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I somehow ‘knew’ it!

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by , 12-28-2012 at 04:40 PM (447 Views)
Quote Originally Posted by vivek.m View Post
This is one of those articles which will help new bikers who want to improve their skills. Forgiving someone is one of the toughest act for a human being. This is the reason we have numerous sayings and quotes on forgiveness (to an extent calling it divine).

I have been riding on indian roads for the last 18 years and only in the last few years I have come to terms with respect to temper, responsibility and driving skills. I started (read learnt) riding on my dad's Kinetic Honda. The only advise I got from him was "Driving is a skill which does not necessarily mean you can go as fast as you can". He taught me to understand traffic flow, people and what to anticipate on the road and I followed this judiciously till I got my Pulsar 150. The P150 changed my riding style beyond recognition. An RTR speeds by and I used to immediately react and race after him. Mostly I used to get beaten or if the other driver was less skilful (read responsible), he used to just bow down. I was fast, reckless and never caring for others on road. Many people advised me to check my behaviour on road and I heeded to none. Finally, god thought me the lesson in a fitting manner. I escaped the accident without a scratch, my bike took the full impact and got almost scrapped. But the picture of a baby on four legs and me almost riding on the baby still sends jitters down my spine.

Two years have passed after the accident. Now I own a Pulsar 200 NS and a luxury sedan and I have made sufficient alterations to my riding/driving skills. I have started re-observing traffic, predicting people's behaviour and applying the right amount of throttle at the right time. I cruise on the NS at 50 kmph (it is still in run-in) and my car barely reaches 40-50. I brake efficiently and somehow I am able to predict others road behaviour from their bike, its maintained condition and more importantly their riding behaviour. Even on highways, if my speedo on the car is above 150kmph and someone is honking from behind, I just make it a point to give way. I have never been on a race track and never will get into one also. Speed is good as long as it does not consume the rider.

These changes have helped me beyond vehicle, I have been able to clearly think if my current response is necessary and if it is not, I can change it instantly.

Humans are very good at valuing their own life; but it takes a lot of skill and willingness to value others. Especially in places as hostile as our Indian roads.


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