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famous hiccups problem in RTR 180

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by , 12-07-2015 at 11:09 PM (535 Views)
Quote Originally Posted by sun105 View Post
Quote Originally Posted by sun105 View Post
Hello friends I need your help to solve the famous hiccups problem in RTR 180.I am getting hiccups in lower RPM and in morning only .There is no starting problem the bike always start with single kick and then I let it idle for one minute and depress the clutch lever several time before moving,upto this point there is no problem but as soon as I start moving it asks for RPM above 3000 and if I ride below 3000 RPM it keeps jerking for at least one Km and then problem suddenly disappears .The current odo 3900km with two free service done.The experiment done by me so far are as follows:
(1) Clutch and throttle cable free play checked and kept at recommended level after playing with them at different setting.
(2) Drive chain slackness checked
(3) Brake checked
(4) Drained the petrol form carburettor and there is no water in it.
(5) Tappets checked
(6) Tried to clean the carburettor and broke the top cap, however got it replaced it under warranty
Now the ASC people are asking to leave the bike with them for overnight ,so that they can check it in the morning which I am reluctant to do.By the way who leaves his love among other people for night.
Finally got the problem solved It was bad TCI. however got carburetor,spark plug along with suppressor cap changed under warranty 2015 model does not have TPS instead of this TCI is controlling the ignition timing.there is small request to all fellow owner of rtr please let us know from which model onward they have discontinued using TPS.The color of TCI has been again changed to Grey(same color as that of rtr 160) from green.It means there is some inbuilt problem with old green color TCI too .
P.S. Now the task is to get battery changed under warranty before expiry of one year warranty period is over.

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