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To Choke or not to Choke!

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by , 04-04-2013 at 02:18 PM (2442 Views)
Should you use the choke every time you crank your bike?

The user manuals recommend using a choke while starting the bike. But often, we notice that the bike starts perfectly fine without a choke, yet it struggles to start on the choke. What starts with a single crank of the starter or a single kick with the choke off, may require 2-3 cranks with the choke 'on'. Why does this happen? Should you stick to the manual and use the choke or you can ignore the point?

Using the choke is recommended in cold temperatures because of two scientific reasons:

  1. When a bike is parked in the cold overnight, the petrol in your tank becomes less volatile, and hence, vaporizes less compared to petrol at normal temperature.
  2. When the air-fuel mix enters the cold combustion chamber, some amount of fuel vapour which gets injected into the chamber condenses on the walls.

These 2 factors lead to starting problems in cold climates. A choke enrichens the air-fuel ratio during cold climates, so that a higher percentage of fuel enters the chamber for optimum combustion and quick starting. However, we mostly do not need a choke to start the engine as the prevalent temperatures in most parts of India are sufficient to vaporise the petrol and ensure a smooth start.

Using a choke under such circumstances, sometimes results in the air-fuel mix becoming too rich for optimal startup. Also, using a choke for prolonged periods results in too much of petrol inside the chamber which can wash away the lubricating film of engine oil, resulting in greater friction and damage to the piston head.

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