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Abin Joe

Kochi–Alleppey Trip: Discovering the Coastal Unknown

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by , 07-08-2015 at 01:10 PM (243 Views)
16 May 2015

25 days before I don’t know have any idea to ride a bike or even to change a motorcycle gear.

But now I am cruising on the beautiful coastal roads with rain soaked cloth and a cool breeze around my head. The beast I am riding was shy but gradually picked-up when he realize the road in which he was cruising.

Riding a RE Thunderbird was always a dream for me. I don’t know how it started, nor the day it started. Some where it just happened in my school years. The numerous posters in my bedroom of the new TB always pound my heart for it. So my dream starts to grow inside me, with me.

“Take a dream and lock it inside you deep heart and ignore its existence.

As days pass by it will starts to grow inside and will reach a point where you can’t take it longer”

So when the beast came on the end of the April, I was thrilled. But only problem was, I don’t know how to drive it. Thanks to my friends who promised to pick delivery did not show up, I was left alone. Only thing I know at that time was ‘one DOWN, four UP’.

My heart was on my mouth during that 2 Km ride from Showroom to my Home.

Let’s fast-forward and come back today. As with the Plan (there will be always plan, no matter how) to explore the coastline, I waked up early at 4 and found the earth soaked in rain. It is like a bucket is inverted from sky to earth.

‘What a start!’ Till yesterday there was no a trace and today …

This happens to me every time.

Delayed by a hour I start from Kochi at 6 to my mother home in Kuttanad, Allepey.

If you take direct route from Kochi it will be 70 KM. But if you took the coastal route like I did, it will be around 100 KM but you can witness the serenity of Nature.

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