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Cbz extreme / Hunk

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by , 07-11-2014 at 08:44 PM (959 Views)
Quote Originally Posted by shoeb2015 View Post
Quote Originally Posted by Imran Syed View Post
Yes bro
During my last service.
ASC guy told me not to apply grease to any part like clutch lever brake lever etc and not to put oil to chain instead use spray for all this and he sprayed with different sprays of 3M make to different type of lubricating areas.Is that good???
He mixed some 3M oil along with engine oil which charged totally 380rs as he said it will smoothen the engine.

Is that all fine what he said and what he did???
All I can say is that he has ripped you. The chains used in our bikes are not fancy and will not require fancy stuff. Just regular SAE 90 gear oil is more than sufficient.

I grease the levers and then wipe off the excess with a cloth. Greasing the pivots/joints of the gear lever once in a while is also a good idea. Slide the rubber and stuff the grease.
Grease tends to harden the rubber overtime(2-3years)but those rubbers are very cheap and easy to find.

For god's sake- Never ever over-tighten the chain,check the slack before and after service. There is no meaning in adjusting the slack when it is with the specification. Mechanics don't know the meaning of chain adjustment and they think it means tightening the chain.
If the chain is making noise even within the recommended slack of 5/4" then remove the chain,clean and lubricate it frequently.

Always adjust the chain at its tightest point/link. SO that you get the recommended slack at the tightest link and more at other links. If you adjust they other round way then at the tightest point the slack will be very less and it will result in severe stressing of the chain during suspension travel.

Ask sibun,I had faced a lot of problem with an over-tightened chain. The bike would simply jump out of the gear while in 5th gear. I got the #30 spanner and adjusted it and the problem vanished as if nothing had happened.

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