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Honda CB Unicorn

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by , 09-30-2012 at 06:30 PM (6259 Views)
Hi Guys,

This is my first post here in XBHP.

I am a proud owner of CB Unicorn(2012). Just finished 3rd free service. I have asked service guys to put synthetic oil & he has used Honda synthetic oil 10W30.

I want to know how far I can ride with this oil? In service station one guy told me its worth 2500KMs but another says you don't need to change oil upto 6000 KMs. Can anyone please tell how many KMs I can ride with synthetic oil?

I am posting my bike's pic here..
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  1. RajeevBN's Avatar
    After putting synthetic oil engine is found to be little smoother than before. I am feeling more smoother than before between gear shifts.

    But is this affects performance by any chance? Now I need to accelerate till 6-7 rpm to reach 80KMPH where as previously it was only to 6rpm I used to touch 80.
    Is synthetic oil reduces performance? Please lemme know.
  2. RajeevBN's Avatar
    Will be starting 375KM ride on NH-206 on Friday morning on my Unicorn starting from Bangalore. Anyone going on same road/time?
  3. RajeevBN's Avatar
    Just completed 388Kms on my Unicorn. Felt just amazing. Overall 1 hour of break including lunch,coffee, snacks etc etc. Overall 7:30 hrs. Amazed by engine smoothness. Thanks to synthetic oil.
  4. RajeevBN's Avatar
    Completed my ride. Overall 801 kms. Felt superb. Looking for another ride in near future..