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Weekend Rides Around Kolkata

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by , 03-01-2015 at 10:58 AM (3725 Views)
Quote Originally Posted by krishna77 View Post
Hello everyone, Im here with a new thread which caters to information regarding short rides in and around Kolkata. People in Kolkata know that we have less choices and lesser varieties when it comes to short biking destinations. Also, despite being the only state in India linking the Himalayas with the sea, there are very few travelogues for West Bengal. But, there are numerous places which are relatively unknown but can still quench the thirst of a biker. This way we will be able to help each other with new destinations. Itd be great if other members residing in other parts of West Bengal can chip in with their versions.
Some things we need to follow before posting our short travelogue
Please post logs for only those places which can be covered in a day. For more detailed/elaborate logs, you can post your own log. Distances should be within ~ 200 km.s.
Complete information should be there. Like screenshot of route-maps, actual distance from starting place, alternate routes, emergency phone numbers, information of at least one hotel. We can make this thread the single point of contact for people looking for similar information.
We need to complete one log within maximum 2 posts so that log remains crisp yet informative.
A reasonable number of pictures taken throughout the trip.
No links to external websites. Please. This is our passion and wouldnt it be better if we let people who are looking for similar information come to us rather than redirecting them to some commercial website? Authenticity is must.
And please do not post any trips on cars err cages!
Enough of talking. Lets act. For a start, Ill post the details of Taki - Hasnabad after the thread is approved.
Members, please contribute with your opinions and of course words and pictures!

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