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Part - 2 :: Solo ride | 3300 km circuit | Kolkata – Chennai – Kolkata | 4 days on road | Duke 390

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by , 03-06-2018 at 06:00 AM (509 Views)
Solo ride | 3300 km circuit | Kolkata – Chennai – Kolkata | 4 days on road | Duke 390

Chennai to Visakhapatnam (Vaizag):

I started off from Chennai at about 04:30 a.m. It was dark outside, unexpectedly resembling dead of night. A quick check on Google shows that sunrise would be at about 06:00 a.m.
Decided that till sunrise no stopping/break; would try to cover as much as distance possible to get away from Chennai traffic.

I kept my speed between 80 – 90kmph, and full concentration was to gauge uneven surface on road. With so many stories about broken alloys, detecting potholes early was my prime task.

These 2 hours was really uneventful, except run over a few minor potholes; however it taxed me mentally for keeping a constant focus on pothole, just as we feel after giving exam.

Here one thing I must say about the light of Duke 390; it was not that bad for me as some felt other way around, it does the job, but wish a little brighter to make life a bit easier.

Anyway, coming back to the ride, at start I was excited; and as I was riding on, slowly the adventure instinct started consuming me and pushing those butterflies away. After about an hour of ride, I was engrossed in riding and enjoying the road ahead. It was a different order of beauty to see the road as tunnel as lighten up by the bike. February weather at the early morning was awesome; and the thermal lining of riding jacket was giving a really warm cosy feeling against the cold wind gusts. All in all, it was a really good feeling.

At the break of dawn, lo-and-behold, the nature started unfolding ahead with its glory, the red sky, lush green firm land. I am now in earthy rural India, left Chennai far behind, the India all wish to experience, the part where Atma of our country still flourishing.

As I was immersed in the nature, damn bugs started hitting me all over and pulled me into reality. I decided to carry on riding until this swarm of bug was done with. My first stop was at a fuel station, where apart from refueling, I cleaned helmet and camera to remove those sticky dead bugs. Next stop was the first available tea stall, where I had my first cup of hot tea with biscuit – my breakfast.

From here on, it was really just enjoying the nature along the beautiful NH16, taking break every 100km, sip tea and carry on riding.

My first encounter with danger was really scary, at around 7/8a.m out of blue I started feeling sleepy, madly sleepy but chose to keep riding. At one point, on a seemingly empty stretch of highway I actually dozed off on bike, how many seconds or minutes I don’t know. With a jolt when I woke up, I found myself riding almost near the median. I got very scary, to keep myself awake, I started shouting, singing songs and giving running commentary of anything and everything I saw. Funnily enough it worked, it rejuvenated me and put back me on track. Now when I think of that, I wish I could have recorded, it would have been a fantastic comedy clip, a memoire to laugh at.

Second scary situation, a possible catastrophe, I encountered was when I was hit by a stone on my right toe. It was just a freak event, where some stone fell down from a lorry ahead of me, which I was about to overtake at about speed of 95+kmph, bounced on tarmac, came straight and hit me and lower part of bike, metallic sound all around. I didn’t have riding shoe; it was just normal leather hiking shoe. My first thought after coming to term with the initial sharp pain was to check if my toe is OK and whether there is any damage to the engine casing or the radiator.

Luckily everything was fine, and reminded me that I have to buy a good riding shoe at the earliest.

And now apart from keep track of potholes, animals, other vehicles; one more item added to list is falling items from vehicles in front of me. But hey, life always change the plan, so here again I was overtaking some truck, loaded with haystack, all check points met, no stone, but now a big chunk of hey fell down and something solid hit on my helmet visor. Again luck was on my side, nothing bad, visor was intact.

There was no more untoward incidence and by 6:30PM I was cooling my heel at a hotel in Visakhapatnam. Traffic jam in Vijayawada and Vizag was unexpectedly high, test of patience, especially the Vizag one when you are just 5km away from hotel and stuck in jam for 1hr. Icing on cake was unruly traffic and pedestrian, may be unruly is understatement here.

Anyway, back to the good things, it was really nice and pleasant experience talking to people at those tea stall, mostly for them it was first time they were meeting a long haul biker and seeing my flashy orange bike. I was mostly answering their queries arose out of curiosity about my bike and biker community as whole. It was an oddly satisfying experience considering I myself is not a biker.

To Be Continued....

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