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Travelogue PUNE - BANGALORE -Solo Ride, Pulsar 200NS

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by , 10-09-2016 at 12:30 PM (1032 Views)
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Travelogue PUNE - BANGALORE -Solo Ride
Hi friends,
Well starting with the 500kms of experience of riding from Pune to my place, which was done by me so many times. But my love with bike riding is not just that enough also I want to explore new places with my bike and more than 500 Kms away and I decided to go to Bangalore. Have had some work but thought that it was the opportunity to go with my pulsar 200NS. And what a Bike...! Superb performance, 3 years old beauty completed it in 14:20 hours including all the halts taken. Total distance covered in this journey was 868Kms from Pune to Bangalore where I was going to stay.
Amazing experience it was! In which I met many people, Riders and most interesting the famous YouTube blogger Mumbiker Nikhil.

The Route and Preparation:
As it was the longest ride for me, I checked the route first and decided where to take halts. Google maps helps you all for this, map was saying 12 hours but taking all the halts count I was trying to reach to Bangalore in 15 hours as the road is new to me.

pic-Pune-Bangalore Route

Bought one luggage tying rope for placing my bag on pillion seat. I was fully planned and checked my bike thoroughly, chain tighten up, engine oil changed to my favorite Motul 7100 20w50, checked both tires and brakes. Everything seems to be ready for ride. Picked up my Zeus All Terrain V3 jacket, Helmet, riding gloves, shoes, my bag covered with plastic to prevent from rain, and I was ready at 3:44am in the morning. Here is the First pic while starting.

pic-Starting Time 3:44 Trip2-0Kms

At 3:45 oclock in the morning:
After taking some pics at the start, I started my journey at around 3:55AM only from Akurdi (Pune). Thanks to the new 9 LeD fog lamps which I installed on my bike, I can see the roads very clearly even it was night time. But still due to road condition, lots of diversions on the road, I was only able to cover 130kms to reach to Satara at around 6 oclock in morning, where I took my first tea break.

In Satara I took some pics and then started for Kolhapur. Road became wide & little bit good and also Sun was rising up so I could speed up my bike and reached to Vaathar Toll Naka around 7:15AM in the morning. There are few breakfast centers where I took tea and called a friend from Kolhapur, he took around 25 minutes to come to the place. Till I checked the bike as I dont want any problems on such a long journey. And hell. That happened what I am always worried about my bike, chain loosened up. So I just enquired my friend if there was any garage, but as it was morning time no garage was still opened. So I decided to move on. Kagal, it just 15Kms from Kolhapur where Karnataka border is supposed to be start. Where I fueled up my bike on Indian oil petrol pump near border.
pic-Indian Oil Petrol Pump near Kagal

It was 9 and Belgam was still around 75. Just before entering Belgam I saw a man with his karizma ZMR going in the way of Bangalore. I just made him signal to stop. After a very less discussion I found to know that the man was going to Dharwad to attend some function with his wife. But what a craze for riding, he told me, that his wife driving a car in front of him and he was following with his ZMR: p and he just left after discussion as I had to stop in Belgam to fasten my bike chain. But unfortunately there was no 2 wheeler garage nearby highway, you can see only big trucks and transport vehicle body building workshops. It was 10 in Belgam so I just decided not to stop more, because I dont want to be there in Banglore at night time.

pic-Karizma ZMR guy

At 11:37AM crossed Hubli:
After crossing 70kms of amazing Road from Belgam there is a bypass road to hubli nealy around 37Kms. The road started with a toll gate, and big 6 lanes, buttery smooth road gets converted into a small 2 lane road without divider. It was really difficult to ride on that road specially in pick time as the big truck are going in front of you and opposite side vehicles coming directly onto your bike if you are trying to overtake. So after doing with these 37Kms, from Hubli bypass cicle again the 4 lane started with divider. I took a rest for 5 minutes there near Bahubali temple and started again looking for a place to eat something.
pic-After Hubli Bangalore 392 Bahubali Temple

Near about crossing 7KMS there is a Kamat Upachaar restaurant. Where I stopped got fresh had some edliess to eat as I Dont know the language I cant even ask them what was there to eat. So he said edli and I ordered it. There I met two old guys I called them as rusted riders. They are from Goa and going to Bangalore. Took some pics with them. There was a small garage near that place, which I was searching for. I just gone there he tightened the bike chain and took only 20 rupees. I used to pay 50 rupees in Pune. Till the time the Goa guys left the place.

pic-Rusted Rodies Goa-Bangalore

And what a luck I had its MUMBIKAR NIKHIL:
I was going 110Kmph for the time, as I have to cover more distance without stop. 110Kmph is not a less speed as u know. Suddenly there was something in my mirror. It was only lights I can see and in a flash I turned my head to see what it was, TigerXRx .. and Mumbikar Nikhil. His bike just overtook me like a hell. Till my hand goes to signal him to stop he was nearly 200 meters ahead of me. Ohh but I cant miss that chance to meet him so I opened my bike throttle and it was 140kmph but still how can u catch an 800CC bike with a 200CC. Huhhhand he gone. But just keeping some I just kept on riding till I can, I thought he might stop somewhere. And ohh god ..ohh god what a luck! Just before Davangere a Toll Naka was there and he was there to meet his fans. I just parked my bike and told him Bhai tere picche pune se aa rha hu tuzse milne, he just smiled and took some photographs. Later he told me he was on 185KMPH when he overtook me husshhh.. 185kmph. It was 1:40PM and I covered almost 600kms.
pic-Mumbiker Nikhil nad me with his TigerXRx.

Davangere to Banglore:

After taking some rest I took left for Bangalore after Nikhil. It was more 250 to go. The roads in Karnataka really amazing as I heard they are. Big wide roads without a single patch on it. Both sides of roads are full of coconut trees. After crossing Chitradurga, I seen 'Mumbiker Nikhil' again having lunch in some hotel. But I didnt stop there. Crossing something about 20 to 30 kms after that I saw a policeman on road who made a signal to stop. But unfortunately due to overtaking I was unable to stop my bike there. Fueled up my bike tank again before nearly 200kms from Bangalore. Continuing this reached to 98 Kms before Bangalore.
pic-Bangalore 98Kms.

You can see many small hills made by the Ballast Volcano Traps, which are red in color, which were looking awesome.
pic- Ballast Rock Hills

After that just before 50Kms from Bangalore, the traffic started increasing on road. Making my way through it reached to my destination at around 6: 30pm.and trip meter showing 868.1Kms.
pic- in Bangalore
pic- pune Bangalore Highway , see the Roads
135kmph TOP
100Kmph constant without any hustle for most of the time.
70Kmph average for riding time 12.30 hours

Mileage: mileage of 40Kmpl overall.

Return journey will be full of pictures and awesomeness of roads of Bangalore.
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