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by , 07-11-2014 at 08:43 PM (1069 Views)
Quote Originally Posted by shoeb2015 View Post
A bike which costs Rs.62,000 costs us almost 82,000
I had to shell out more than 20,000 towards various kinds of taxes.

Rs.62,555/- Factory Price (Hero Xtreme DSS)
Rs.9070/- VAT @14.5%
Ex-showroom/Total Invoice amount : 71626

Additional charges for registration

Temporary registration : Rs.50/- + Rs.200/-
Rs.6650/- Road tax @ 9% (on Ex-showroom + VAT)
Rs.3500/- 5% Extra on invoice amount for having two vehicles by same owner.
Permanent registration charges- challan,inspection and other misc fees : Rs.500/-

Total Cost : 82,526 out of which more than 25% is tax.

God save us from this greedy government. Even after shelling out this much we bikers are treated as ...

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