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BMW GS1200 Shoot and Ride review. Sans any technical Blabbering.

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by , 01-19-2013 at 12:03 AM (3090 Views)
Quote Originally Posted by sherry_unicornlover View Post
Surprises, Now who does't like surprises? for that matter, if they are this good then I just want them to keep on coming.
A lazy Sunday after, Phone beeps and I pick it up half asleep, voice on the other end: Kidda ho Paaji
Me: wadiya, tu c dasso
Other voice: mast: Free ho?
Me: Blank
Other voice: Aa jao, lets shoot.
The other voice was of Mohit Ahuja, and as usual he decided to keep it secret. He just loves to look at the emotions and reactions on people's face.
Met him as decided near Noida Expressway and he greets me with a big grin on his face, and he is astride one of the biggest bikes available in India Today. Yes thats BMW GS1200. A tourers delight.
What transformed in next few hours is a lot more exciting and pure unadulterated Fun.
Hang on to read my first encounter with the space ship on two wheels.

As soon as I picked up my jaw, It was time to move and find a place to click the beast. Went towards Expressway and found a construction site and that became our play ground for next few hours. Parked the Bike and spent some time to just look at her and admire the beauty.

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On our right hand side was the field which felt like was created just for us for GS. Decided to take it down to the field and that as a task in itself as there was no pathway to go there. After few minutes found the narrow section which became our door to heaven.
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Once in, found that it's not going to be a cakewalk as we earlier thought. Too much of sand made riding GS little tough as practically there was no traction and the rear Tyre was just going deeper and deeper into the sand, And Voila, It was stuck in sand in no time. Almost half of the Tyre buried and all the efforts to bring it out failed.
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Looked around and found few concrete left-outs so decided to use them. adjusted them around the rear tyre and after about 15 minutes and many failed attempts the bike was out. Yeah....
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After that it was a cakewalk, Next few minutes were spent clicking and answering few wandering people about the bike. The terrain offered almost everything which we could imagine to through at this bike. Loose sand to gravel, to big stones, to dried up trees and plants, A dried up water channel, Bushes and dried up Pond. And I must say, This bike can take it all as it's been ridden on a smooth tarmac. I cannot imagine any other bike to do what this bike is capable of doing.Throw any kind of terrain and this bike takes it with all it's glory and ease.
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It was getting dark and it was time to get out of what it felt now as a zombieland
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Thats when I got chance to ride the bike. It was my first time on a boxer, so Mohit gave me few hints as what to expect from it. At first I felt like climbing Mount Everest and once I was on the saddle, My feet felt too short to reach the ground properly and considering the weight of this huge monster, You would wish to keep your both feet on the ground so that you can balance the bike properly.
This bike is surely not for us dwarfs. Mohit helped me to get the bike off from the stand and pressed the starter. A sense of chill and awesomeness ran through my veins because I was about to ride a bike which I never though I would. First gear and click... I was on the move. As soon the bike rolled, I came to utmost ease. The bike was in my command and she was indeed accepting my commands like an obedient child. Soon I touch the triple digits for small duration of time and IT WAS AWESOME to the bones. The turning radius was pretty big, but not a sign of struggle of any kind. Came back to where Mohit was standing and I just could not give the bike so soon, without stopping told him that I'm going for another short spin. Came back with new respect for the bike. Now I know why all the tourere's around the globe vouch for this bike blindly and why this Bike holds such respectable place in the bikers fraternity. Words just fall short and I find myself at a position where I just know what I felt riding this bike and that experience can't be described in mere words. I hope Mohit remember the expressions I had when I got down from BMW GS1200 And I can only say a BIG thanks for this brotherly gesture.

Conclusion: If You are anything about 5.11 atleast in height and have truckload of cash, Love touring then look no further, Money Just can't buy anything better then this.
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