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Royal Enfield - Thunderbird 500 cc : Adventures of Baloo

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by , 07-22-2014 at 01:08 AM (2174 Views)
Quote Originally Posted by Inn0cEnT View Post
Baloos second service:
Date: 25th June 2014
Running in: 2988 KM

After the service received at the RE service center (HSR) at Rajaji Nagar Industrial Estate, we decided to change over to a RE service center closer to home, CVS Motors Service center in palace Guttahalli seemed to fit the bill. The first thing we did notice was that though we started at 8 am to ensure we were first in line, this place did not open up until 8:30 am, there was no watchman or any caretaker even available to take in the bikes in an order or number them based on arrival, while we did arrive 4th our job cards were ready and put in the queue only after 8 or 9 bikes who had arrived much later.

The issues to be addressed during this service were:
1. Continual Oil Leakage (few drops during the night stop every time)
2. Grinding noise when the rear disk brakes are used
3. To many false neutral during gear changes
4. Oil change & general service

While the promise was to get the bike completed and ready to be delivered by 2 PM, there was a heavy back log of bikes from the previous day and at 1 PM they had not even started with Baloo. It took quite a while of convincing the mechanic to start on the bike while I waited for the delivery; the issues that were going to be worked on were the false neutral, oil leakage and the grinding noise on the breaks along with the general service. While these issues were being attended the waiting room seemed quite comfortable to lounge in, at the end the bike was completed and handed over at 5 PM which a bill of additional cost for polishing only when I pointed out the bike was a stone black and dint require polishing it was said that this would be adjusted in the next bill.

Baloos few niggles continue:
Date: 27th June 2014

Post the second service the oil spills continued to show up in all the parking spots where Baloo would stand to rest, the next day a ride to the service center told me that they needed a short visit from Baloo to try something else to get this fixed, the date was pushed to the next Monday as there were packed and over loaded with bikes.
On 30th we started late morning at 11:00 am to the service center, it was only almost an hour later when the mechanic was able to take a look at Baloo, he now tried fixing the right hand side kicker cover to stop oil leaks, he used a sealant to close all leaks and while this did take a good hour to fix, it finally was the solution to the issue and now Baloo has no oil spills at any spot where its parked.

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