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Ninja 650 2017 KRT Ownership Review

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by , 01-03-2018 at 04:23 PM (450 Views)
Quote Originally Posted by arpan.bose View Post
It was a beautiful Wednesday Morning 18th Oct 2017 to be precise and a holiday for some reason. The next day I was travelling to home town Kolkata and be there for about a 10 days and would miss my Ninja for sure.
A perfect set-up to go for a Solo long ride but what I had in mind was the Airport only. My friend Lohit had a flight to catch at around 7 am from RGIA which is around 40 kms from the city. I was in a mood to ride so I offered to drop him at airport to which he agreed ( had to tell him that I won't go fast :P and that highway riding is different ) as he was travelling with only one bag. We started aroound 6 am from Gachibowli and took the Inner ring road / underpass road of PV Nasimha flyover to Samshabad to Airport. It took around 30 mins to reach the Airport with cruising speeds of around 90-100 kph.

After dropping my friend, it was time to decide whether to go on or to return back. I had fuelled-up last night and 40 odd KMs doesn't do justice to that right!! So I decided to take the Ninja for a spin and nearest place was Nagarjuna Sagar Dam which was around 200 KMs towards Srisailam.

The road towards Nagarjuna Sagar Dam is mostly a two-lane two-way road with occasional stretches of one way roads and some under construction roads. In these types of roads, people, wildlife, motorists can randomly emerge from any direction, so the slower you go the safer you are. With experience and courage, you figure out the comfortable speeds that you can ride at especially SOLO and on these type of roads, be 10-20 KMS below that possibly near 80-100 KMPH mark which is exactly the speeds at which I ride when Road is good but with above restrictions.

So, from airport I continued towards further towards the Srisailam highway and took the road to Adibatla. From the adibatla junction I took right and got onto the Nagarjun Sagar highway. It was little cold early in the morning and at dense forest areas, the temperature dropped drastically. Continued with a safe speed of 90-110 kmph for about 50-60 minutes then decided it is time for some food. The Sun was up and the temperature rose to comfortable levels and shops/ breakfast joints also opened up in the small towns that I was passing by. Stopped at a dosa shop and had masala dosa. Best breakfast you can have while on the road. Simple, fast and easy on the stomach. J
Set sail for the destination again. This time there were few super straight road and with a little twist of the throttle boom 170 on the speedo. Then not safe roads and wildlife and what not stuff came to the mind and back to 100 kmph.
The scenes started to change and from land everywhere to water bodies at one side. The corners became swiping curves with ups and downs. Stopped at couple of places to take some photos. Then reached the Dam for which I was headed. Due to heavy cyclonic rainfall for past month, the water level was expected to be high but to my surprise levels were down.
The Etipottala waterfalls in nearby from the Dam accompanied by the good curves. So, that became the next destination. Took around 30 minutes to reach the waterfall and the park before the waterfall was empty. Last time I was here it was flooding with people.
Took some photos and roamed around a little. Then decided to head back for Hyderabad.
By the time, I crossed nagarjuna sagar, I started feeling sleepy and decided to have coffee somewhere. I knew there was a restaurant on the way to headed there. It was around 11 am and the restaurant was not open yet. I asked them if I could sit and wait for them to start serving to which they agreed and I sat on the chair. An idea came to mind like an electric spark, why not sleep a little while they get over their preparation phase and have coffee. Put my head down with some adjustments took power naps of about 20-30 minutes. Woke up and again went to inquire if I can get the coffee now. They were able to ready the coffee this time. Drank the coffee and left for Hyderabad.
With Ninja you don’t actually need breaks from fatigue (which I will find out in my next long ride) if you have slept properly the night before. The riding position and seats are very comfy with the visor adding to the comfort by deflecting most of the wind blast away.
Rode nonstop and reached Hyderabad around 2:30 p.m. Had lunch and went straight to bed.

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