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TVS Apache RTR 200 4V Ownership Experience

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by , 11-26-2018 at 09:53 PM (414 Views)
Quote Originally Posted by nick_Alok View Post
Hi everyone,

I recently become a proud owner of TVS Apache RTR 200 4V BSIV Carb Variant. I took delivery of the bike on 28th Oct in Dehradun from BM TVS, Rajpur road. So the first problem I face was right after I took it to my home from the TVS Showroom. I filled the tank with Rs 500 petrol and took it straight to my home which was around 5 KMS. Once I reached and put the bike on side stand petrol started leaking from below the tank. I was shocked as why it was happening. I immediately called Showroom and asked the guy to visit my home to check it ASAP. The service guys came and checked the bike, then they told me that they need to take the bike back to service center to check. they've no idea regarding the issue. At this point I already have lost half a liter of petrol. So thy took it and came back next day.(when i put petrol it had 5 bars, after they got it back it only had 2 bars left) The reason they told me was that the Carburetor was overflowing and leaking the petrol from there so they've changed the carburetor. I was shocked as it was a new bike standing in the showroom for a while. It came to my mind that may thy gave me a Test drive vehicle as ODO was showing 4.5 kms in the showroom which they said that it was due to shifting of bikes from another showroom.

So that happened. Now I was expecting issues to come because of this, BUT, it's been 20 days and facing no issues so far. I brought the bike to Delhi day before yesterday from Dehradun and the ride was amazing, only issue I faced was with my legs sleeping which might be because it's been long since I've driven this far on bike. I started from Dehradun 6 in the morning, went to Dat Kali mandir to get my bike some tilak which is a good luck as I've been told. I reached Delhi 11:30 AM. It was an amazing ride, some obstacles as road construction is going on from Chutmalpur till Roorkee. Apart from that it's an amazing Highway to cruise on. I maintained 75-90 Kms/hr on the spedometer for most of the time. But Apache being Apache, I had to go above that sometimes. I clocked a top speed of 121 kms/hr, I know I shouldn't pushed bike this much in initial stage. It was one time when I forgot how fast I'm going. Bike had no issues, and I reached on time as well.

Today I thought why not check the average bike is giving as I've 411kms on Odo. Since I've purchased this bike I've put 9 ltrs petrol out of which 8.6 is used which gave me an Average of 47.6kms/ ltrs which I guess is pretty amazing with all the issues I faced initially. Now my daily commute is 40kms back and forth from Delhi to Noida, that too coming back is in the morning at 4 AM. I'll check the average again after first service. So this is my first experience with TVS Apache. Till now I'm satisfied with what I get from this bike. Will share more information after first service.

I've one question though, any suggestion as to what I should tell the service guy to take care of, as I've already pushed the bike so much. Feedback would be appreciated.


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  1. reckless_biker's Avatar
    Bro thats unfortunate but they gave you a defected model..