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Yamaha YZF R3 Owners Reviews and Experiences

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by , 09-24-2015 at 07:54 AM (1113 Views)
Quote Originally Posted by HyperRetard View Post
Quote Originally Posted by Divya Sharan View Post
Pardon me if I sound like an amateur but how can you compare a tank bag to a saddle bag? Do you indend to keep clothes, basic tools etc perched on the tank in case of a 3-4 days trip?

I use Viaterra Fly and I'm satisfied with it. Yes, it's not as convenient as the magnetic ones in mounting or dismounting at petrol pumps or hotels but it only takes 2 min to do so.
I carry my camera and lenses, glasses, bike papers, keys, wallet etc very comfortably in it. For longer trips, I would prefer a saddlebag any day.
Just my opinion.

For a 2-3 day trip, I only need about 20-30 Litre of space, and so a Tankbag suits me perfectly, partly because nobody makes saddle bags that small, and partly because I'm always worried that my luggage will fall off, or that someone will steal it(insert i'm stupid smiley here), even though all it has is clothes. Or that a bungee cord will snap, and it will just fall down on the road, without me even realizing.

And thats my issue with saddlebags. I just cannot forget that I have luggage. I, instinctively have to keep checking every 3 minutes whether or not my luggage is there. Heck, if there was a 70 L tankbag, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

And then, again coming to the Fly. The Fly was designed as a secondary luggage, for someone who has the Claw, and then needs extra space, not as a standalone bag. As opposed to the Rynox Optimus.
The Fly was designed as a gadget and quick access bag.

I tend to carry none of these anyway. (except for bike papers, that is). The only gadget I have is a Videocon V1404 mobile, a charger, and sometimes a point and shoot, and its charger. I dont have a fancy DSLR, and half a dozen lenses, neither am I so important that I need to carry my laptop. And being spectacled, the only glasses I carry are the ones on my nose.

So yes, me asking a bigger tankbag is more out of paranoia about my luggage falling off/being nicked, and the super-easy removal/attachment of a tankbag, than an actual flaw in the usage of a saddlebag.

And with a saddlebag like viaterra wolf/rapide, you always have to split your luggage into two, and make sure that the luggage is equally split into them, and they both weigh the same, else you have a side heavy motorcycle.

I can go on and on and on and on, but like a lot of my posts, whatever i spew out is utter garbage anyway.

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