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Riding in a strong Cross-wind

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by , 12-14-2012 at 08:21 PM (6169 Views)
Riding in cross-winds is a problem on motorcycles as there's a lopsided force acting on the bike from one side which tends to roll it over. All pretty unnerving and all the more so if the wind is gusty and not steady. nevertheless, the motorcycle's geometry makes it inherently stable even under such conditions provided of course you let it do so.

Don't get rigid on the bike, relax your grip on the handlebars, crouch a little and tuck in to reduce your exposure to the wind and reduce speed to make things controllable. The bike leans into the wind without actually turning into it. (see other bikes ahead of you lean like that and you'll understand) The wind in fact holds the bike against any tendency to turn into the lean. Which is where the danger lies if the wind is suddenly interrupted, say by a passing bus or truck. The sequence is depicted in the fig below.

You don't consciously steer into the wind to 'counter' it and the corrective action has nothing to do with counter-steering per se. Also, it is very important to anticipate the effect of wind-breaks as you ride along. These will not necessarily be oncoming vehicles. A building adjacent to the road will also act as one. And do slow down more than usual while taking turns in a cross-wind. The fast changing direction of the wind relative to your bike when in a turn will make it very difficult for you to control the bike. And yes, if the wind is blowing in strong gusts, better stop and wait for it to die down.
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  1. princesirohi's Avatar
    This is true, but there is one more thing i have noticed.

    When the cross-wind is too heavy and you are forced to reduce your speed to say -- less than or around 5km/hr, and the road is somewhat wet and you don't wanna stop and ride on at less than or around 5 km/hr, the whole body stiffens up and you find yourself crouching and dragging your feet along, slightly touching the road, at that time, if you apply some brake and raise accelerator at half clutch condition, somehow the road grip/traction is increased or atleast makes you feel like you have more traction and makes you feel slightly more in control.
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