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Rajen Joshi

Proud Owner of the all new Royal Enfield Himalayan Sleet ABS version

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by , 09-26-2018 at 07:26 PM (885 Views)
Hi all,
This is my first thread on xBhp I was planning to purchase a bike from around 2 years now and tool me a while to decide on Himalayan! I've test rode Mahindra Mojo, CBR 250R(not the 2018 version, old one) and Bajaj Dominar. Others which came into consideration but did not got for test ride is Kawasaki Ninja(due to budget constraint) and RE Thunderbird(not a big fan of design but wanted to go for a tourer).

Out of all of these the most liked bike was Mahindra Mojo, yes I liked it better than Himalayan when I first test rode both of them(back in 2016 though). Mahindra Mojo is one of the best sounding bikes in the segment and the engine is damn smooth!(I know I am still praising for Mojo) but that was it about Mojo. The breaks suck big time. I test rode Mojo 3 times and as much as I like the upright seating and engine refinement, I didn't like the breaks at all. I wasn't confident about how much byte I would get every time I apply a break. There would be something stuck to my mind which is being the main reason for me to move on from Mahindra Mojo. The other reason was for me to say NO to Mojo was pillion seat, which is too narrow for my wife's liking.

Ok enough of other bikes, back to Himalayan now! I first rode Himalayan(BS3 version) as soon as it was launched in 2015 or so, it had quite a bit vibrations like any other Royal Enfield. Did not like the power delivery either, only good thing was seating posture. Later on as soon as the BS4 FI(Fuel Injection) came, I test rode it and I was blown away by the refinement this version had(mind you, I was riding test ride vehicle which is not well maintained always). No vibes at all. I went on till 80 KMph speed and around 4k RPM but no vibes felt. But again the same issue this one too had was the breaks, they missed the byte both front and rear breaks. You have to press them very hard to apply sudden breaks. However, Himalayan still has upper hand when it comes to the handling. it is very nimble in city as well as off-roads! Couldn't take it to very bad road but thanks to Bangalore interior road, didn't feel the need of taking it to proper off-roads. I just rode it on some very bad pot-holes and roads which were under construction and I found suspension setup on this close to perfect. No bumps felt on the seat and no vibes at all even on 1st and 2nd gear shifts frequently on these roads.

Then again the other thing to keep in mind is the SPEED ! The name of the Himalayan engine is Long Stroke 411 (LS 411) so it has long strokes and great amount of torque in the starting range of RPMs, great pulling power which is why it is a great off-roader. However, it doesn't go beyond 110+. I mean it does but you will be stressing engine too much.

So, I went back home. Had a discussion with my wife and my best friend(who was also planning to buy a bike sometime soon) and thought about how important speed is to me? Turns out 100+ is more than enough on our Indian roads but Mahindra Mojo goes 120+ without stressing the engine at all. It can do it all day long as per the reviews, never rode it at that speed though and never intended to do so as well considering Indian roads

Now, I was constantly in touch with Mojo people to see when can they come up with ABS version as I read and heard of lot of rumours around the same but no concrete date/time given hence I reconsidered Himalayan. I was a little worried about post sale service of RE as well as quality of Himalayan as well. It was increased in BS4 version of Himalayan drastically compare to BS3 version but still I was a bit sceptical about it.

And one fine day somewhere at the start of September 2018, I read some articles about Himalayan was launching ABS version. The very same weekend I went to the nearest Royal Enfield showroom(Royal Enfield Bommasandra Motors, Bangalore) to inquire and they said they haven't got any official date but it is on it's way. They asked me to do a booking by paying 5K which is fully refundable if I want to cancel the booking so they can prioritize the delivery if my bike. I agreed but with one condition of test riding the new ABS version before I buy it, the sales manager agreed for the same.

I was constantly following up with the sales manager about the update on the ABS version and one fine day at around 4:40 PM he called me saying the vehicle will be coming to the showroom, I can come before 7:30 PM to see it and take a small test ride. I couldn't go on the same day because of Bangalore traffic so went on to test ride the very next day with my wife. Both front and rear breaks had very good byte and stopping power as compared to the non-ABS one. He asked me to make the payment so they can deliver it the very next day.

After some discussion with my wife, I made the fully payment including 5 years of mandatory insurance as per government rule(applicable on all new vehicle purchased from September 1st, 2018 onwards ) and told him that I will take deliver the day after which was Ganesh Chaturthi(considering the auspicious day and moreover I had a holiday too). Called up my friend(who has also booked his Himalayan Snow ABS and his bike delivery is due on 23rd September, 2018) and decided on time to get vehicle.

After reaching home back on the same day I couldn't wait for D day and started readying more about PDI and what all to check before getting the bike on xBhp. went through all the possible reviews and things I needed to know.

Finally, the day arrived. I couldn't sleep without thinking about the bike as this is going to be my first big bike post riding scooters and Hero Honda CD-Deluxe for years. We reached at around 3 PM with my family(my wife, little son, mom and friends)on the 13th September, 2018(Ganesh Chaturthi) and the bike was ready. Billing and insurance was done in 15-20mins. Did take some pictures while the formality was being completed. The vehicle was cleaned and ready. Took a closer look at everything what all i read in the PDI forums and everything looked fine.

Couldn't control my happiness and I was all smiles.

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Me with my family

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Me with friends

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So far I've ridden close to 430 KM and loving it, no issues. I've ridden in city condition only with bumper to bumper traffic and the only thing is it gets heated a lot in bumper to bumper traffic but I am not complaining as it is understood for any ADV(Adventure) bike. Even the Triumph Tiger gets heated in city condition(not comparing again). Will plan a long ride post first service of 500 KM and keep posting the ownership experience here.!

Thank you,
My first blog here.

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