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Solo Ride to Spiti on 13bhp

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by , 02-02-2016 at 07:38 PM (2902 Views)
Hello friends, I am Sirajum Munir Tarique a.k.a Sirax Khan. I was born and bought up in Guwahati, Assam but for my further studies currently I live in Shaheen Bagh, Okhla, New Delhi from the last 12 months. Am also the founder of a biking community in North-East India named as " Motography & Travellogue Guwahati" we believe in brotherhood of bikers, encourage biking groups as well as individual biker and bikernis to visit North East India.
So, here i will try to write down the story of how i got spitified on my 13bhp powered Yamaha Fazer whom I call 'Legend'.
2015 had been a special year for me. It was full of road trips like solo ride to Mayodia, Arunachal Pradesh, solo ride to Utttarakhand, Ride to Rajasthan, Ride to khardungla with group and the most special ride, My solo ride to Spiti Valley during November 20th, 2015.
Day 1: Dreaming on the bed about the mountains and snow with my eyes wide open suddenly the alarm clock shouted and I said no need to shout am not sleeping. It was a long sleepless night which every biker experiences before the day of a journey. The time was 8:00 am, after double checking my documents, repair tool kit and first aid box, I prayed to God for the success of this expedition and started to roll on towards Kernal bypass. Took my first break at the bypass for a "chai break". The road towards Chandigarh is beautiful where you can easily cruise at high speeds but it does have few potholes but that is acceptable as some road construction works were going on.
Again after riding 180 kilometers i stopped for a lunch in a roadside dhaba. When it comes to eat in dhabas than Tandoori roti and dal makhni was always my favorite North Indian food. After lunch bikers always feel little sleepy on the straight roads, I mean wide open highways but not on mountains at least in my case. So without wasting any time I touched the maximum speed of my 13 bhp and 5 years old Legend which was 124 in the odometer only to reach the mountains soon. By the time I reached Ziratpur bypass it was mid day and the time was 12 pm. After riding few kilometers I was welcomed by the mountains and the icing on the cake was four lane highway with sexy curves but the beautiful road changed to single lane pretty soon. Though the road turned in to a single lane but the beauty doesn't disappointed me, the happiness of riding a bike on the mountains is never comparable to anything in this automobile world. Few kilometers before Shimla i started feel little cold, took a break to wear another layer of clothing. As i was riding through the streets of Shimla, i was welcomed by the warmth of setting sun and the whole city was shouting orange visually. Started looking for budget hotel to spend the night and found a decent guest house named as Krishna Guest house but it was disappointing they don't have any private parking area but Shimla does have many pay and use parking areas. After parking my bike i get back to the guest house and placed my worldly belongings there and decided to explore Shimla on 2bhp my legs. Went to Shimla market enjoyed eating momos and samosas , the market was full of tourist and the local shopkeepers were shouting to sale their stuffs, the temperature of Shimla was moderate it was around 8 degree Celsius to 10 degree Celsius but the feeling inside the market was like 20 degree Celsius may be due to heavy rush of mob. Came back to guest house at around 9 pm and crashed on the bed and kept on dreaming the next led of my journey to Reckong Peo.
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Day 2: Started up my ride and all set to ride ahead. The beautiful pine tress the vivid colors of mountains and the black asphalt mountain roads what else a biker needs but i was looking for those hell of a roads which leads to heaven. Took a break at Kufri view point, Oh! God what a beautiful view it was, range of mountains standing tall and proud, the place also reminds me of Cherrapunjee first view point. I had my breakfast there admiring the mesmerizing landscape. En-route i rode across a small hill town Rampur where the temperature was hot and humid might be because of its altitude. I was all happy and singing, while riding after a while suddenly the sound of my bike got louder and the nightmare was the exhaust fell off it was cracked from the middle of the bend pipe. I was waiting there to find some help, stopped a passenger vehicle to ask for the location of wielding shop and it added more trouble because it was 3 kilometers ahead. Without wasting any precious moment i started riding my bike with no exhaust and it was sounding like helicopter. Ah!! finally found the wielding shop and get the wielding work done there. it was 3.30 pm and i was still around 70 more kilometers away from Reckong Peo. After riding few odd kilometers i was welcomed by the famous literally hangings cliffs of Kinnaur district and the roads are appearing as the mountains are sliced in between, i was awestruck by the beauty of rocky hills. after a comfortable ride of around 50 kilometers the superfine roads turned in no roads zone the last few kilometers was full of boulders and dust with a few 100 meter's good patch in between at every hydroelectric power plant site. It was already dark thanks to LED projector lights to give me the proper vision of the roads. The outfit seems to be not working due to cold and i don't want to stop for extra clothing it will slow me down so i was pushing myself hard to reach my destination as soon as possible. 7.30 pm i reached Reckong Peo and quickly looked for a shelter to spend the night. The day was long and tiring and i was hungry too so without any exploration i had my supper and went to bed.
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Day 3: It was all dark by the time i reached the place but the morning showed me a different view through foggy window glass i saw a blue and white mountain right in front the hotel room. I opened the window to feel the air on my face it was freezing outside but i felt the adventure is calling me to be on the road once again. Prepared myself to the best way to survive the cold weather by covering myself with as much clothes as possible, started the journey once again with a dream of achieving what i had been thinking from the last few months. After riding few kilometers slowly the width of the road became narrower and at a sudden point i saw a place which i used to see on networking sites as well as on Google. It was a narrow road with a hanging mountain on left thousand and thousand feet depth on the right and a waterfall literally falling on the middle of the road and the road is full of black ice. Took duck steps and slowly crossed the stretch. After riding for the next few hours due low level of oxygen it makes my ride less responsive to throttle but it supported me well. Later i reached first checkpoint where i need to record my entry as well as my vehicle registration number. I reached Nako at around 3:00 pm and visited the beautiful half frozen Nako Lake, than crossed Melling Top situated at an altitude of 12000 feet approx i reached Tabo by 4:00 pm.
25 kilometers before Kaza the chilly wind was shaking me up and trying my patience, decided to take a break, meanwhile a goods carrier jeep was passing by i was doing push ups to beat the cold. He stooped and ask me to ride on as soon possible as the temperature during that time was minus 8 degree Celsius and may dip down to minus 13 or so in an hour. I responded quickly and started to move on and reached Kaza at 8:00 pm. Most of the hotel as well shops were closed though i found one guest house to spend the chilly night condition. After relaxing on the freezing cold bed for few minutes i went to the mini dining hall which was closed to reception for my dinner where i met few locals who were busy filling their tummy with old monk rum. Spend an hour with them they were very surprised about why i came here that too in November later they understood when i explained them about the adventure bug installed inside my soul. My plan was to go back the next day but they told me to ride to Komik where i will see the worlds highest village as well as post office, also came to know about worlds highest petrol outlet which is in their town. The evening was great the food was good but the bed was cold.
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Day 4: Visited World Highest Petrol Outlet and got my bike refueled there and rode till Komik(Worlds Highest Village as per as locals) and returned to Rampur by 8 pm after riding continuously from Komik.
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Day 5: Returned to New Delhi from Rampur.
5 days 1700 kilometers Me, My Legend and Extremes of Nature.

Adventure is something when you overcomes your weirdest nightmares and cross the limits and boundaries across your comfort zone. By the time you do it. You become fearless and came to Know what freedom really is. - Sirax Khan

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