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An Independence day(Monday) Ride to Shimla

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by , 04-24-2014 at 07:38 PM (1227 Views)
Quote Originally Posted by saikarthik View Post
Well here comes a travelogue which is of at least 3 months old trip..
Better late than Never, & after reading all those rookie travelogues, i finally got some inspiration to pen this down..

Trip Statistics -

Route - Dharuhera --> Karnal --> Chandigarh --> Shimla -->Kufri --> Chahl --> Kasauli --> Chandigarh --> Dharuhera
Total Kms - 1005 (Rounded off)
Duration - 2 and Half Days (25th Jan to 27th Jan)
Trip Spending - Rs. 5000 (Approx.) + Chain set (2800) + Service (1600)+ Rear Tyre (2800 for Dunlop)
Group - Myself (on my CBR 250R), My fellow colleague & Friend (R15) & 4 more in a car
FE - 30 kmpl (Very satisfactory)

Now comes the Prep log with Trip log,

It all started when we (bikers/tourers) in our workplace got frustrated on routines & out of heavy work pressure suddenly planned this trip,
We had 27th as holiday (as 26th fell on Sunday), Finally some real independence from hectic Mondays, So It was 24th when plan was made for 25,26 & 27th.
Obvious, we had to ask permission from managers for Saturday (26th), & as Expected - answer was NO!, how surprising.. But then we were well determined & I left office at noon (loss of pay) for a quick service on my bike, Hell I rode from dharuhera till gurgaon & got changed chain set (was worn out - decided not to take risk for a long trip), Tyre nearby, service & Filled petrol too.

Now bike was ready, Am I??? Yes I was sure to take half day OFF on Saturday without permission.
So Did my friend on R 15 - He was even better than me.. he took a complete day OFF.
we decided to reach shimla in just half a day starting in noon & reaching before nightfall
But not other 4 ppl are, So what to do? Delay the trip?

Hell No!

DAY 1:
so I started from Office directly by noon 12: 30 & reached gurgaon by 1:15 pm & met my biker friend, & we started riding.. Hurray

By the time we reached delhi west, TRAFFIC JAMS, Arghhhh.. took almost 2 hours to cross & we headed to Murthal. Had nice paranthas in Sukhdev Dhaba(WoW!)
By this time, Other 4 in car started from Gurgaon.

What a relief, finally everything started to fall in place as planned, so did the worst roads of haryana/ traffic of delhi ended.. We rode rode & rode constantly in 100+ kmph.

Then we crossed karnal & headed towards Ambala..
Here comes the time of distress again, Few kms done & I got cramps on my leg.. So slowed down, Hydrated myself ate few chocolates & ride on..

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My friend on R15, he was well experienced & he kept on riding non stop.. I got my cramps back on, I think they love me a lot
But no stopping this time, because each stop kept us delaying by 15 mins & I was determined to ride without stops.

Crossed Ambala, Never felt a bit tired, thanks to beautiful highway and also Idiotic truck drivers who kept us well attended thru out.
We stopped to check out location of guys in car, they were closing ambala.

So we started again & were riding hard.. Well what was I missing in this trip, oh yes, whenever you ride you can't miss some showboarders trying to race you. A guy in R15 Ver 2 (No helmets, No gear nothing) was tempting us to race, Why the hell should I? we kept slowing down so that he got pissed off & left us.

Reached Chandigarh, beautiful place but no time to wander in.. So kept riding towards shimla..
Here comes the interesting part of trip, The curvy Roads or Ghats - Best roads for bikers..

It was 7: 30 pm when we reached foothills of shimla, It was dark and getting cold in month of January, & my friends in car reached just in time.

Goodness that I was wearing a thermal layer inside, we moved leaving the car to lead us in dark.
After a few hundred meters, the roads were so wide neatly marked & we saw some sweeping corners inviting us.. Never thought of such roads near hills..

So We both (bikers) had same thought in mind, forget the dark & we passed the car and it was an awesome feeling sweeping through those corners in 80 - 90 kmph+.. since i was not a pro in cornering, got a quick lesson form my friend (Trust me he is a PRO in cornering), Literally I was falling behind him in corners and just kept up with him only in straights with a powerful bike than him.

To our shock, the car was too busting us often and I was overtaken after some time when corners got tighter.. But my friend on R15 reached 20 mins ahead of both of us.

Then we planned for a halt in a Budget hotel & we found one just entering shimla, Yup this is what we exactly wished for,
2000 Rs. for accommodation of 6 guys with heater & Food was really awesome and reasonable price. Except a small disappointment that we couldn't see some snow.
We called the day off & went to sleep with warmth of FREE room Heater in Winter cold!


Next day morning we got up & started by 8 AM, to Kufri to see some Snow & Ride on Ice.

Pre ride check up & cleaning in morning

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After Checking Basic stuff - Tyres, Fuel & other liquids both in bike & Me, Cleaned off Lights & mirrors & started the ride,

As soon as we reached a Junktion (Junction) asking for way to Kufri, we had 1st comment from a guy that don't go there on bikes its slippery & dangerous.
We didn't mind his words which was purely business for taxi, and we used GPS, A few kms on and we saw the first snowy roads, wet & beautiful.

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Thanks to new Dunlop, was feeling confident.. We got few candy bars & water bottle & moved on..

We were cautious for the road with patches of Ice & wet, we reached Kufri.. Parked our vehicles with extreme difficulty as the parking places were fully frozen..
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Then we had a little fun on top with snow, made snow man , hitting with snow & had nice time.
Then there was a place called fun world where we went for karting (250cc, Good carts). Just 2 laps around 100 meters each & costed us 500 bucks..
I was giving the money with very high stomach burn that I almost lost the feeling of cold there.

Later on we had little Maggi & Chai as refreshment.. Wah.. hot and was feeling good.

Then with tiredness we started our evening ride to chandigarh through Chahl.. next 35 kms was pure fun as the roads were full of curves & dry after few kms of snow.

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We were swift & forget the tiredness as soon as we hit the curves, we were speeding dangerously beyond 70kmph even in tighter curves, & we tried to slow down a bit as my friend said its dangerous.. all of a sudden a Ritz passed by & my friend was really pissed off & was literally racing him in curves, I tried to follow him.. we were riding hard & pushing our limits (at least my limits).. My friend saw me following him & then we stopped and he said, lets slow down. Then we were riding calm..

Then it became too dark, so we decided to stay in Kasauli rather Chandigarh.. But my friend was committed to meet his friend in chandigarh, so we split up.. He reached chandigarh & myself & guys in car went to Kasauli.. The road to kasauli was really painful.. was a torture track for back & butt..

But after reaching the top, we felt it was worth coming to this place.. It was calm, peaceful.. we had a nice bottle of port wine (the temperature was -2C & it was really helpful), and good food, & slept off..

DAY 3:

Day 3 started early in a rush to see chandigarh, it was just 1 and half hour ride to chandigarh after a quick breakfast.
We went straight to Rock garden & were amazed to have learnt about the history of the place. A place must see.. we spent some 3 hours inside where my bike mate rejoined us, & we went for Lunch. where we met this crazy fellow who made a bike using Gypsy Engine & rear wheel - We were out of words after seeing few pics & decided to go to his place to see his ride.. Wow, it was amazing piece of engineering.. He designed his own chasis - Partly trellis frame, Prolink suspension & single side welded bent swing arm, custom foot pegs..

(I don't know whether i can post pics against his will so not posting them),

In all this tech show stuff, It got late now its 5: 30 pm & next day we need to go to office again, So said Bye Byes & started to ride back to dharuhera.

We were pushing ourselves non stop 180 kms & @ 120 kph constant only with one rule --> We see a dog/ person waitin to cross the road even a mile before we would slow down.
It was a miraculous ride, in winters it gets dark & cold sooner.. We did 250 kms in Just 3 hrs & thank god, we didn't injure ourselves or others.

After reaching Delhi, same old traffic same old shitty driving by cars.. We had to slow down and fill up.. Almost the tour ended, we almost reached gurgaon.. I hit my gear lever onto a stone, thanks to impatient 2 wheeler fellow behind me.. Then I realized its not bad at least the lever didn't break or else i would have been struck on the road with tiresome..

around 10: 30 pm we reached my friend's place.. ordered nice Naan & butter chicken.. had nice food & sleep with a sour feeling of realization that We had to wake up in morning & go to office .. But over all the trip was so refreshing & was a good learning trip!!!

The END..

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