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Two Friends. Two Wheels. One hell of a day.

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by , 11-08-2013 at 10:27 PM (3069 Views)
Rider: Aditya Kulkarni
Pillion : Aditya Ravishankar
Route : Thane GB Road--Charoti naka--Dahanu--Bordi--Dahanu--Charoti naka--Thane GB Road
Distance Covered :307 km

The both of us decide to take a brisk walk on a boring night,around 12 am.Sometime later, when we were walking down back home, passing around a bottle of Coke, we made a plan.
A few hours later, we were on the road with 2 small backpacks with food, water bottles, our cameras and an extra pair of jeans. Around 5 in the morning,still chilly and dark outside, we decided to head to this virgin beach that supposedly existed somewhere near a small village around the outskirts of Mumbai, a little more than 140 kms away from our place, the village of cows, Dahanu, with nothing in mind, absolutely no reason to go there. All we knew was this little bike ride was going to be worth a good memory.
What was actually up? Why were we heading to a place weve never been to before? What were we going to do once we were there? Maybe we could get a glimpse of the sunset a little later in the evening , or just hang around, grab a few beers and head back? Or stand somewhere alone in the middle of a deserted virgin beach where there is nobody around and feel the gentle cold breeze blow, or listen to the sound of the waves splashing down and just stand on the soft moist sand and get lost in that moment. Whatever it was, we were excited.
So finally,we were out. Constantly cruising at around roughly 80 kmph, touched 120 kmph (119 to be precise).We were excited and full of energy. It was still pretty dark and the roads were quite empty and calm. We did have a few Trucks to give us company on the road. And to our surprise, the trucks followed lane discipline (the rarest thing to see after The Kohinoor Diamond, but pleasingdefinitely pleasing ).The cold breeze blowing against our chests in full force made our jackets pretty much useless. It was cold and silent. We made a few stops on the way, just to take a few pictures of a good scenery and the sunrise we saw, grab something to eat or just to stretch a little.Around 10 am in the the not-so-cold mid-morning ,after losing our way about 30 times (**** you,Google maps) we asked a few locals and FINALLY found the damn place.

Got down,stretched around a little, went walking towards the entrance of the beach. The smell of the fresh saline water was everywhere,making us even more impatient to just dive in.Walked a few seconds ahead, and lo, we were there. That second when we climbed up the entrance steps,we were astonished. The view was breathtaking. We get a good clear view of the Horizon. There was nobody around. Just a couple who wanted some privacy. Yep,we didnt let them have any (lol). Well, they obviously didnt really like our presence there(cant help). We felt the strong hate waves coming out of them just as much as we felt the energy of the breeze blowing. Bleh, we couldnt care less. We were enjoying the view of the beach and it was phenomenal. Words couldnt explain. Nonetheless, we walked down. It was a daunting view. If only the both of us could live there in that moment forever. Gaaah!!

Oh well, since there was nobody around, we did decide to bring the Bike on the beach and have some motocross fun and stunt around a little. And thats exactly what we did(huihuihui), take a walk, snap a lot of pictures and then head out for lunch. After eating like the Pigs we are,we went back for an other walk around the beach. After getting soaked and having a good photoshoot, we changed and then we started to head back.Heading back was probably the most dispiriting moment of the day. We couldnt help but just stare at the beautiful sea for a last time and say goodbye to the place.

Riding back was little uncomfortable for the both of us. Well , we were already pretty tired, and we obviously werent too happy about getting back either. Finally after another 3.5 hours long Bike ride, which included our stops for eating and taking a break, we touch Thane. A very depressing feeling it gave the both of us. But again,that day was one hell of an adventure. A day we wont forget, at least for a long time. Nothing like getting a good glimpse of mother nature at its best. You know what they say, nature is god. We sure were believers from that day.
And we took our experience on a serious note. We have now decided to go touring atleast twice in a month.(probably till we die)..forgetting our shitty lives which only includes college, studies and work.and get lost in the timeless beauty of nature.

I dont really know how to post pics ..but will definitely upload them once i figure out as I am new to xbhp.

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