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TVS Apache RTR 180 ABS, Review

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by , 04-08-2013 at 11:06 AM (32575 Views)
Quote Originally Posted by shahbaz63 View Post
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TVS APACHE RTR 180 (ABS), 'Beast'

TVS Apache 180 Specification -

Model TVS Apache RTR 180 ABS
Color Pearl White
Engine Type - 4Stroke Single Cylinder Air Cooled
Max Power: 17.03 PS @ 8500 RPM
Torque: 15.5 Nm @ 6500 rpm
Bore x Stroke: 62.557.8mm
Power to Weight Ratio: 124.08 BHP/Ton
Electric Start
Max Speed: 124 KM/H
Front & Rear Disc brake with ABS System (Optional)
Height: 1100mm, Length: 2085mm, Width: 730mm, Wheelbase: 1326mm,Ground Clearance: 180mm
Suspension Front: Telescopic Forks, 105mm Stroke
Rear: Mono Tube Inverted Gas filled SHOX with Spring Aid
Battery: 12 V, 90Ah
Headlamp: 35/35 Watt Osram
Fuel tank capacity: 16L, Reserve 2.5L
Tubeless Tires

Personal Stats & Specs :-

Bike Delivery Date 13th June 2012
Registration 28th June 2012
Price - 96,000 :r:
Location - Mumbai.
ODO 24,200 Kilometers as of 07/04/2013
Top Speed Achieved 138 kp/h on ODO
0-60 Lap Time - 4.0 seconds
Max Kilometers in a day 900 km without any issue.
Mileage Around 43
Servicing Done - 8
Headlight - Philips Night Vision 55/60W Installed, no issues as such.
Engine Oil - Motul FS & SS, Shell Advance SS, TVS Tru4 Premium.
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RTR Stickers & Racing Strips looks very sporty & aggressive too, Although TVS apache RTR 2012 Comes with Grey Sticker on Tank written APACHE where as ABS Version comes with Apace Written in Silver Metal. Tank is designed to combat wind resistance which can hold up to 16 liter of petrol with 2.5 liter as a reserve. Aggressively angled Tank Cowl reduces engine heat by a Spectacular 10 Degree C. Engine Coil is Perpetual Motion Styling Aerodynamic Razored Design.

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Grab Rails

The Bull Horn grab rails are splits and ergonomically designed to aid the pillion rider in holding on tight. The grabs are designed based on input data taken from thousands of palm types and grab holding styles to achieve an optimum blend of design and functionality.

Aerodynamic Airs coops
The 2012 RTR comes loaded with aerodynamic air scoops that not only ass to the design but also ensure air is directed towards the engine unit to help better cooling efficiency.

Sculpted Digital Display
The blue backlit Speedo Console pack is enough too get the attraction, with info like two trip logs, Max speed registration and time added beauty to console. It also record the fastest lap time from 0-60kph. Digi meter is nicely integrated with analog rpm meter. Console also shows 5-4-3-2-1 GO asap its turned on.

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Tail Lamps
leading from the rear led tail lamps. LEDs are more powerful and ensure hi visibility in all weather conditions and are also as consume less power from the unit. TVS has integrated LED Tail lamps very beautifully personally its Tail Lamps are best compare to any vehicle.

Engine & Performance

RTR engine's is capable of generating 17.03bhp of raw power Short stroke/low-end torque, its the Best-in-class Power-to-Weight Ratio, so the First thing you will notice is the torque, very good low & mid range torque, can zip up to 60kp/h in as less as 4.0 Seconds. Be it City or highway torque stands out, its like a raging bull. Comes with 5 Speed gear box which always make me miss the 6th one, I always felt the sixth gear is necessary. But Bike is always ready to red line engine on each cog you can feel Engine power in every gear. Very short gear ration which helps in acceleration & will keep you on top gear very quickly. RTR read as Racing Throttle Response, & yes it does stand out on his name. Twist the throttle & disappears. To sum up The TVS Apache is one fun-to-ride motorcycle in its class. . Coming to Vibration part now, asap you cross 4,000rpm you will start feeling Vibration on foot peg & handle bar till 4900rpm, & then again surprisingly it comes back after 7,000rpm. But this vibration isnt a very noticeable compare to older models but the presence cannot be ignored too. Though a bit loud & well tuned deep-throated exhaust note gives fair idea about power. Be it from Standing Still to 60kp/h or Cruising at 100kp/h or Zipping through traffic apache does it easily & without much problem. RTR has got no REV limiter too.

Engine Oil which is used by Service Centers are TVS Tru4 Premium which Semi Synthetics, lots of controversies & criticism been made over this topic & oil, but looking at its price I personally feel its decent Engine Oil which can be used till Engine Run in period atleast. I personally prefer Shell Advance Ultra FS & Motul 10w40.

Over all TVS Team says its a menace so does I.
Acceleration is real fun as its a Racing Throttle Response

Brakes & ABS:

ROTO PETAL FRONT DISC BRAKES 270mm, & 20mm REAR DISC, of brute-force brake power Enhanced Heat Dissipation. Brakes really give confidence to you while riding at any speed, & disc looks attractive too. It has been said Apache has one of the best brakes available in Indian Bike manufacturer.
Apache 180 is available with ABS too as an option (Which I personally feel should be mandatory in every bike), which prevents wheel locking & skid. This ABS system has been developed in Germany, & has been fine tuned in India. ABS comes with ABS Switch too, to turn off it whenever you want, which I would never recommend unless you wants to lift your rear wheel. ABS technology works fine as far as detecting and preventing panic situations is concerned. I personally rate it much higher & its really a wroth of paying those extra 10,000 with closed eyes.


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Handling of Apache RTR series is simply awesome, very easy handler. With Light weight around 137 kg you can easily zip pass other four Wheeler in traffic with ease & the wild torques backs you up there too. Cornering of RTR is fun easy to bend on either side at any speed. Apache is known for its quick handling and rev-happy engine ready to take abuse. Though bike can be leaned easily but Tires are disappointment in this bike, gives heart in a mouth moment sometime. Width of tires is increased compare to 160cc. TVS Apache RTR series is launched with tubeless tires with the specifications of 90/90-17 at front and 110/80-17 at the rear respectively having six spoke alloy wheels. A mono tube inverted gas filled shock (MIG) with spring aid at the rear end with Golden plating looks very eye catching. The all new TVS Apache RTR 180 ABS can also make its presence felt at the race track because of features like late braking, faster exits and incredible stability. This technology is more common for passenger cars but it is something that is new to Indian two wheeler industries and will make the riding experience safer and better.

Touring part is personally dependent, a Rider can ride his Chetak to Ladhak, can tour for 5000km & same rider can comfortably tour on ZMR too, but Apache is specially design for Race Tracks but that doesn't mean it cant be on tour. I am personally using it for Touring as well as Daily Commuting too.
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Something Usefull :-

The Link for FAQs for Apache RTR Owners by "Prateek220".

DIY, Engine Oil Change by Utkarsh

DIY RTR Brake Fluid Change by Drifty (SAHIL)

Conclusion :

  • The Best in Class Power to Weigh Ratio
  • Veritable pick up, Twist the throttle & disappear, two words for Pickup "Simply Awesome"
  • Good Brakes with additional option of ABS
  • Very Light Weight help in traffic, Ease of handling.
  • Noteciable vibration in most of the rpm's.
  • Pathetic TVS Servicing.
  • Truculence Design, including ODO, Tail Lamp & Head lights very appealing for youngster specially
  • A Loud Exhaust which gives a fair idea about its power & torque.
  • NO issue riding up-hills.
  • With Pillion bike seems to be under powered.
  • Good Mileage compare to power it delivers.
  • Short Gear Ratio.
  • Loud Exhaust which gives fair idea about power.
  • Slippery tyres but good in curves & cornering.
  • Lack's top end.
  • Over designed ruined the look compare to old apache series RTR.

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PIC Credits - Shaby(Me), Avi (Insane Rider) & Paddy (Padfootmoony)
Also TVS Ap
ache Website
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  1. sandeepchinnala's Avatar
    nice review man........... i am getting my bike serviced for the first time(1st SERVICE), Can u please suggest me a good engine oil
    APACHE RTR 180 ABS(Black colour)