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Ajay Sharma

Triumph Daytona 675 ABS - My Precioussssss

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by , 10-06-2014 at 06:58 PM (4518 Views)
Hi Guys,
This is my first blog, so do pardon me if i make some mistakes. Anyways I have been a member of XBHP and been following ownership threads of many Sports Bike while I was in the planning stage of buying a bike.

I have been planning to own a bike since 2012, at that time the only options that I had were either a Ninja 650 or GT650R ( the others were 15 Lakh Plus, so pretty out of budget) , I test drove both and never really liked the riding in either of them, but found GT650R to be somewhat better than Ninja in terms of aggressive styling. I had almost made up my mind of going with the GT650R, when I came across the news article right here on XBHP that Triumph is launching in India. Up untill then I have just drooled over the Triumph bikes watching them in movies ( Mission Impossible and Kambakth Ishq). So I decided to wait as some elders have said " Sabra ka fal meetha hota hai "

Lets forward to 2013, I was left disappointed when Triumph only launched Daytona 675R, but I knew in my heart that Triumph will launch Daytona ABS quite soon. I was happy when it was officially announced during the Auto Show 2014. And the delhi Dealership too was in process and was about to open up sometime in April / May 2014. So let few more months slip and finally the day dealership in Delhi was opened I was there. It was love at first sight.. the moment I saw the Daytona I was sure that this is it. Started my interaction with the dealership and was informed that the test drives are not yet started and they shall inform once they are ready. Given the amount of travelling I do in my job and being the peak business season the test drive could not be fixed up until early September 2014.

Day of Test Drive - I got the call from the Siddharth Das (Relationship Manager from the dealership) about him bring the bike over for test drive in the afternoon. So finally the bike came, it was the Daytona ABS with ARROW Exhaust system and she sounded amazing (I could hear the bike approaching from a block away). So finally I sat on the saddle and turned the ignition and the beast just unleashed all its fury in the first turn of the throttle. Took it out on the Gurgaon Faridabad Highway for a spin. This is a pretty new highway with lots of twists and turns and is a pretty decent stretch for riding. I was quite impressed by how the bike handled itself on the twists and turns. The riding position is not uncomfortable as many believe, plus the saddle height is ok. I am just 5'7" and yet with normal shoes I could ground my foot which is good and yet it was easily able to clear the nastiest of the speed breakers. I was very happy and satisfied with the ride and did not have an iota of doubt. I had made up my mind and informed that I shall make the booking after Shradh.

Booking - Finally went to the dealership on 27/09/2014 and paid the booking amount of 50 K

Financing a Daytona 675 - So the onroad price of a Daytona 675 for a Haryana Registration comes to around 11.63 L, Triumph had tie up with HDFC and also with BMW Finance ( as Triumph and BMW Dealership are with Bird Auto in Delhi). The finance quotes from both were at 13% PA for a 5 year loan term, but BMW giving a better prepayment charge of just 2%. So went with BMW Finance. Got all the paper work done and the process was completed in 2 days.

Margin Money - So today (06-10-14) I went to the dealership and paid up the margin money ( Bike's On Road Price - Booking Amount - Loan Amount). The bike is already with the dealership but will be taking the delivery on Dhanteras, 21st October 2014. Plus by that time all the registration formalities will also be done.

Riding Gear - So after getting confirmation on the loan and getting the delivery date of the bike, the next most important aspect was to get a proper riding gear. A full leather gear was not in my mind because of the intense summer we have here in North India, plus I dont plan on taking the bike on tracks much. So below is the gear which i finalized along with the pricing and source -

Riding Jacket - JOE ROCKET BALLISTIC : I have had this jacket for a while, got it along with the bike while I was in US so its effectively free. The jacket has arm, shoulder and back protectors

Name:  JR - F.jpg
Views: 543
Size:  49.1 KBName:  JR.jpg
Views: 514
Size:  49.9 KB

HELMET - LS2 322 @ Rs 4300 : Got this from Flipkart so saved me hassle of running around plus assurance that its a genuine product
Name:  Helmet.jpg
Views: 569
Size:  36.1 KB

RIDING PANTS - RJAYS All Season II Pants @ Rs 5999 : Got these from Bachoo Motors Mumbai, This is a also online shopping and the product was delivered within 2 days. Loved the delivery time as well as the quality of the products. About these pants, well RJAYS is a Australian Bike Gear manufacturer and these pants have good review on international biking forums and good for general riding.

Name:  Pants - F.jpg
Views: 527
Size:  41.1 KBName:  Pants.jpg
Views: 504
Size:  24.1 KB

RIDING BOOTS - Tarmac Torque @ Rs 6999 : Got these from Bachoo Motors as well. Pretty nice shoes and are waterproof. Boots have toe sliders, shin protectors and craftsmanship is quite good.

Name:  Torque - B.jpg
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Size:  48.8 KBName:  Torque - S.jpg
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Size:  33.6 KBName:  Torque - F.jpg
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So heres me in Full Gear

Name:  Fully Geared.jpg
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Size:  49.0 KB

So now the countdown to dhanteras begins......

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