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TheXbhpGuy - Yeah! That's the name to remember. Life Story #1

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by , 12-09-2019 at 12:43 PM (237 Views)
Hey xBhpians,

About me?

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Ravindra Pawaskar - 26 YO, Motorcycle Enthusiast, a couple of track rides and a passionate about travelling.
No, it's not just about Bikes, I love travelling. And have been a solo traveller since 2014, Not because I am single or alone, now that's what travelling means for me, to get indulged within yourself. The life which we have, is already exciting, we just need to recognise the opportunities we cross path with.
I am a IT guy too, so I have been into making website when Sandeep had already made xBhp. Yeah I was 12 at that time, so just had a online presence. But, I was introduced to xBhp in 2010, I joined this website a couple of years back but wasn't active though.
I was inspired by people around to vlog but that was not that type. So considering myself as a Camera Shy Vlogger cannot be wrong.
I start working with many local dealers, making ads for them, SEO or just making websites and if that was bike magazine or a garage, I was always excited to take that work.
Okay, backstory again - My Riding starts back in 2011, yeah just to get a valid driver's license. But, I had to stop it for a couple of years in 2014. Why? - Busy with job guys! I was busy making a career, happy but not satisfied. In 2017, I planned to make a youtube channel and a few really liked it too, but you know it right, editing is so hard and that made me lazy so, I started re-posting the old videos or aide-projects I worked with, or just edits I made commercials with better music.
Still guys, was happy, not satisfied. You know life takes you take corners and still gets hard at the apex curve too, mine wasn't that hard but, you eventually get bored of life. To bring my excitement back, that why I started my channel.
In 2018, when it was about 25 years of surviving this life, it was time to be alive.
I used to rent any bike I got and went of short trips alone, although I had a discover to explore with, not with a camera but the struggle to get back to life. Still, wearing all those gears to travel, couldn't make it above 120kmph over that. So, had to rent few bikes wit go above that. I rode in the tracks in Chennai, yet happy but not satisfied. June 2018, 25 days to complete 25 years of life, I went on a ride from Bangalore to Pune - just to keep up a word I had given to a rider who died in April 2018, (mr.motorcyclist). We had planned it in July, but as he couldn't resist his excitement, unfortunately he met with an accident during his saddlesore challenge ride. To get back in focus it took me a couple of months - So June was that month, I wasn't sure that I could make it on a go, because - I never tried it in a day. Yeah, I was the same person who had been to the coastal rides too, but this time it was something different, a sort of depression or anxiety, I never knew about my mental health.

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I made myself to detox any physical/mental aggression and be sure that I could do it in 20 hours. The first week of June 2018, I started from Bangalore and reached Pune, not from the highways -
Route : Bangalore - Chitradurga - Bankapur - Mundgod - Karwar - Belgaum - Pune and back to Bangalore in 20 freaking hours on timer.!3e0

in 20 hours!

While, after coming back, I made some effort to edit my videos and uploaded. Okay, few views didnt matter, only the satisfaction of making a video did work out for me. Yet, I was the person I made myself.
Made it to the extremes, looking stories over and what else, thexbhpguy was officially born.
I am happy and satisfied, but still hungry. Yeah, you should always have that to survive. I travel, I ride and I live. Working the dream being @thxbhpguy

I would just say it " Speed is not about adrenaline, it's more about competence. If someone rides only out of adrenaline, they may kill themselves or someone else."

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