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Soorya Pandiyan

Engine oil change

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by , 08-29-2019 at 09:46 PM (67 Views)
Dear Biking mates,

i always wonder, during my each and every oil change regarding the grade of oil being used. I own a 2018 Dominar 400, a pre upgraded version. And the service centers always uses Semi Synthetic 10W50 which is still semi synthetic, wherein Bajaj claims that the oil may lasts upto 10000 kms range, wherein the bikes doesn't demand a change oil in between. However I used to change it for every 6000 odd kms, which would retain the smoothness and mileage concern upto the change. My fear is that if I use other branded oils like 20w50 or MA2 graded oil during my next oil change, will it affect the engine in any regards such as performance, smoothness NVH levels etc ? In case of altering the brand of oils such as SHELL or MOTUL ? If it is so,Kindly recommend me the best suitable brand and grade Engine oil for my 2018 Dominar 400, that repays me in terms of smooth engine, better performance if possible, enhanced mileage, better NVH levels.

Thanking you in advance.

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