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Failed Street triple 765 S

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by , 07-29-2017 at 12:56 PM (773 Views)
This is what happened to my new my street triple S had pre booked the bike, got it delivered 15 days ago from Shaman Triumph Mumbai. It is concluded to be the result of failed pdi and quality check. Bike had an issue since Day 1 and dealership was not taking it seriously and now the bike has done 500 odd kms. The issue was so severe that even the engine oil cap has melted due to the heat. The issue went out of hands when I was standing at a signal and the coolant cap popped of and threw coolant out it was all over the place and it was so hot that my hand burnt a lil, smoke was all around and people thought that the bike will setup itself on fire. Now after knowing the fact the fan assembly was not working and what this bike must have gone through in the initial face which is the most crucial. Triumph motorcycles India and the dealership is expecting me to take the bike home by just replacing the parts but not ready to take any responsibility for what went wrong. I am fighting for either a new bike or a complete refund as a PDI and quality test failed process is not a customers concern and I had ditched all good japnese brands on the trust that Triumph motorcycles takes pride in delivering quality and thats the justification for the high pricing. This bike comes to India as a CKD unit it is assembled in india. I think triumph is doing a big mistake by doing so as quality is getting compromised. I have even email Mr.Nick the ceo of the company and Sidharthha Varma the marketing head of India yet to hear from them. As fellow bikers pls support me as these companies are taking customers for granted. They demand high prices and we pay in expectation of a brilliant and well built machine. Shame on Triumph motorcycles and M/S SHAMAN MOTORS PVT LTD

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