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Desideep's (Amber Goyal) Pulsar 220 STOLEN !!!

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  • Desideep's (Amber Goyal) Pulsar 220 STOLEN !!!

    Posting on behalf of Desideep
    Regret to infrom all that Desideep's Pulsar 220 got stolen this morning. It was parked outside his residence at Sec-17, Gurgaon

    Following are the details of the bike:
    Model: Bajaj Pulsar 220 (Street Fighter)
    Registration Number: PB 03V 4864
    Registration Year: 2010
    Color: Wine Red
    Stolen from: Sec - 17, Gurgaon

    Kindly get the word out.
    Any info/help will be much appreciated, for you can reach him at 9910337897.
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    Happiness is finding you have another Gear left....

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      Saw this on FB yesterday & I immediately recalled about our own FZ being stolen in Chennai & that reminded of our good friend. This is one of the reason why I keep suggesting everyone to buy a good lock apart from what the manufacturer provides.

      Thankfully, our fellow member & good friend n_aditya suggested to get a good disc alarm lock which gives a peace of mind.

      God bless Goyal to get his bike soon like the other guy who got his Yellow R15.
      Skill is what keeps you on a Motorcycle
      Awareness + Skill is what keeps you out of harm's way
      ATGATT + Awareness + Skill means you might Live To Ride another day


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        Insurance Claim for Theft? I guess that's possible only if he had a valid one in effect. Just a suggestion.
        ***Correct me if I am wrong :)


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          noted.... all gurgaon members keep an extra eye on vehicles while moving about...

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            Time to go for a CBR then
            Don't Honk Unnecessarily


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              Originally posted by ZMAtic View Post
              Insurance Claim for Theft? I guess that's possible only if he had a valid one in effect. Just a suggestion.
              Insurance claim is valid on FIR, and after 6 months of theft. My friend's pulsar was similarly stolen from a railway station parking lot, and he had to wait for 6 months before getting compensation. But in the end, he got more from the insurance company that what would have gotten from resale!

              Though this bike is new one. I hope the owner gets it back.


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                Hi every one thanks for your good wishes, the bike had valid insurance and the bike was just 1 year and 3 months old. ran amazing.

                i am sure that the bike would not be in Gurgaon as it had half a tank full of petrol and you all know that pulsar can take a lot of petrol and give a nice millage any ways i just hope that i find the bike in a good shape than finding it at all in a bad shagged shape.
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