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KTM Duke 390 - 2k17 - The Orange Beast

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by , 05-09-2017 at 10:40 AM (3380 Views)
Got my Duke 390 in hand Y'day post RTO Registration. Happy to start driving the new one. Covered 50Kms distance, so I am no person to talk abt the Pros & Cons. But the Power, acceleration and the Built-quality is appealing and AWESOME. The Seat wideness is so good. High mounted foot-pegs make the feet place incline down towards the front, which as per my understanding is good and how we should keep the legs while driving. The TFT display does the job smartly. The New mufflers make the vehicle go silent, that the Radiator fan sound becomes prominent in your ears.

Overall its been less than 24Hours i have been with the bike. Happy for the Built, performance & styling.

Orange Regards
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Updated 05-10-2017 at 11:19 AM by rejitee

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  1. rejitee's Avatar
    Finally got it registered. Numbered #3447. The Initial rides to kick-start. The first impressions remains..
    Did a back to back with Old duke yesterday. the new seats are a comfy. The foot-peg position change is personally felt good to me as I remember the sole should be kept inclined with toe facing downwards for while driving, which is comfort position and is well possible in the new Foot-pegs.

    Was and still a R15 owner, so the engine refinement and handling comfort levels in R15 is knife in butter as we all knows. so from there to here is riding a Bull .

    The headlamps were getting off for a few seconds in the initial journey. Occurred twice while on the way from showroom to flat. But didn't see anything like that later. Also the light sensor in the TFT Screen is super sensitive that, it judged the shades of the pillar when i stopped in between during the day time and the TFT changed to night /dark mode.

    The vehicle feels handy now. Working days, daily to office on the duke, i see lots of faces looking at my bike, not me for sure. People wanna know how much/ how many cc/ is headlamps always ON ??? Etc.. etc.. . The expression on everyone's face is finally WOWW..!! That makes ourselves happy and go past further.

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    _Well said.

    Orange Days On..

    Updated 05-10-2017 at 11:27 AM by rejitee