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Royal Enfield - Thunderbird 500 cc : Adventures of Baloo

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by , 06-24-2014 at 08:39 PM (3200 Views)
Quote Originally Posted by Inn0cEnT View Post
Trip to Bangalore - Puducherry Chennai - Bangalore:
Total Distance Covered: 1011 KM
Date: 7th June 2014 9th June 2014
Time taken:
5:30 AM to 1:30 PM (Distance covered 404 km) - with a breakfast break at Kamat (** Do not eat here, the wait time is too long as well as the place is overpriced)
5:30 PM to 8:30 PM (Distance covered 160 km) - with a few breaks for random photo shoots of Baloo
7:00 AM to 2:20 PM (Distance covered 335 km) - with a lot of breaks to get the water out of my shoes and squeeze the remaining of it from the socks

Exactly a month from the last trip Baloo gets his first experience on a 4 lane highway. The day started early with a jump start straight ride of 67 KM before hitting the first stop at Kamat for breakfast of course from the earlier comments you would now know better than to stop there for a meal or a break, there is a A2B almost 5 KM ahead of this zone which would have been a better pit stop for this leg of the journey, the roads are well maintained and its a nice cruise if you dont mind a little sun in your eyes. The choice to ride to Puducherry with Baloo was factored with two roads, the state highway 66 which leads you through Gingee forest where you may spot some wild life if lucky but according to the reviews this road is filled with pot holes and horrible stretches of roads (it hasn't changed in the last 2 years since the last time this road was used), the other route is state highway 5 & 6 using the Arcot bypass which amounts to an additional 60 KM but has good roads and almost no traffic while you cruise alongside farms and other scenic beauties. The choice being made at Krishnagiri (with impeccable timing from J. Ravi who saved Baloo from the mischievous route of SH66 where we are sure we would have lost a bolt or two). While Baloo was still under the speed limit of 80 KM/hour within his first 3000 KM, the trip felt long though comfortable enough to stop almost every 200 KM for some butt rest.

After a pit stop of some super amazing lunch spread at the promenade (Hide sign) on M.G. Road in Puducherry the next step of the journey to Chennai started, this was a much promising route considering the East Coast Road (ECR) has a lot of things to look for, from the salt fields approximately 60 KM out of the city to the beaches on the side of the road all the way to Chennai is a drive that would keep you wanting to push that accelerator and see how far this stretch would continue.

The timing to reach Chennai was targeted at 7:30 PM to ensure enough time to get to Quality Industries to get the crash guard fixed, while it dint seem a very lucky day when we reached the Quality Industries factory (though the owners were very accommodative to stay open by pushing the closing time by almost 45 minutes) Baloo dint have a crash guard that was desired, since Baloo comes from the Matt Black family we were looking for something similar to match his texture, all the butterfly crash guards available were in chrome and dint look as solid as expected. There was however a new 2014 model that caught my eye and had a solid feel priced at Rs. 1790/- but then again there wasnt a choice available to match Baloo. We bid farewell that night to the quality industries hoping to pick up this at another time / location.

The return journey was a lot more adventurous, while hoping to start this leg at 4:30 AM, the rain gods decided it not to be that way and it thundered and poured until 7:00 AM that morning, while the rains did slow down a bit we decided to take a plunge towards home and started the ride in a light drizzle, maintaining a speed of 60 KM/hour until we were comfortable of the wet roads and tackling the visibility in the rains we covered quite a distance before a heavy downpour, while this leg had a lot of breaks almost every 40 KMS after 3 pit stops we noticed we clashed into the same clouds which had moved on after showering us with some blessings and more water. This got us to decide to take on the clouds in a sprint and cover this distance from Ambur to Arcot in a single sitting with a few lashes from the rain. Only when the crazy clouds were overtaken did we find the sun smiling graciously upon us and the journey forward from there to Krishnigiri saw us dry like the rains had never set her eyes on us. Though the journey in the rain had a few sights we are glad to have seen like the hills covered with clouds and a sliver of rain on half the side while the other side remained dry with sun shine. The remainder of the trip was uneventful but just as beautiful with the lush greenery until the city suburban areas were reached.
** Note to self
Road Map:
Name:  Road Map - 20140607 - Bangalore - Pondy - Chennai.jpg
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Photo stop for Baloo:
Name:  20140607 - ECR Puducherry.jpg
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On the road:
Name:  20140607_084014.jpg
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Name:  20140607_174812.jpg
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