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My DSK-Benelli Test Ride Experience - 22-Mar-2015

Dear All,

My experience of test ride of DSK Benelli motorcycles.

Date - 22-March-2015
Venue - DSK-Benelli Showroom - Wakdewadi, Pune, Maharashtra
Motorcycles tested - BN 600i and BN 300

BN 600i

Strengths - Distinct looks - unlike anything else, Comfortable ride - despite potholes, bad concrete joints, table-top speed breakers on Pune roads, Excellent sound which is totally attention grabber anywhere - the best I heard since Yamaha RD 350, Reasonable price (currently about 5.8 lakhs on road in Pune/PCMC), not scary for beginners in SBK category, doesn't feel bulky

Weaknesses: No ABS option - this is the only thing which is still causing major hesitation in my mind about booking this bike! Other things include - A new brand so reliability not known - but DSK is a known group in Pune for Real Estate and automotive businesses (DSK Toyota, DSK Hyosung and DSK Benelli now)

Close competition - Kawasaki ER6N and Ninja 650 - don't have ABS and that sound! I have heard that ER6N is not very comfortable while Ninja 650 if subjected to bad roads frequently, it develops a bit of rattle in its fairing panels - but don't have personal experience of this...

DSK is promising

  • Easy pick-up/drop options in Pune/PCMC
  • Service cost is cheapest among Triumph, Kawasaki, Hyosung, Benelli and Harley Davidson
  • Mechanics are already trained with Benelli factory
  • Running spares/consumables would be easily available - they said that preparation of the after sales service part is the reason why launch got delayed from Dec-2014 to Mar-2015.

BN 300

300 cc bike I rode after the 600 cc - so obviously it felt rather tame...
  • Still, nice sound for a twin -better than all others in 300 cc category
  • Comfortable
  • Good pickup but not mad redlining like KTM Dukes

Hope to hear experiences of fellow riders on this subject!


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    by , 05-15-2016 at 11:32 PM (My DSK-Benelli Test Ride Experience - 22-Mar-2015)
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    In India there is a severe lack of proper race tracks and given the government apathy towards motorcyclists in general and specially towards people willing to participate in Racing, I don't see more race tracks coming up too soon in future.

    Currently the only choices are
    a) Buddh International Circuit (BIC) - Near Delhi - Way too far and very expensive but world class - nearly impossible for people to go there and race from North East/East/South/West regions

    Updated 05-19-2016 at 12:53 AM by jeevan.chaukar