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Royal Enfield - Thunderbird 500 cc : Adventures of Baloo

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by , 06-17-2014 at 04:59 PM (3397 Views)
Quote Originally Posted by Inn0cEnT View Post
Baloos first service:
Date: 20th May 2014
Running in: 487 KM

The rush at the RE service center (HSR) at Rajaji Nagar Industrial Estate was surprising, with me being a late riser any time before 10 am seems like an ungodly hour to do something, the service station was called prior to my visit and was told to reach there by 8 am to get the bike serviced, the service station did not take prior appointments and there was no guarantee of same day delivery of the bike, on reaching there I noticed there were already 20 bikes before Baloo and we were in queue, while the entry of the job card was in a systematic method where the security guard numbered the bikes as they arrived and the supervisors handed out job cards in the order of the arrival of the bike.

There were two complaints that needed immediate attention, the right hand side shield covering the battery had a dent that was not noticed during the delivery though the sales showroom had assured me replacement of the shield during the first service and the rear disk brakes which had jammed just the previous day in the city on a short ride to work. Now with all the advice and knowledge given to me from the service center I know better than to ask a road side mechanic to sort out the problem who opened the rubber cap on the disk break oil outlet and asked me to brake a few times, he then cooled the disk by pouring water and asked me not to use it for a few KM and then it just wouldnt work. The simple solution is to park the bike and wait till the disk cools down a little, may be even pour some water on it if available to help the cooling process.

The disk had got discolored from the heat and its least expected in a bike run less than 500 KM, while the RE service center fixed the first issue along with the general first service recommendations, the issue of the disk remained unattended due to unavailability of spares (RE service center did not stock up on rear disk brake calipers) and was assured a replacement once the part was received.

On the way back while feeling upset over losing the left hand side mirrors, this was converted into the opportunity required for Baloo to get new Avenger mirrors which have a chrome finish compared to the stock plastic ones fitted on the Thunderbird 500, the urge to try on these new mirrors led to these getting fitted at the local mechanic during the rain filled evening.

Images of the Disc being discoloured:
Name:  20140520_080731.jpg
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