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Cbz extreme Quick Oil Change Steps

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by , 10-16-2013 at 08:29 PM (3915 Views)
Quote Originally Posted by abhisheklalnediya View Post
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Tea in a Cup(Optional), 12mm ring Spanner or some thing similar as shown below, a bottle of oil(900ml Min), an old container to collect the old oil.
Use correct size spanner to avoid damage to the bolt.
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Find the drain bolt under the belly
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fix the spanner and unscrew the bolt, Check the direction.

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Let the oil drain off completely, ~10mins
Screw in the bolt back and fill the new oil.
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Pour the new oil through this hole.
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Under stand the min max marking on the dip stick.
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after pouring nearly 900ml, check the oil level and make it near 80% level fill.
Put back the dip stick.
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Collect old in bottles and dispose off properly. avoid places near well, road...

Tips :
  • Clean the drain bolt area with kerosene to avoid dirt and sad getting in between drain bolt.
  • Do it when the engine is cool,
  • Run the engine for ~30sec before draining the oil.
  • Do not over tight the drain bolt.
  • Use a new washer if the oil is leaking after change.

Enjoy a Ride
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