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Leaning over the heart of Nilgiris... PART 2

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by , 05-22-2014 at 11:03 AM (1922 Views)
We then roamed around the estate in a jeep & it was quite a ride!

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All the while we were wondering why is this place called "Bison Valley Cottage"?
We found out why!
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from the top of the estate, we saw our bikes parked. it was quite a view

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It was time to pack up the stuff & head back home. We didn't want to take the same route for 2 reasons.
1. Traffic from Mysore - Bangalore
2. Isn't it boring to go back the same route?

This was the route we decided to take.
Ooty - Coonoor - Mettupalyam - Sathy - Mettur - Krishnagiri - Bangalore

Follow the link to view on maps :

En route to Coonoor, we were fortunate enough to encounter rains. It was indeed fun to ride. Then came the surprise! Cops deviated one part of traffic as there was a small landslide. Deja Vu happened again this time it was the board "Dolphin's Nose - 12km" We asked the same cop the way to Mettupalyam & pushed on. We weren't disappointed changing the route. Views were beyond breathtaking & it was challenging going downhill on wet roads.

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After tough & challenging ride, we finally reached Mettupalyam. We stopped for the rest of the group to catch up.

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From there, we rode straight to Sathy. Roads were surreal & beautiful. The entire stretch had nothing but barren lands on either sides & it was like "the outback" track in NFS2 game

We stopped at Sathy & called other guys. At the same time, we found one guy riding in the opposite direction, looking on the opposite side! His phone was switched off & God knows where he was heading.

Then we started from Sathy & the roads till we reached the NH towards Krishnagiri was quite opposite. Town after town passed leaving no room for any speedruns! We could hardly make 50-60 kmph. Then we realized, "When in Tamil Nadu, never calculate time based on distance. You will be wrong". It took 3 hours for us to cover just 120 km!

After reaching the NH, it was like being home. We then pushed on & stopped at Shoolagiri. That was the final meeting point before we headed back home. We called the fellow who was missed & guess what, he rode all the way to Coimbatore he was on his way back to Bangalore & we waited for him. After 3 long hours, he reached Shoolagiri. We had a nice long break which caused problems. We all were almost asleep there. It was exactly 0 hour & actually 12th May 2014 when we started from Shoolagiri.

As always, a speed run back home marks the end of yet another awesome ride with awesome riders

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