I was diagnosed to have a little BP but not NOW and I don't know the reason but I have never fallen ill for the last 5-6 years. Not even cough and cold or fever.

    Yes, Motorcycling Heals.