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Music while riding

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  • Originally posted by hardashh NGP View Post
    guess every1 might have heard Nothing Else matters by metallica

    but has anyone heard nothing else matters by Apocalyptica??

    aftr hearin try other songs frm apocalyptica "One" & "Fade to Black"
    Iv heard these versions of Metallica numbers...but the symphony version of "One", Fade to Black
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    • I'm a Music Freak I literally breath music, music is On 24/7 in my life... And luckily my profession also Supports my passion I'm An Acoustic Engineer.

      So while raiding for me, More than fuel I need Music. But I don't Segregate music in to Genres, I listen to anything and everything which sounds good to my ears. Right from Carnatic Classical to Mozart to African to heavy heavy metal to Psytrance. I put my I pod on Shuffle mode and let the music Surprise me with unexpected Numbers...

      But one thing I've noticed in my experience is the kind of music that you listen to will influence your riding style to a certain extant. Soft and easy raiding or Rash and Rough raiding...

      So guys pick your music while Raiding carefully...

      Ride Safe Guys..


      • Its trance for me. Dj tiesto,infected mushroom,PVD,skazi = win
        Inline-4 Stomach.