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  1. Suzuki GS150R TitBits

    by , 12-20-2014 at 06:02 PM
    1. Clean gear-shift-lever joints & apply silicone grease. Now enjoy the butter-smooth gear-shifts on GS150R. Tight gear-shifts => tight lever joints!!!
    2. Do not let your motorcycle to drench in rain. Apparently rain-water is acidic, not good for the metallic components!!!
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  2. Engine Oils : Intriguing Motul Repeats

    by , 11-12-2014 at 01:13 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by SparKot View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by devils_friend View Post
    Well, its a biz case for Motul. They know what is best for them and what isn't.
    Of course they do and thank you.

    Source of listing:

    OilCode Viscosity Class Maker ProductName

    5w30 MM033MOT093 MA Motul 300v 4T FL
    5w30 MM033MOT121 MA Motul 300v FL Road Racing
    5w30 MM001MOT020 MA Motul Motul 5100
    5w40 MM033MOT122 MA
  3. GiXXeR 155 : O-Ring Chains

    by , 10-15-2014 at 06:48 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by SparKot View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by radikel View Post
    Hi! May i know how you are sure that post-warm-up performance of both chains are equitable?
    That's what I found out upon digging over internet.
    One similar discussion I read some time back :

    Quote Originally Posted by radikel View Post
    Also, maintenance of a regular chain is like a bicycle, every few hundred kms, lube it appropriately, and you are all set to go.
    Conventional chain starts to wear from the first day
  4. Suzuki GS150R : Carburettor Tuning

    by , 07-31-2014 at 09:32 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by SparKot View Post
    Source : Carburetor Tuning: Air/Fuel Equation - Engine Builder Magazine

    I'm highlighting key points here, rest are available over the net in different formats.

    Air-Fuel Mixture (AFR: Air-Fuel Ratio):

    • Theoretically, the ideal stoichiometric A/F mixture (the chemically ideal mixture of air and fuel that is required to provide a complete burn) for a properly tuned engine running on pure gasoline is 14.7:1
    • A more realistic light-load, cruise A/F mixture

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