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Pulsar 220 DTSI

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by , 09-14-2012 at 12:34 PM (4422 Views)
Quote Originally Posted by coolboy007 View Post
Carburettor retuned

As planned, i went out for a short 5-7 kms ride, ripping a little and then started with my job of retuning the carb :

1. I had already calculated the PBK setting to be on safe side, just turn the AFR - BRASS coloured screw clockwise till your bike stalls and screw stops which should give you the NO OF TURNS required to fully close the screw.

2. Now turn screw, one turn anti clockwise to provide some fuel and raise the IDLE RPM to 3000 RPM.

3. Again turn the AFR screw clockwise to give leanest mixture without stalling your engine. If engine stalls, make it a lil rich (anti clockwise) and thumb the starter. Wait for a few secs.

4. Keep fiddling with AFR screw until IDLE rpm becomes constant. It would become constant at a particular setting, reduce IDLE RPM TO 1500 RPM.

Dont set at 1100 RPM when engine is hot as when engine goes cold you would face starting issues - 1.5k for a hot engine is good

PBK set my screw at 2 turns from fully close position

The setting i got after tuning was 3.15 turns and the bike feels much better and no knocking as yet. Would take the bike out in evening on a desserted road to check for top end.
Will try checking spar plugs and report back

If something goes wrong

Just put the original setting back set by your PBK as noted in STEP 1, however bad you may be you would still tune better than a PBK mechanic , mark my words on it.

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