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Engine oil

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by , 07-11-2014 at 08:49 PM (854 Views)
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Hi Guys,

This might sound silly, but my bike (CBZ Xtreme - Pre2011) is now showing 29586 kilometres on the ODO and I have been consistently (at every 2000 kilometres) using the showroom oil with the additives they recommend because of the warranty scare. I think my engine can do better than this and it has grown a bit harsh of late. My next change is at 31000 and I was wondering which oil to use for best performance, with or without additives. I have seen a lot of names and grades on this forum and am confused now. Can you please help me with this?

Thanks a ton!
From me and my bike!!

Every 30,000 kms - It is recommended to remove the cylinder head , manually de-carbonize the piston top(crown),head and polish the valves.
As the carbon gets deposited,the compression increases and the engine feels harsh/rough. FE also goes down a little bit.

Even sibun has mentioned this innumerable times but nobody seem to care.

Parts required :
1. Head gasket
2. Top cover/rocker cover rubber gasket.
3. Head O-ring kit(includes top cover bolt o-ring,ASV o-ring etc..)
4.Exhaust gasket
5.Engine oil
6.Spark plug
7.Air filter(If old/used for more than 6K kms)
Few other parts depending upon the need.

Including labor and parts,this should not cost more than Rs.1000/-

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