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Bengaluru - Trivandrum Solo ride : 800KMs 14 Hrs

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by , 11-19-2014 at 05:23 PM (584 Views)
It was always my passion to cover that 800KMs between my two favorite cities in my first ever two wheeler. (CBZ Xtreme 2010)
The route I've taken : Bengaluru - Hosur - Salem - Karur - Dindigal - Kovilpatti - Tirunelveli - Nagarcoil - Trivandrum. 808 KMs

The time I've chosen to ride wasn't that great as I had to cover 80% of the tarmac in TN in the month of April when the Sun was waiting to demolish everything in the day time.

Done the full servicing from the nearest HH showroom in Mathikere and ensured each and every part of the bike is precisely taken care.
Started the ride from Bengaluru at 4 AM in the morning. I never felt like stopping anywhere riding in that perfect climate condition. However decided to take a pitstop in one of the McD's for breakfast. Had some delicious BF and started again. Till Salem was riding without any other stops, there I had a second pitsopt to get some wings, and yes had a RedBull ensured that I've got some extra wings to fly through that road.

The route from Salem - Nagercoil is purely awesome, except one thing. There won't be much shops to eat out or drink something, you'll hardly see any ATMs. Make sure you have enough liquid money if you are approaching a Fuel bunk.
As Sun decided to exceed the temperature beyond 41C I've decided to take a long break at Dindigal. Found a Dhaba nearby and had some some cool refreshments, stopped there around 45 mins and then again started after refueling the machine.
Around 4 PM reached Nagercoil and then had to take a right turn to Kerala. From there the hectic single road traffic started.
By 7.35 PM I've reached the destination Trivandrum.
ALL WAS WELL. Thanks to my first love CBZ Xtreme (who is not with me anymore ) to cover this 800 KM in 14 hrs and 40 Mins.

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